Last week we witnessed something practically unheard-of—an American president siding with the people who elected him. Siding with us, standing up for us, instead of with the globalist big shots, Hollywood motor-mouths, lock-step nooze media, and big business moguls who were all set to make a bundle at the people’s expense. It would have been the easiest thing in the world for the president to let us down, as all our other leaders habitually do after we elect them. And yet he didn’t.

Liberals were already baying for President Donald Trump’s scalp before he nixed U.S. participation in the Paris Climate Pact. The purpose of that treaty is to Save The Planet from imaginary “man-made climate change” by crippling America’s economy and letting China continue to pollute to their heart’s content. Roping America into this scam, without ratification by the Senate, was another Social Justice project of the Obama gang: America must be punished for succeeding where tinpot socialist countries fail. Unable to raise themselves up, they seek to tear us down.

Meanwhile, TV weatherman in Europe tried to cover the factual nudity of Global Warming by calling record cold temperatures a mere “absence of warmth”.

No one can explain why hysterical liberals, especially the crowd of them infesting our bloated, over-funded “higher education” system, are unable to see the titanic hypocrisy of the world’s Global Warming merchants. Do they act like they believe a single word of what they’re selling us—they, with their multiple mansions, private jets, yachts, and limousines, each with a bigger carbon footprint than many an entire town of normal people? Maybe libs just refuse to see it. We are, after all, talking about people who believe that socialism really works and that Venezuela is an economic model we should emulate.

How they rage, when the American people don’t obey them! They can hardly contain themselves—not that they try very hard to do that. And now we have a president who won’t obey them either. It drives them mad.

But this is what you get when you try to replace God with government. This is the madness of idolatry: creating, with their own hands, the State and so-called Science, and then worshiping what they’ve created.

It comes down to a religious struggle. Those who wish to be as gods labor to force the rest of us to exalt them as all-wise, infallible, and the one and only source of righteousness. They explicitly deny that there is any truth but whatever they can impose on others. They erase history, creating mass amnesia. They invent new pronouns to erase the fact that there are but two sexes. They take good words, like “truth,” “justice,” and “love,” and warp their meanings to fit in with their political agenda. And in the service of yet another idol, “diversity,” they insist on uniformity of thought.

We must not obey them anymore. We must not listen to them. We must defer to them no more. The biggest weapon in their arsenal is their claim that they know best because they’re “smarter” than us, the poor deplorables populating flyover country (where the food that they eat is produced by our labor): but everything they say and do reveals them to be prating fools. It’s time we recognized them for exactly what they are.

But we proclaim that there is truth, God’s truth, unalterable, immutable, and enduring forever.

And they, poor fools, don’t have it.

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