By Sidney Secular

November 19, 2022

Despite the rah-rahs at the Trump rallies, the general conservative and even nominal normie angst over the deteriorating state of the nation, and the increasingly discredited public polls that supposedly showed almost 75% of the sheeple dissatisfied with the “status woe”, hardly any leftie or middle-of-the-road toadie was wooed away from their wayward ways or their customary echo chamber propaganda “bullpits,” and the election fraud methodologies/manipulations were hardly addressed since the last “selections” so that those in-the-know knew that the forecasted red rave/wave was an overblown and wishful thinking expectation as we sail off into a sunset that is only one of the things that are truly “red” (as in communist, not conservative).

Stinker Biden came away smelling like a rose as his minions massively manipulated the voting processes all across the nation with special attention to the swing states and the particularly important election contests where the lowdown slowdown shakedown was proceeding in deja vu fashion. The masses either still cannot smell a rat and “scentse” that they are losing their remaining liberties or they – just as are the “informed” – are powerless to do anything about it. For the “brain-fogged,” maybe all that weed had desensitized more than their nasal passages as the leftist commentators continued on with their nightly nasal diatribes. The control-bent leftist legions are so well ensconced in important positions that they will continue to take increased liberties with our rights and liberties until there are no liberties left to conserve – which is pretty much where we are now, actually!

Ex-President Trump’s influence seemed to have little bearing on the outcomes of the races where he was supporting a particular contestant. His momentum going forward towards 2024 has thus been stopped for the moment, anyway. Libber fundraisers actually put money behind Trump-endorsed candidates in GOP primaries so that the Dems could face and demolish them in the general election; such is the number and influence of the Never-Trumpers and the poor choices sometimes made by Trump, and it worked like a charm. The abuse of the political process was thus extended into new nuances as the general vacuum in ethics seems to spread like a cancer across the political landscape, swallowing up all before it.

Governor DeSantis of Florida took all the correct positions on the current hot button issues and stuck to them, the only prominent current figure in power to do so and give the impression that he doesn’t swing and sway every way the wind blows, so he has positioned himself as a leading Republican candidate for President for 2024 – always assuming that that party really wants to win. Republicans have a long track record of people like Liz Cheney. At most, a red trickle or ripple seems to have been what happened in the mid-terms. When you compare that with what should have been the case, one can make the case that it was instead a red blood-letting as the insouciant sheeple let the bad guys get away with their continuing communist conspiracy takeover. The Perfidious Party of Chaos rode the red ripple like skateboarders and certainly did not go down and drown, and have positioned themselves such that their positions are now the new abnormal normal.

It didn’t seem there was any way even the Stupid GOP Party could blow it this time – always assuming that the game was “fair” (a poor assumption at best, and stupid at worst!) –  but the unlimited Jewish money from the likes of Soros and the lucre saved by employing invaders seems to overcome all ethical considerations and obstacles like a steamroller on steroids. The overemphasis on shekels inevitably leaves us in shackles. Even if the Republications had met red wave expectations, they would in all probability have blown their opportunity by failing to focus on important issues like the Great Replacement, insane immigration levels, an out of control educational establishment, a weaponized bureaucracy and military and the failure of affirmative action to give the blacks any satisfaction, none of which were campaign issues in the first place. They blew their chance with their so-called failure to meet the “terms and conditions” of their so-called Contract with America in 1994, and there is no reason to believe they would not have blown it again, as they just seem to follow in the tracks of the Democrats in a deadly “follow the Judas goat,” that would have further turned off their base.

Was the election stolen or is the population so zombified/”trance-formed” and ignorant that nothing good can come of it all, and nothing is predictable anymore? It would seem there is a seamless “sin-chronous” combination of the two. On the one hand, all the trends pointed to a red wave with normal citizens becoming overly tired of the handouts and the unscrupulous actions of the Bidenista regime screwing us as well as the rampant violent crime resulting in George Soros’ funded “prosecutors” and liberal judges. Even the “Communist News Network”(CNN) exit polls were showing a marked shift away from the shifty demonrats. The Dems were allegedly losing support among women, moderates, youth, “people of color”, college grads, independents and even denizens of the blue urban cores whose taxonomy was resulting in their being taxed beyond all reason and endurance. All of this was supposedly happening in all the age brackets and among all the races. Biden had an approval rating of a very low 36%, so how does that jibe with the vote counts in the election results? The party in power usually loses significant representation in midterm elections, but the red wave never materialized or, rather more to the point, was never allowed to materialize!

That the election was stolen is staring us in the face. What can be done about it? Nothing –  for now and perhaps forever. The Dems are in control of the Executive branch and all the deep state bureaucracies. They certainly are not going to police themselves. The mass media is now just another Deep State bureaucracy, a mouthpiece, puppet and appendage of the demonrat party and should be treated accordingly; that is as a monopoly rather than a constitutionally protected “free press” and their owners and leading mouthpieces defanged or replaced.

Thirty-five years ago or so, people began using web browsers on a regular basis and many businesses and individuals established some kind of online presence. Here, now, was our chance to free ourselves from the shackels of a media and educational establishment that was censoring and deep-sixing books, people and ideas from public consciousness. The overlords were starting to contrive ways to get their way and stifle opposing viewpoints. Then the Covidiocy came along and scrambled people’s minds and gave the tyrants the excuse and modalities to clamp down and reinforce their mental, and now physical, shackels upon the people. The people were stupefied and thus became stupider yet, and now are another step along in their subservience to the establishment. Americans are still in a funk and have not recovered their joie-de-vivre, and in their emotionally blue state have allowed the “blue” establishment to further spread their tentacles in their tenacity to overpower and control all opposition.

Frankly, the “American experiment” is basically over because it can neither continue nor recover while its population gets progressively dumbed down and suffers from top-down mind control. Pivotal problems and issues are dissed, not discussed, and the People’s morals, and indeed their immorality, continue to be influenced by the entertainment industry and “progressive” philosophies. Now the Marxist experimentation begins in earnest and will lead us – as do all Marxist’ endeavors – down the road to perdition.

Getting back to stolen elections: it’s not all the fault of the GOP! Remember, it is easy to set it up a straw man to deflect from our own inactivity and gullibility. But remember, a corrupt judge and a 40 year-long consent decree meant that starting in 1981, the Republican National Committee had been prohibited by law from helping with poll watcher efforts or nearly any voting-related litigation. The subsequent 40-year period gave the demonrats the time and ability to lay the groundwork establishing a fortress of election corruption. Thanks to Covid, the Dems were then able to fortify that fortress with mail-in ballots, drop boxes, ballot harvesting, same day as election voter registration, drivers’ licenses for illegals serving as official ID, not even requiring an ID to vote, drawn out election periods, and most importantly “election machines” that can be (and ARE) gamed. Voting machines everywhere are all vulnerable to cheating. Excuses for election delays and forays into fraud for the midterms include voting machines going down, tabulators failing, paper running out (in one case in 44 different locations in a geographical cluster!) and printer settings being wrong. These occurrences were nearly all created by the crooks in the most contested elections and voting precincts. All this depredation against the depressing spectacle of big media claiming that there has been no evidence of vote fraud from the 2016 elections going forward, and any questioning of these facts being a “threat to democracy” or a Russian plot –  or both.

I’m not letting the insouciant suckers off the hook here. How could the cradle of liberty, Pennsylvania, take up with a no-account retard like John Fetterman, a man like Biden who never worked a day in his life and faces enormous health problems that could kill him at any moment win a Senate seat away from the highly articulate Dr. Oz who went door-to-door all over PA to bring his message “home?”  It boggles the mind and beggars belief. Half the population seems to have lost its instinct for survival and common-sense decision making capability. The left keeps harping about “saving democracy” meaning the status woe is the way to go and questioning the establishment narratives makes you a treasonous terrorist white supremacist, even if you aren’t white. My series of articles in this newsletter and elsewhere on White Genocide was based on a treatise written by Neil Kumar, a genuine patriot who ran for Congress to represent a portion of the Ozarks in Arkansas, who laid out the issues as no one else has, as reflected in my reflections on white genocide. He received only 21% of the vote in the midterms, showing how far we have to go to inculcate any common sense into the average commoner.

In a recent survey of white voters, about one-third identified as “born again” and skewed strongly towards the GOP while the remaining not-so-religious whites vote for the demonrats by about a 54% to 44% margin. Their world view is foreign to racial thinking or to any real thinking at all, as they are under the spell of the “trance-formation”  that spells disaster for the Historic American Nation. The message of the real right is not getting through and where it does redound, it is censored and silenced. It is blindingly clear that we will not find salvation in voting. Aside from the rampant election fraud, we are faced with the far more consequential reasons for our slide: demography, indoctrination, and censorship. Demography in a nutshell is our replacement or being shoved aside by unassimilable foreigners who vote only for those offering the biggest handouts, or those that more nearly look like them. Indoctrination is occurring at every level across the “awokened” landscape including schools, work environments, the thoroughly debased “entertainment industry,” the present day lame excuse for churches, and now the military. It only takes one generation of messed up youth to mess up our future, and the Gen-Xers are divorced from our traditions as well as from sanity. One has to ask: How much worse does crime have to get? How many more drug overdose deaths do we have to tolerate before we seal the border? When are we going to start solving our own problems vice importing all the world’s problems as well?

Americans no longer value freedom although they talk about it constantly. Indeed, the concept of “freedom” held by many of today’s “Americans” is the freedom everybody has to do what they want done and to believe as they do! The only people who truly appreciate what freedom actually is come from Eastern Europe! Why? Because they know the difference between having it and not having it. They are not happy in seeing it slip, sliding away in the West, the last place on earth where it at least used to exist! The worst tyrants during the Covid mania were re-elected with ease. Gavin Newsom won by 18 points; kvetchin Gretchen Whitmer won handily by 10 points; the repugnant Kathy Hochul handily defeated a great candidate in Lee Zeldin and the list goes on and on and on. There were pockets of sanity where worthy candidates won by large margins. These included Ron DeSantis, Kristi Noem, Kim Reynolds, Rand Paul and Eric Schmitt – all good, but not nearly enough to avoid destruction.

Localism, decentralization, and maybe secession of the still sane deep red flyover areas remain as possible alternatives. A big man in DC cannot fight the nearly ubiquitous new treasonous communist conspiracy anymore. Much more on future courses of action to be taken in future articles.

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