by Lee Duigon

Somewhere along the way, public servants became the public’s masters. Paternalism is hard to bear even when it’s well-meaning, and benign. But when the paternalists despise the people that they govern—well, that’s where we are now. Two examples will suffice.

At a meeting of the school board of the Oakley Union Elementary School District, a suburb of San Francisco, unaware that they were currently live-streaming to an audience, the board members lit into the parents who pay the taxes that fund those public schools. As a result of what they said, and what the people thought of it, the whole board has had to resign.

In deference to King COVID, the Oakley schools have been closed for months and all the pupils had to be served by “remote learning.” Parents weren’t satisfied with the quality of that education and had begun to grumble.

Well! How dare they? Not realizing that the camera was running and the microphones were on, the board members, employing an unusual amount of profanity for school board members in a public meeting, unloaded on the parents. “They just want their baby-sitters back!” quipped one. “So they can do drugs all day,” added another. Too late, they discovered that suddenly the people who pay for the schools now knew just what their school board thought of them. In just a few days there were 7,000 signatures on a petition calling for the whole board’s ouster. They all resigned before the demand became unanimous.

Gotta turn off those microphones, guys, before you speak the truth.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, British police in Merseyside set up a “hate crime awareness” campaign with a “mobile billboard” displaying the slogan “Being Offensive Is an Offense”. Along with the rainbow flag of Organized Sodomy, which sort of shows you whom they think they’re working for.

The people who have to pay for this police force were a little bit ticked off by what they thought of as a North Korea-style policing doctrine. There is no law against “being offensive” per se. How could there be? Someone out there is going to be offended no matter what you say or do. Everything is offensive to somebody. To make the law work, they’d have to lock up everyone. That would probably appeal to leftids. Lock up everyone who isn’t them.

If you were thinking the police over here mindlessly do the bidding of whoever is in power, the British police have ‘em all beat. And you may have noticed that in Britain it seems impossible to offend Christians: always open season on them—not part of any Cherished Minority entitled to special rights and protections. Including the right not to be offended.

Hey, remember the “Western democracies”? What ever happened to them? How did we reach the point where those whom we elected to serve us now hold us in contempt and view us as herds of dumb and nasty livestock that have to be controlled—by them?

That’s the thing about the Swamp: it’s full of leeches and gators. And now that they’ve learned how to control the outcome of a national election, and proved that they can do it, “consent of the governed” is just something for them to laugh at. Again, guys, turn off the microphones. You don’t want us hearing what you really think.

When did we elect these people to be our masters, not our servants? We have to find a way to demote them. That’ll be hard, because currently they control everything. They’re not afraid of us. I wonder what would have happened if the Oakley school board hadn’t decided to resign. And really—the Organized Sodomy flag on a police vehicle? Instead of the Union Jack?

We still have our prayers; and we had better make good use of them.

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