The Smithsonian Institute is a perfect example of the real face of racism in America.  I have said for decades that when it comes to racism, one not need to look any further than the Democrat Party.  Also, there are numerous progressive groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center where members, just like those in the Democrat party pretend to love black people.  In reality the feelings of Democrats and others like Southern Poverty Law Center members are fully exhibited in the horrendous policies they continue to either foist upon or promote for black Americans.  The Black American community has been decimated by the effort of racist white progressives from Margaret Sanger to Lyndon Johnson to con blacks into accepting a lifestyle that is destructive through welfare and deadly via abortion.

Other evil sub groups including academia and liberal churches that have abandoned their ordained mission of true salvation, have led literally millions of Americans (particularly Black Americans) astray from the wise council and guidance of the God who shed his grace and blessings upon our republic.  In fact, many church leaders have in recent years been acting as if there was no commandment calling for us not to lie, especially concerning what is right or wrong according to God’s word.  It seems as if people on the progressive left have no conscience when it comes to any topic whatsoever.

I will never forget the high level of anticipation a few years ago so many people including myself had waiting to see the movie Lincoln.  Because of the level of understanding I have of the life of president Lincoln and the time in which he lived, I just knew for certain there would be at least a reference to one of the greatest American historical figures, Frederick Douglas.  Not only was he a widely recognized abolitionist, but arguably the greatest orator of the 19th century.  Douglas overcame insurmountable odds to succeed in business, as a successful author and friend of Lincoln as well.

I stupidly thought, surely Douglas would receive a modicum of respect.  I was utterly disappointed beyond belief that Frederick Douglas was not even mentioned in the movie.  I could not help but laugh at the fact that the racist gaggle of progressives that created the otherwise well done movie gave focus to a historically insignificant black female who was making one of the white male characters happy in bed.

The bigoted slight against Frederick Douglas spoke volumes about what the progressive who run Hollywood, like most democrats think about great American men who happen to be black.  The reason behind such a liberal oriented slight is a bit more complex than just surface level disdain or bigotry.  Historically, the movie industry along with history book editors have seen fit to engage in a mission to keep from view, positive images and stories about real Black American male historical figures such as Lewis Latimer or Frederick Douglas.  For another example, the media never, ever told Americans about how Lewis Latimer perfected the filament in Thomas Edison’s light bulbs so they could give light for much longer than a few minutes.  For the life of him, Edison could not figure it out, but thanks to the media blackout against Latimer’s achievement, Edison was free to take credit for the long working light bulb.

To add insult to injury recently, the Smithsonian Institutes progressive bigots purposely omitted Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas from the African American Museum. After a bit of a reaction to their bigoted act, they gave him a little mention in a comment about Anita Hill.  I do know that if Justice Thomas supported the harmful progressive policies that have devastated the quality of life in the American black community he would have been granted a prominent spot in the museum.  I look for the soon to come day when the progressive, bigoted people and their wicked philosophy will no longer have any influence upon the black American community or our republic overall.

The progressive bigots must not be allowed to continue to wreak havoc in our nation, because they intend to ultimately cause societal demise.  The results of the bigoted motive of destruction in America’s black community must be reversed and not allowed to permeate the rest of our republic.  Because progressive bigotry anywhere can lead to progressive bigotry everywhere.  If you don’t believe me, simply refer to the awful progressive inspired bigoted media coverage during the 2016 presidential campaign.  You can enjoy The Ron Edwards Experience talk show Fridays at 5:00 PM ET, 2:00 PM PT on KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nev.  And  My special guest will be Matt Bruce, host of The Captain’s America Third Watch radio talk show.

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