From the moment democrats fooled black Americans into thinking that was the political party for them, it has been down hill ever since.  As much as I despise the evil philosophy that political party promotes, I point out their ability never waiver from their malicious goals.  From the beginning, the democrat party stood for oppression of one kind or another.  Of we all know about the Democrat party leaders historic hatred of blacks, especially the men and like Muslims only saw them as slaves or to be denied a decent life.  Then of course there was Jim Crow and the Eugenics practices.  The democrat party hits just kept coming through various cruelties, lies and horrendous political practices.

The democrats remind me of a plague of evil that circulates throughout different locations and brings nothing but a lowering of living, moral, economic, governmental, educational, religious and even entertainment standards.  In the United States, wherever democrats have a long term stronghold, the standard of living deteriorates much faster than by any other organization or cause.  Yes, there are the George Soros’s of the world and other enemies of the United States working to destroy our beloved republic.  But truth be told, if those enemies did not have such a good friend in the democrat party, they would be obscure entities, not the major threat to America they are today.

Another big ally of the democrat party is Planned Parenthood.  As it became illegal and later out of fashion to directly brutalize black Americans, democrats were hell bent on finding other methods to harm blacks. The Negro Project, a superior and most informative book written by Bruce Fleury chronicles the history of democrat party friend, Margaret Sanger’s Diabolical, Duplicitous, Dangerous, Disastrous and Deadly Plan for Black America chronicles the dastardly mission of democrats against black Americans.  Unfortunately, the democrat party has grown to become a multi-faceted harbinger of evil intentions against the United States as a whole.  In every possible endeavor, be it taxes, border security, American cities, schools, religious liberty, the two sexes created by God, the Constitution, etc. the democrats have fought to enact policies that lead to destruction.

Unfortunately for several decades, the democrats and their allies have not been adequately challenged.  In fact, they have had their way so long that they still do not accept the fact that Mrs. Clinton lost to Donald J. Trump for the presidency two years ago.  Their hatred against Trump is not rooted in rational thought or legitimate complaints.  But rather the hatred emanating from democrats toward Trump and patriots in general is steeped in their leftist/globalist ideology.  When trump stood up to the United Nations, China, and European allies who had been refusing to pay their fair share for their own protection it infuriated democrats and rino republicans.  The reason being, is that the democrats and rinos do not like anyone, including Trump campaigning on America First policies.   But Trump battling to overcome the Soros, Stein, United Nations and democrat party cabal that has been undermining our republic by every way possible was too much for them to handle.

How else would you explain, Nancy Pelosi, Chucky Schumer and many others preferring the wants and desires of illegal border crossers over the unalienable rights of you and I to live in peace and tranquility in our own republic.  It is not surprising, that the same democrat political party that has orchestrated a multi decade mission of destruction against the black American community is now working with others to open the door of destruction against America.  For example, while the democrat majority is calling for higher economy harming taxes for us Americans, the IRS is giving major unearned refunds to illegal border crossers that the democrats want to keep pouring into the United states to our detriment.  Why else do you think democrats are ok with spending $166 billion tax dollars annually on illegals, but have refused to approve any money for better border security that includes a wall.  Oops, I forgot, Nancy Pelosi did offer one big fat dollar.

Bottom line is, the democrat party is a very dangerous institution consisting of members, both old and young who are out to undermine our nation by infiltrating everywhere and destroying her from within.  What they have done to the American black community they seek to do inflict upon our entire republic.  If the conditions now dominate throughout the black American community becomes common everywhere, America will collapse.  He United States of America is worth fighting for.  But we will not rescue and restore her unless “We the People” seek Providential guidance and reestablish the great values, principles and work ethic that made her the onetime envy of the world.  God bless you, God bless America and may America bless God.  Join me Fridays via The Ron Edwards Experience Fridays at 4:00 PM ET, 1:00 PM PT emanating from flagship station KCKQ AM 1180 to,, Spreaker worldwide.

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