If someone you know physically abuses you for many years, would you trust them to be a benefit to you even if they no longer beat you?  I wish someone had asked black Americans that question in 1968.  That was the year in which the last recorded lynching of black Americans and republicans occurred.  when lying Lyndon Baines Johnson offered up his Great Society government expansion program, he said it would improve life for black Americans.  But what Johnson’s Great Society and let us not forget, War on Poverty turned out to be a colossal multi million dollar waste of American tax dollars.  The rate of poverty for Black Americans did not decrease.

But what did decrease after the Civil Rights, Great society and War on Poverty Democrat party programs was black business ownership and the quality of education.  The racist party of Bull Conner, George Wallace, the KKK, Robert Byrd and many others devised ways to bring about devastating harm to black Americans and even convinced them to both beg and vote for such madness.  During the 1950s black American business ownership was as high as 41 percent.  After the aftermath of the bastardized, better known as Civil Rights charade, black business ownership winnowed down to a paltry three percent level of today.  Not good whatsoever.

People have often asked me why I refer to Civil Rights as bastardized Rights.   While it is nice to take credit for coining phrases or a unique way of identifying a person place or thing, but in this case the recognition goes to my dearly departed Dad.  When I was of eight years of age, he explained to me about the ongoing perils of what he dubbed “bastardized rights”.  Dad told me that the Bill of Rights recognizes our “Unalienable Rights” which come from God who created us, thus negating the authority that out of control governments like to wield over sovereign citizens.  Dad was concerned that once government granted Civil Rights it could take them away.  Dad was concerned that big government would grant special rights to preferred individuals, or groups that represented the political persuasion of the day.  Unfortunately, he was spot on.  When one studies the history of nations throughout the world where governments pick winners and losers, it is clear why we need a return to the concept of “Unalienable Rights”.

Democrats remind me of parasites.  They invade or move into a city, state, business, organization or whatever.  In short order they begin to change the environment into of negativity.  In the 1950s. Detroit was the wealthiest city in the world.  Blacks moved up north to cities like Cleveland and Detroit in masse for better opportunities and to get away from the democrats in the deep south who were killing them left and right.  Even when blacks throughout the south and in places like Oklahoma went along and segregated themselves from white democrats, the KKK monsters would still persecute them.  They loved to burn down black owned businesses.  The main reason is because, they could not stomach the thought of successful black men not needing to depend on interaction between themselves and the racist democrats for their livelihood.

After the Civil Rights era, it was no longer fashionable to lynch southern black Americans, or throw bricks at blacks if they were caught riding a bus, bicycle, or walking through certain white democrat dominated northern neighborhoods.  But like snakes in the deep south or determined insects during a hot northern summer, democrats figured out new ways to force black Americans to fall to, or remain on the bottom rung of society.  In fact, democrats used their mission of destruction of black American society as a petri dish political experiment on how to infect and harm America as a whole.  Wherever Democrats dominate, no matter where it is, their collectivist hatred of everything good for “We the People” comes to the fore.

They hate the concept of our borders being properly walled off and protected.  Democrats do not respect the precious gift of life for both unborn and newborn babies.  Democrats hate American patriots.  Democrats hate President Trump, because he is serious about securing our national sovereignty. Democrats hate God and are hoping to remove Him from the American consciousness.  Democrats hate equal opportunity for all within a prosperous republic, because it eliminates the artificial need for them to redistribute wealth from the productive to the idle.  Democrats hate America so much that they would not care if you and I were murdered by illegal border crossers.  That is why despite how many Americans have been murdered by illegal border crossers, Democrats want to abolish ICE and insist upon maintaining sanctuary cities.

The democrat party is one of hate, oppression, depression, discrimination, bigotry, racism, violence against free speech, death, deviancy and utter government corruption and the murder of newborn babies for their body parts.  Hopefully I have made my point about the Democrat party being an enemy of both black Americans and the United States.  God bless you, God America and may America bless God.  Let us meet every Friday via The Ron Edwards on americamatters.us, SHRmedia and Spreaker.  At 4:00 PM ET, 1:00 PM PT and 12:00 AM Sundays on TalkAmericaRadio.us.  The Edwards Notebook commentary Blows Away the Myths and Reveals the Truth nightly during the Captain’s America Third Watch talk show that emanates from flagship station AM 860 WGUL The Answer in Tampa, Florida and everywhere else via am860theanswer.com, along with 180 radio affiliates nationwide.

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