Liberalism vs. Common Sense

Today I picked up the morning paper and was confronted by two articles on the opinion page that correctly depicts the difference between modern day liberalism and conservatism i.e. a realistic political orientation advocating the preservation of the best in society and opposing radical change. Upon reading the articles I was immediately struck by the conflicting versions of the reasons for the turmoil and conflict in regard to the present day on-going strife within the Republican Party.

The first of these opinions was written by that gushy progressive, Leonard Pitts, Jr. This article consisted of this writer’s opinion, which typically consisted of a liberal progressive rant in regard to the on-going reformation within the Republican Party. This was indeed the typical liberal progressive claptrap in regard to the present disaffection between differing present time political perspectives that are of the current rocky road within the Republican Party. To be sure it was the liberal political view of the conflict within the current rift. It was a two hanky piece, and of which the conclusion was that any progressive’s hanky would have been soaking wet with copious and foolishly spent tears.

Level-headedness vs. insensible reasoning

The second article was authored by that archivist, Charles Krauthhammer, and was of a political wisdom that is a less maudlin opinion on the reformation within the Republican Party, that is taking place as I write this article. The article referenced the kick-ass campaign for the presidency by Donald Trump. And the article was written with a clearer and more realistic take on Mr. Trump’s campaign and the reason that it is indisputably successful, particularly in view of the more traditional and irrepressibly boring of the more traditional campaigns of Rubio, Cruz, etal.

Mr. Trump’s campaign is less based upon current political correctness in regard to an off the road course in regard to progressive leanings and in regard to failed political leanings and to the failed policies of a foolishly long standing nature. It is less about steering a course through unwisely adhered to current political realities and the much more important objectives such as restoring and protecting the universal priorities of a sovereign United States and its’ citizens.

In Mr. Trump’s eyes the absolute sovereignty of the United States and the absolute safety and well-being of its citizens is paramount and necessarily superior. Mr. Trump never wanders off of the road to pursue a status quo, but rather to maintain a course to guarantee the sovereignty of the United States and to protect the inviolable rights of the citizens of the United States. He cares not about securing an existing state of affairs, but rather strives to protect that which is due to a person and government by law, tradition, or nature. Mr. Trump’s fellow citizens are for him paramount. He cares not about securing or protecting failed or useless policies, He feels that to protect failed policies and useless strives is foolishness that does little or nothing to protect Americans, secure jobs, ensure a right to religious liberty, or to secure personal safety, but rather subjugates these rights to political scrutiny. And he is right. Americans of a discerning nature are seeing the wisdom of his priorities.

Mr. Trump is right! Put your faith in him and not in one of these political wonks such as Rubio and Cruz and you will not go wrong. And tell Mr. Mitt Romney and company to go jump in a lake, let the son-of-a-guns drown in their own stupidity!

© 2016 – Jim R. Schwiesow – All Rights Reserved

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