I don’t believe in man-made Climate Change caused by SUVs and toilet paper, we’re all gonna die unless we give the government fantastic new powers to screw up our lives and lots and lots of money, blah-blah. But I can see another kind of Climate Change, definitely man-made, that’s screwing up the Western world: the creation, by liberals, of a climate of fear.

The Washington Nationals’ shortstop, as a consequence of some “hateful” tweets he made as a teenager, is waiting to meet with Major League Baseball’s “vice president for social responsibility and inclusion” so they can “determine appropriate sensitivity training,” as reported by Bob Knight in The Washington Times this week (“A Maoist Moment in America”). The 25-year-old athlete, who already, ahem, volunteers for some kind of anti-bullying program—when he’s the one who’s being bullied—has had to “apologize” to an assortment of “communities” representing this or that easily-offended Cherished Minority. He has crawled, and they’re kicking him in the face.

Like they always do.

Yes, you can’t say this and you can’t say that, and there’s no statute of limitations. Self-criticism sessions, anyone? Let’s hear it for the Cultural Revolution II.

Meanwhile, Facebook, Apple, and Youtube have gotten together—they deny what anyone can plainly see—to ban Alex Jones, an Internet talk show star, for “hate speech.” They have this idea that the only reason anyone is not a rug-chewing leftist is because Alex Jones or Fox News has somehow tricked him into being a conservative. Silence all conservative speech, they suppose, and everybody will just naturally revert to the default position of liberalism. So you can’t listen to Alex Jones anymore.

It’s a one-way street. It’s only “hate” if spoken by a conservative. For real hot, steaming hate, we have to turn to The New York Times and the new member of their editorial board, one Sarah Jeong. Miss Sarah denounces “dumbass f***ing white people” who, she says, are “like dogs” and “only fit to live underground like groveling goblins”. Lots and lots of tweets from her, along those lines—but don’t hold your breath waiting for this racist cutie to be banned. Lately libs have tried to spin this as “satire,” although it would be hard to find anyone stupid enough to believe that. Our collidges and looniversities spew out tanker-loads of venom against white people every day. That’s not satire. They call it “higher education.”

Can you feel the love?

It’s an embarrassment of poverty to live in an age when professional baseball has to have a “vice president for social responsibility and inclusion.” What the deuce does “inclusion” even mean?

Some years ago I interviewed a twollop with the Ontario Human Rights Commission who said they were concerned that a lot of people aren’t sufficiently “inclusive” in regard to their personal friendships. He thought the government ought to do something about that. What, he didn’t specify. Review everybody’s friendships and re-assign them? Make a law that says you’ve got to have at least one “transgender” friend? Put the whole population of Canada into sensitivity training until their minds are right?

Leftists are unable to conceive of any limit to the powers and priorities of government—as long as it’s government owned and operated by themselves.

How much farther does this shameful business have to go before people stand up and say “Hold! Enough!”

Well, the Maoist wannabes who run the Western world, having rejected Christian morality and tradition, are stuck with the job of defining and enforcing their own preposterous version of morality. They welcome the challenge!

I think it’s time to present them with a bigger challenge—and utterly defeat them.

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