Leftists want a world government—with themselves in charge of it, of course—so badly, they can taste it.

For years they thought Global Warming/Climate Change/Whatever was going to be their ticket to the penthouse: “We’re all gonna die, unless we give government fantastic new powers so they can save us!” But with Donald Trump in the White House, that gag’s been running out of gas. They’re not about to drop it, but now they’ve added another ingredient to the mix—“open borders.”

The other day, the Bing home page featured a 2015 article from The Atlantic by an economics professor, Alex Tabarrok: “The Case for Getting Rid of Borders–Completely”. This is humanist paganism on parade.

As a humanist, Tabarrok doesn’t believe in Original Sin. He stands with that great humanist philosopher and ne’er-do-well, Rousseau, who preached the innate perfect goodness of man that only gets screwed up by our no-good social, economic, and political institutions. Once we hit upon exactly the right combination of rules and regulations—and with Science to guide us, how can we miss?—we’ll have paradise on earth. If I knew how to spell the sound of a raspberry, I would plug it in here.

The nation-state, which has existed since civilization was invented, is one of those institutions that the ol’ perfessor would like to get rid of. Let everybody move around as freely as dust in the wind! Especially let Third World countries flood the West with migrants. If we do this, he asserts, the whole world will be awash in prosperity—sort of like California is now. It’s not so much an argument as a sermon. And a colossal exercise in wishful thinking.

There’s just one little point he never got around to mentioning.

If we get rid of all the countries by wiping out their borders, who’s going to be in charge?

I mean, someone has to be—right? Someone’s got to sign the welfare checks, and wring the taxes to pay for them out of whoever’s still working. Someone’s got to decide what the laws are, and enforce them. Who will that be?

See, you set up conditions that destabilize the nation-states—“The borders aren’t working anymore! It’s turning into chaos!”—and then you step forward with a grandiose offer to clean up all the mess you made. You point to the havoc your insane immigration policies have made of France, Germany, and San Francisco, and then volunteer to restore order before the whole civilization comes tumbling down.

Historically, there’s only one way to govern a whole bunch of nations gathered into one polity. You set up a government that’s bigger, meaner, and a lot stronger than any of those subject nations and you crush anyone who tries to change it. Think “Roman Empire.” Or “Soviet Union.” Judea tries to gain its independence? Just send in the legions to trash their cities and crucify several thousand of them along the highways. The other subject nations will surely get the message.

Leftists in America and Western Europe seem to dismiss the observation that the rest of the world, by comparison, is a pretty awful place. They propose, by allowing unrestricted immigration, to import some of that awfulness. Stripped of its virtue-signaling, it’s just a way to destabilize the Western countries and get the people desperate enough to turn to global government. You can’t call it a conspiracy because they’re doing it right out in the open for everyone to see. We know they want “open borders” because that’s what they’re always saying that they want! We don’t need to be mind readers: they’re telling us exactly what they want.

Government is a necessary evil that can only be mitigated by strictly limiting its powers. We need government, our country’s founders believed, because men are not angels. Having no handy reserve of angels to staff the government, we have to settle for a government of sinners. Their power therefor needs to be limited—and constantly pruned back, because it tends to overgrow its boundaries.

When Christ’s Kingdom is established on the earth, then and only then will we have a world government that has the right to rule.

In the meantime, the wannabes are just usurpers.

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