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To think that Sanders is running an above-board campaign is laughable.  Though it is hard to blame him after he was stabbed in the back in 2016 by the DNC and Hillary.  It just proves that honesty in the Democrat Party is non-existent. The Republicans tried to do the same thing in 2016 to Trump but the people were too woke to let it happen.  The same may happen this time with Sanders and the Democrat voters but I don’t see them having enough voters to even come close to defeating Trump.  Trump was accomplished when he ran for President and has proved he can run this country very successfully.  Sanders has accomplished nothing in his 78 years except naming two post offices.  Those are the qualifications to run the greatest nation in the world.  But his base is too stupid to understand that.

Bernie Sanders is catching a lot of flack for how his supporters conduct themselves and rightfully so. Why should any political candidate be allowed to whip their supporters into this type of frenzy? There is a certain level of danger at his rallies that never seems to get addressed.

Instead, people look the other way and try to pin the responsibility for the bad behavior on Trump. Bernie attracts a very dangerous subset of people and we wish that people were willing to admit to that. The revolutionary types that pride themselves on being a part of the counterculture are all about Bernie.

He speaks to them in ways that other candidates would never dream of. The aging revolutionaries who were never able to achieve their true goals see themselves in them. You better believe that the Antifa thugs and Occupy Wall Street protesters are also watching his rise closely.

It would be awful if this election cycle were marred by some sort of tragedy. That’s why the Bernie Bros are being watched closely. It all starts by being rude online but from there? Things can only get worse. This story is a prime example of that. Did you hear the news about his former criminal justice adviser?

This adviser was recently arrested and you won’t believe the reason why. He was actually in the process of planning a prison break! This is the person that Bernie actually chose to advise him on criminal justice-related issues. We wish that we were making this up because it sounds like something out of a bad movie.

Alex Friedmann was instrumental in helping to shape Sanders’ agenda on criminal justice in the state of Vermont. Now, he is facing serious prison time. The irony is so thick that we could choke on it. It really makes you wonder how many other criminals Bernie is harboring in his potential cabinet.

Friedmann was stashing ammo and guns in a prison that has yet to be opened, in hopes of aiding the inmates who are looking to escape. This crime took place in Nashville and yes, Sanders is still touting the contributions that this dangerous criminal had to offer him. We are sure that he is going to start backpedaling on this association before too long, though.[1]

What type of person eagerly associates themselves with a person of this type of character?  Birds of a feather come to mind.  Don’t tell me this is a new development.  His supporters have been violent from the start.  Keith Ellison, the Attorney General for the State of Minnesota, tweeted out a pathetically stupid tweet questioning the reality of the violence within Sanders supporters: “I have never seen @BernieSanders supporters being unusually mean or rude,” Ellison tweeted. “Can someone send me an example of a ‘Bernie Bro’ being bad.” [2] He’s not stupid but he does deny the truth when he has too.  That is part of his islamic nature.  But remembering back to a baseball practice the Republican House members were at in 2017: Perhaps the most infamous example of Bernie Bro violence occurred in 2017 in what became known as the congressional baseball shooting, wherein Scalise and three other victims were shot during a practice for the congressional charity baseball game. James T. Hodgkinson, who federal authorities identified as the shooter and who died in a shootout with police, was a staunch Bernie Sanders supporter and fit the Bernie Bro descriptor, which has come to encapsulate the segment of Sanders’ insufferable and intolerant far-left supporters, who are mostly young, white males apparently motivated at least in part by racism and sexism.

Hodgkinson’s ideology was clear from his Facebook account, where he had posted things such as “Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co,” and “Republicans are the Taliban of the USA.” [3] When listening to Sanders he has the same attitude towards Trump and his supporters.  He says that Trump is the most dangerous president we have ever had.  He is only dangerous to the party that is trying to destroy America, the Democrats!

Does he have something to hide?  He promised to release his medical records and then decided not to. The issue of Sanders’s health came up on Tuesday night after the 78-year-old, self-proclaimed democratic socialist said he wouldn’t release his full medical records during a town hall on CNN. The following morning, Sanders’s national press secretary Briahna Joy Gray argued during an interview on the network that calls for Sanders to release additional medical records are unfair.

“I think that the American people deserve to know exactly as much as every other candidate has released in this race currently and historically,” she said. “And what you’re seeing right now is really reminiscent of some of the kind of smear, kind of skepticism campaigns that have been run against a lot of different candidates in the past. Questioning where they’re from, aspects of their lineage, et cetera, et cetera.”

Gray went on to claim that Sanders is the recipient of unfair treatment, saying that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has not faced similar questions despite having “suffered heart attacks in the past.”

Bloomberg hasn’t had a heart attack, he had two stents put in his heart twenty years ago.[4]

It is painfully obvious that the Sanders campaign and agenda is not good for the country.  He is not anywhere near qualified to run this country.  Even his wife has been involved in very questionable situations that the media has refused to talk about. In 2010, as president and would-be savior of Burlington College — a tiny alternative school without a campus in this small offbeat city — Ms. Sanders championed a deal to buy a waterfront spread from the local Roman Catholic diocese. Within a year, she was ousted, and the college limped toward obsolescence, buried under debt.

Then the story of the failing college turned into a political storm.[5]

America has had enough of candidates that are unqualified to hold the office of President.  Obama was the worst president we’ve ever had, Carter was nowhere near the experienced person he was portrayed to be, FDR was nothing but a socialist, Wilson was a racist and incompetent.  H.W. Bush was a globalist as was George W. Bush.  Clinton was a lowlife womanizer and even worse as we are finding out with his relationship with Epstein.  America deserves better but if we don’t start paying attention to the character of the person we are putting in office we will get only what we deserve.  Founder Samuel Adams stated: “The public cannot be too curious concerning the characters of public men.”  It is as true today as it was the day he said it.

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