By Sidney Secular

October 25, 2022

The bad guys have shot a hole in our collective soul.

They say we are doomed if good men do nothing while evil takes over. But what if the few good men –  if you can still find them – have had their souls taken over by the Devil and his new world orderlies while their bodies were taken over by drugs and vaxxes to the point where they are impotent, powerless, insouciant, rootless, and blasé about everything except that which gets in the way of their fun, fun, fun? I suppose it would be easy to say that under those circumstances, they aren’t “good men” anymore! But we have seen that at least relatively good people because of apathy and/or fear have allowed great evil to take place even when they did not sponsor or commit it. Remember, Edmund Burke’s statement that evil wins when good men do nothing!

What’s going on in this country cannot all be explained by just the demented doings of the devil-driven Demonrats, although that is the public face of the assault on the body politic dividing and separating us along a fault line that may be termed a political “continental divide.” Finding fault always creates fissures that separate people into factions. The leftist faction is creating all the action now while the other faction appears incapable of mounting an effective defensive reaction. Thus, the leftist perps initiate campaigns that:

1] woo women into violently defending their supposed right to kill their babies (one-half of today’s woeful women consider the right to abortion as their number one concern);

2] create and welcome sexual deviants into our schools to indoctrinate children to deny their biological sex and become weirdos;

3] create a loss of respect for human life by harvesting embryos and organs for experimentation and commercial purposes working to merge humans with machines, successfully campaigning to destroy the family as the basic social unit of society and civilization;

4] conduct a frontal assault on private property and the privacy of our persons;

5] erode the First Amendment forms of freedom of expression, worship and association; and

6] persecute Christianity and erase the borders to allow America to be the dumping ground for the world’s dregs and drugs.

These are just a few of the present depredations that are destroying us. Alas, for all of these crimes against humanity, there has been little or no comparable reactions! All that we have seen – other than endless Trump rallies that bolster the soul but provide no help legally or politically – have been mainly wimpy excuses for inaction.

In the blink of an eye, America has lost its distinction as a moral, political and economic world leader and is busily destroying the natural distinctions between men and women, creating scores of new genders from an a la carte menu of cooked up gender-bender concoctions from which we are expected to choose, ingest and assimilate as normal using neutered language to make all sexuality – however deviant – “neutral” and normal. Our new overlords preach tolerance but won’t tolerate any deviation from their dispensations. Non-conformists are dispensed with by making of them social pariahs while economically neutering them and/or making them targets  of “lawfare.”  As to the “minorities” that now constitute a “majority of minorities” when they act together as a bloc to prevent whites from exercising their constitutional rights, their race is their uniform that allows them to receive unwarranted and undeserved respect along with artificial elevation to the top of the economic heap! Meanwhile, whites now receive the leftover crumbs after affirmative action and immigrant preferences have taken the best of the jobs that haven’t been outsourced overseas.  Whites have become the new untouchables, used to keep the wheels of what’s left of industry turning or as objects of rape and interracial “marriage” in order to create Count Kalergi’s “tan man” ideal. One of the results of these conditions is that the United States has become the world’s main producer, consumer, and purveyor of pornography while we are vying to become the leading consumer of dangerous so-called “recreational” drugs.

Moreover, for apparently unseemly and seemingly unfathomable reasons, a large segment of Americans have, apparently felt a great love and admiration for the devil, the devil’s advocates, devilish doings, and devil-inspired art forms such as horror flicks and modern art. Gangsters and bad guys are heroes and the stuff of legends – especially since the sixties – as their behaviors have been emulated or explained away with modern psychobabble by sympathetic and pathetic sophistries. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly are for all intents and purposes interchangeable and have become all the same in our estimation since they are of equal moral and entertainment value, something we value above all else. Parenthetically, it is interesting to note that before the 1960s, Hollywood had a code that demanded the victory of good over evil. No “baddie” could win! “Good bad-guys such as Humphrey Bogart or James Cagney could only “win” if they paid their “debt to society,” after which they could get the girl – along with the approval of that society. Those days are long gone.

Explorer and leading Illuminati figure Albert Pike, for which Pike’s Peak is named, wrote with great praise about the “Luciferian Path”  and “the Prince of Darkness” circa 1871. In 1966, Anton LeVey wrote the “Satanic  Bible” and created The Church of Satan while in 1975, U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino, founded The Temple of Seth, consecrated to the Prince of Darkness who supposedly, according to Aquino, is a source of light. In 1971, Saul Alinsky, Hillary Clinton’s mentor, dedicated his Demonrat rulebook, “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer, whom he described as the first and most successful rebel and radical. The fact that Alinsky saw his object of worship doomed to eternal torment gives one a good idea of what the man considered victory! In 1980, the satanic Georgia Stones, calling for world depopulation appeared out of nowhere and were just as mysteriously demolished this year, possibly by the same perps who put them up in the first place. This may have been a result of the Covid vaxxes starting to get the attention they deserve as mass killers. In 1995, the Denver Airport displayed a collection of disturbing devil-inspired murals. It is alleged there is a vast underground city two miles beneath Denver where dissidents are detained or devilish experiments conducted. Lately and unbelievably, monuments dedicated to Lucifer have been erected in states’ capitol buildings and in Washington itself.

On June 20, 2020, a “Luciferian March” for a One World Government was held in 22 American cities, appropriately during the darkness of a solar eclipse. The marches precipitated social chaos. Their organizers  announced plans to erect satanic monuments at sites where statues of Confederate and American heroes have previously stood.  “Presidunce” George W. Bush made no bones about habitually displaying the devil’s sign of the Skull and Bones Society to which he and other leading luminaries of the American firmament belong. But Joe Biden’s strange speech of September 1st, 2022, drenched in devilish symbolism was immediately condemned as satanic by alert MAGA Republicans. That apparently hit a nerve as that description was immediately mocked by the mockingbird mainstream media. It is hard to believe such a wretched display was not inspired by the devil and his minions. Satan must be getting over-anxious for a complete American capitulation because his main weapon – at least in “modern times” – is to induce people to believe that he doesn’t exist! Today, however, even the most blasé Christian and apathetic atheist can’t have helped but notice what is being shoved in their faces and down their throats. Because the “cat is out of the bag” so to speak, we must confront this evil everywhere and make this “war” into a personal fight, making certain that we do not succumb to the enticing blandishments to which the morally blind easily succumb.

Obama (BO) and the global conspirators purged thousands of Christians and right-thinking people from key positions in the military, judiciary, law enforcement, business, education, and the media. We listed those purged from the military for not being sufficiently “woke” in our last newsletter. This process has continued and, in fact, has been intensified under Biden and God knows how many millions have been purged by now. Biden, a surrogate of BO, is accomplishing BO’s dream of creating a civilian para-military force larger and more powerful than the shrinking military that can no longer fill its hiring quotas as many were put off by the Afghanistan debacle. In fact, the agencies of the Government – including such supposedly inoffensive bureaucracies as the Department of Education – presently have (and are willing to use!) more guns than the United States Marines! The IRS was “weaponized” with actual guns in the expectation that 80,000 new enforcement agents – and a “budget” of $80 Billion – will scare the bejabbers out of any right thinking American. Indeed, that was the idea in the first place! America for all intents and purposes is now a fully developed police state.

But why did Biden reveal the globalists’ devilish agenda in his recent satanic screech of a speech? There is a practice that occultists use called “revelation of the method.” When they become sufficiently powerful, they use an “in-your-face” admission of their evil plans knowing that their victims can’t do anything about it – and daring them to try. This not only intimidates their enemies, but they get their jollies knowing that they have you under their control – and that you are aware of your helplessness. Sadly, many Americans, especially the young, after generations of the exaltation of evil seem to adore evil doers who defy capture or control. These villains know that many Americans actually look up to them, embracing and accepting their fantastic crimes pulled off with impunity and immunity from consequences. To win this battle, we must get off the dime rise above the political left/right paradigm, which is itself a devilish diversion. You cannot win this war with your votes or even your guns, assuming that you get them out of mothballs. We must remember that the globalists control the levers of power and that includes the levers in the voting booth. As we found in 2020, it doesn’t matter what you do in the voting booth, the result will be what they want! Consider Stalin’s favorite quote, “It isn’t who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes!”

On top of all of this assault on the Body Politic, the establishment has been “feeding” Americans a lot of bull by promoting the SAD (Standard American Diet) that features excessive animal eating, protein consumption, and empty calories that have led to the populace becoming grossly overweight and unhealthy in recent years. The food pyramid trotted out by Uncle Sam, places the best foods, large dollops of unprocessed fruits, vegetables and grains at the bottom of the structure, degrading their importance. It is not generally recognized that improper diet can damage your brain cells that, in turn, can color your thinking process, diminish your innate intelligence, reduce creativity and foster irrational thinking, irritability and depression all of which appear to be primary characteristics of today’s sheeple. And when you add to that the tremendous amounts of chemicals and drugs such as fluoride, aluminum and “preservatives” that are either ingested or inhaled, the falling standards of health of most Americans appear to be the rational results of our way of life. Meanwhile, American medicine seems oddly uninterested in the very food that keeps us alive, spending seemingly little effort to teach our future physicians how to feed their patients in such a way as to promote their health and well being.

But, in fact, the assault on the family begun in the 1960s and leading to a tremendous increase of divorce, single parent families, working parents and the breakup of traditional family living circumstances has produced chains like McDonald’s and the various burger copy-cats fostering the “fast” foods that are “fast” causing a massive health crisis in the Western world. As a result of the failure of our nutrition to support our bodies’ defenses, we see massive seasonal outbreaks of various flu strains and the slow, incremental increases in degenerative diseases like diabetes and cancer virtually unknown in more primitive societies. Of course,  this state of affairs has permitted Big Pharma to make billions keeping the population in need of their nostrums in a kind of vicious circle of cause, disease and cure. Even supposed “medicines” such as “traditional” vaccines – not the present “jabs” related to COVID – have produced health issues in children from fatal allergies to such benign substances as peanuts to autism. For instance, in the late 1950s, there were three vaccines recommended for children (and adults as well, of course), Smallpox, the DPT shot (Diptheria, Tetanus and Pertussis or Whooping Cough) and Polio. In 2020 the recommended vaccines include  DPT, MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella or German Measles), Polio, Hib, Hepatitis A and B, Varicella, Pneumococcal, Influenza and Rotavirus. And there are others. As can be seen, these “creations” have gotten far more numerous while any side or after affects are often ignored. For years, efforts have been made to find a connection between the increase in vaccinations for often very young children and autism but Big Pharma has managed to stifle those efforts to date.

The question then becomes, what will ultimately turn the tide of this sickness of our souls? Simply put, it is to turn away from materialism and immorality in massive numbers in a sort of nation-wide religious revival of the spirit. But are we, the so-called “masses” even capable of getting up the gumption and grit to give it a go? Huge numbers of our fellow man have been rendered zombies through psychological conditioning using the mesmerizing media to mess up our minds while the Covid vaxxes play havoc with our bodies, minds, spirits – and even our DNA. Dr. Naomi Wolf is one of now many medical authorities writing on the massive harmful effects of the Covid vaxxes, effects that seem to be reported in bits and pieces daily. She recently took a trip to New York City to confirm that a universal dystopia has now arrived and the essence of humanity has been drained from what have become a type of walking zomby. These tragic souls lack the spirit or at least the spirited movements and conversations that used to define New Yorkers.

It seems that every day we learn of some new atrociously harmful ingredient in the vaxxes and the stats show sharp rises in all kinds of maladies since the Covidiocy began, information denied to us by the media both social and mainstream. The “spike proteins” are causing massive blood clots with resultant deaths, debilities and disabilities. It is said these blood clots will be like time bombs in our bodies going off here, there and everywhere over the next several years! Meanwhile, the mandated boosters will only serve to boost the destruction being caused. In a titanic cover-up to hide the plague of problems caused by the vaxxes, these conditions are being identified as “long covid” and Sudden Adult Death Syndrome to shield the devils behind it all, and to provide yet more opportunity to vaxx the remaining deluded dolts to death.

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