Modern liberalism: made in much the same way as a sausage — it’s a blend of fascist, Communist, and socialist ideologies from twentieth century Europe, with a pinch of Nazism, all ground together, yet retaining the flavor of its various parts.  —Michael Savage

Congratulations to Maxine Waters, whose crazy rants have made her, together with Nancy Pelosi, the unhinged FACE of the Democrat Party. Together, they will Make America Weak Again! But have no fear, America is now stronger than ever before, and I’m not going anywhere!  —President Donald J. Trump

Justice Anthony Kennedy was nominated to the Supreme Court in 1987 by President Ronald Reagan.  On March 3, 1975, upon Reagan’s recommendation President Gerald Ford appointed Kennedy to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.  Conservatives’ views on Kennedy stem from his eventual rethinking of positions on abortion, religion, and the death penalty (which Kennedy believes should not be applied to juveniles or the mentally challenged).  Kennedy has sided with gay rights and abortion advocates on many occasions.  When Justice Kennedy announced his retirement on 27 June 2018 the left had another psychotic meltdown knowing Donald Trump would choose the replacement.

Sedition and Treason

Sedition is not a word we hear very often. So, what is it?  Sedition is legally defined as ”the criminal act of revolting against an established authority, usually in the form of treason or defamation of a government.” In other words, if you are conspiring or plotting to overthrow by violent force, harm in any way, or more specifically, kill any authority figure in government, you have committed sedition.

Sedition not only covers a person’s actions but also any words or writings in print that may incite, encourage or promote the overthrowing of a government; it’s seditious libel.

The U.S. government has attempted on several occasions to regulate speech in wartime, beginning with the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 which had four parts, three of which expired in 1801.

The Alien Enemies Act remained in effect, was revised and codified in 1918 for use in World War I. It was also used by the government to identify and imprison dangerous enemy aliens from Germany, Japan, and Italy in World War II. The Alien Enemies Act has never been repealed.

First Amendment Rights

Although sedition laws are still on the books, the Warren Court effectively neutralized them on Red Monday, 1957Yates v. United States354 U.S. 298 (1957), was a case decided by the Supreme Court of the United States that held that the First Amendment protected radical and reactionary speech, unless it posed a “clear and present danger.” Link  H/T to John and Andy Schlafly.

First amendment rights give us the ability to speak against what we disagree with regarding the government.  For this reason, sedition laws are rarely enforced. Sedition used to be viewed as treason, or even an act of domestic terrorism, but it’s now viewed by many as American’s First Amendment rights.

Of the five rights all Americans are afforded within the First Amendment, the two that protect against sedition are freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. Americans have the right to a dissenting opinion, and the right to write about it and publish it if we choose. But prior to 1964, libel by the press against a public figure could get them sued.

That all changed with the 1964 Supreme Court decision, NYTs Co. v Sullivan which was decided by the liberal Warren court in a 9-0 decision. (Chief Justice Earl Warren was appointed by Republican President Dwight Eisenhower. Another liberal followed the Warren Court, Chief Justice Warren Burger, appointed by Republican President Richard Nixon.)  This decision changed the rules involving libel that had previously been the province of state law and state courts and stated that media could lie about public figures with impunity as it was a first amendment right. A public official could recover in a libel action only if and when a court found that the libelous statement about the official was made with “actual malice”—that is, with knowledge that it was false or with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not.  This is their tortured interpretation.

The 1964 SCOTUS decision, which dealt with a civil libel action, changed the dynamics of debate in our society into the deceptive and dishonest attacks on public figures we see daily by society’s socialists.

The definition of sedition describes what has happened to Donald J. Trump since he and his wife came down that escalator to announce his candidacy for President on 16 June 15.

What we cannot do as Americans is incite violence towards the President. We cannot make threats on his life or attempt to encourage others to forcibly remove him from office; that is, in fact, illegal, yet it continues with no consequences for the perpetrators.

In Leonard Levy’s book, Legacy of Suppression, he describes how previous restraint of the press was the rule rather than the exception and that punishment was frequent and relatively sure for the orator who voiced criticism of courts or legislatures.  It is a book wholly devoted to the subject of seditious libel.  The 1964 Warren Court decision swung the pendulum too far to the left allowing media to lie through their teeth with impunity.

The Pathology of America’s Left

Twenty-five years ago, I had my van parked in the lot of an upscale grocery store on the wealthy side of town, and my vehicle had pro-life stickers on the bumper and back windows.  When I came out, the van was thoroughly keyed.  I have seen cars laden with stickers for Bernie Sanders, Hillary, including that stupid Coexist sticker and I’ve thought how I’d like to put nails in their tires.  But I can’t do that because not only is God watching me, but my guilt would be overwhelming.

We have seen examples over and over of the left’s insidious verbal and visual abuse since Trump announced his candidacy.  His election has exposed their true pathological nature for everyone to see.

The two things the left doesn’t have that the Judeo-Christian old right has is fear of God, and guilt for doing wrong.  They don’t have that…and that’s why they’re not only pathological, they’re bordering on psychopathy.  In an article on Dr. Eowyn’s website, Fellowship of the Minds, she explains it perfectly:

Psychopaths and sociopaths aren’t the same: Though both conditions are associated with a poor sense of “right and wrong” and a lack of empathy, there are a few key differences between them. According to Dr. L. Michael Tompkins, a psychologist at the Sacramento County Mental Health Treatment Center, the difference lies in having a conscience.

A psychopath simply doesn’t have one, he told WebMD. They will steal from you without feeling a twinge of guilt — though they may pretend to if they’re caught, so they aren’t “found out.” A sociopath, on the other hand, will understand that taking your money is wrong and may feel remorse, but it won’t be enough to stop their deviant behavior. That means a psychopath has even less regard for others than a sociopath. Another difference between the two lies in the psychopath’s incredible ability to blend in. They can come off as charming, intelligent, and may even mimic emotions they really don’t feel.  “They’re skilled actors whose sole mission is to manipulate people for personal gain,” Tompkins said. Sociopaths are more likely to come off as “hot-headed,” and may act more impulsively, demonstrating to others their lack of normal empathy.

So, is the left psychopathic or ungodly or both?  Here are some facts about psychopaths, and now science is actually saying liberals are psychotic.  Manners, etiquette, refinement, respect for fellow Americans, and acceptance of the electorate’s choice means nothing to these people.  They hate all of us and are calling for confrontation of not only this administration but anyone who supported and voted for Donald Trump.  What they’re saying is that they hate all Americans who are not with them.  Their “tolerance” is only for those who support their liberal views. Washington D.C. may well be the psychopath capitol of America.

Article after article has been written about the virulent and filthy leftist attacks. There are hundreds of incidents.  Sharyl Attikisson has listed the entire “Collusion Against Trump” timeline.  And here is the Breitbart list of media approved violence against Trump supporters.

  • The University of Chicago violence erupted via Soros to keep Trump away from a rally.
  • A teacher shoots a water pistol at a picture of Trump and says, “Die,” in front of her class.
  • The “pussy hat” women’s march…Madonna called for bombing of the White House; Ashley Judd gave a filthy speech on “nasty women;” Gloria Steinem professed killing her own unborn baby.
  • In early 2017, Loretta Lynch actually called for subverting President Trump with marches, blood, and death.

This is nothing compared to the depravity it has now disintegrated into…some of the most vile, visceral and vulgar attacks lacking common human decency and decorum.

Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters continues to call for mob attacks on anyone in the Trump administration.  On 23 June 2018, Waters held a rally and referred to the Red Hen Restaurant booting out White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

Waters said, If you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”  This fascist is calling for mob violence. The Congresswoman even called the LA race riots a “defining moment for resistance.” This article by Dr. Eowyn clarifies that Rep. Waters (D-CA) is one of Washington’s ten most corrupt politicians.

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch is calling on Congress to investigate Waters for inciting public harassment.  And a White House petition to expel Maxine Waters from Congress is making the rounds.

On 30 June 18, Bikers for Trump rode into downtown Lexington, VA, to protest The Red Hen’s shabby treatment of Sarah Sanders and her family.

The vulgarity continued with so-called comedian and host of The Daily Show Trevor Noah who stated that Sarah Huckabee should be thankful that no one “jizzed” in her food.  He’s giving emotionally unhinged liberals more ideas, like ejaculating in the plate of anyone wearing a MAGA hat, or God forbid, a family that even “looks” like they voted for Trump.  Shades of Jesse Jackson admitting to spitting in white folks food.

Peter Fonda

In a twitter rampage, Fonda suggested Melania Trump should be separated from her child Barron.  He was referring to illegal alien lawbreakers being separated from their children, but of course it didn’t bother him or his ilk that Clinton and Obama kept these children in cages.  Fonda tweeted, “We should rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles and see if his mother will stand up to the giant asshole she is married to.”

Fonda also called on a mob of 90 million to surround schools attended by children of ICE agents so they can scare the sh** out of them and worry the f*** out of the agents. What Fonda said about Kirstjen Nielsen and Sarah Sanders was worse than what Samantha Bee uttered about Ivanka Trump.

Twitter took no action against Fonda even though he violated several twitter policies, but justice was served, Fonda’s latest movie bombed big time.  Link

Deranged Leftists

Curtis Cook, a writer for Comedy Central believes Justice Kennedy should have been shot rather than President John Kennedy and his brother Robert.

Sam Lavigne, an adjunct instructor at New York University (NYU)’s Tisch School of the Arts, doxed hundreds of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) employees and publicized their personal information on social media.

The left has promoted violence again with their latest attack on ICE. ICE arrested 107 illegal immigrants in Philly this week during “Operation Safe City.”  There were more arrests here than in any other city during the nationwide sweep.

Then police arrest 29 far left protesters after violence erupts in front of ICE building. 

Markara Man, a California democrat was arrested for death threats against Trump’s Federal Communications Commission Chief, Ajit Pai and his family.

Senator Maggie Hassan (D-NH), defended not firing one of her interns who yelled, “F– you” at President Trump, in part because it was Mr. Trump.

Suspect Laurence Key, a devout Democrat who hates Republican war heroes allegedly threatened to kill war hero and U.S. Congressman Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL). The same suspect also threatened to kill the lawmaker’s three minor children, the oldest child is only 8-years-old.


President Trump has told these psychopaths that he will not tolerate attacks on courageous ICE agents and our border patrol.  Neither should there be confrontations or attacks on him or his administration, including Pam Bondi, Kirstjen Nielsen, Sarah Sanders, or Sen. McConnell and his wife Elaine Chao.

Facing a new wave of potentially dangerous threats, called for by Mad Maxine and others, legal and gun experts are calling on top Trump aides to get their concealed carry permits and back it up with a pistol.

“There are simply not enough police in D.C. or Virginia or Maryland to protect all Trump officials at their homes and when they go out to restaurants. Getting a concealed handgun permit would be helpful to protect themselves and their family,” said John R. Lott Jr., president of the influential Crime Prevention Research Center.

Actor James Woods warned his fellow conservatives to ‘get armed and vote’ after Rep. Waters called for Republicans to be harassed in public and at their homes.

And about those Trump bumper stickers…if you’re afraid of damage to your vehicle because of the psychopaths, then political analyst Sam Francis was right when he wrote, “What we have in America today is both anarchy (the failure of the state to enforce the laws) and, at the same time, tyranny–the enforcement of laws by the state for oppressive purposes.”

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