Is The Worm Turning?

We live in unbelievable times.  As the opening to my daily internet broadcast states…“The world is on fire and the culture is disintegrating…”

As the old saying goes, there are three types of people in the word.  Those who make things happen; those who see what is happening; and those who wonder what happened.  For the first time in my adult life I think more and more people are awakening to what is happening.

William Shakespeare is famous for many things he has written, but one of his lesser known quotes comes from Henry VI “The smallest worm will turn, being trodden upon…”  After four decades of lies and manipulation the American people are finally beginning to roll over and awaken from their collective coma.

That’s right my friends the worm is beginning to turn.  The trodden upon are beginning to fight back.

Despite the massive programming and brainwashing purposefully inflicted upon the “deplorables”…you know, the folks who actually work and pay the taxes…the election of Donald Trump has ushered in a new day in America. Ronald Reagan called it “morning in America”, and although the days aren’t as bright as they were in The Gipper’s day, there is hope on the horizon.

Permit me to offer some evidence that you may not have noticed.

The mainstream media is on life support.  Try as the might, the alphabet news outlets have proven to be impotent in their attempt to criminalize President Trump and his entire administration.  The daily drumbeat of Russia, collusion, impeachment, and election rigging is having very little effect on the once media manipulate populace.

Oh, don’t get me wrong.  Those on the left who lost their brains on the way to a college degree are rallying to the mindless assertions of Rachel Maddow, Pelosi, Michael Moore and their ilk, but regular people with half of their brain tied behind their back have finally awakened to the government Ponzi scheme centered in the District of Criminals.  The Alternative media is alive and well and is kicking the tails of the paid political hacks on your TV who are masquerading as  “news journalists.”

Yep, my friends, the worm is beginning to turn.  We can only pray to a merciful God that the awakening is not too late.

One need look no farther than the debacle known as Megan Kelly.

Once the darling of “conservative” Faux News, she was exposed as a self-centered media hack during the initial tussle with President Trump during the Republican first debate.  The exposing of her obvious left-leaning agenda was ripped bare for all of her adoring fans to see.  The result of the undressing was a quickly orchestrated “promotion” to a starring role at NBC News.  But her maiden voyage has proven to be a rocky one because she, and her suitors at NBC, failed to realize that Americans no longer get their news from the boob tube.

You see, Megan, and most TV personalities,  have made a fatal miscalculation in that they did not realize that Americans were no longer kowtowing to media stars.  The days of Oprah, Barbara Walters, and Katie Couric have come and gone.  The Fake News producers have failed to realize that most Americans are no longer in the mood to follow media stars who think that THEY are more important than the “news” they report.  The Kelly File was never really about the news…it was about Megan Kelly and what SHE thought.

“How can someone be as beautiful as me and still be so intelligent,” was the under lying message that Megan was sublimely sending.  It is a new day in America, folks, as millions of Americans have awakened and are no longer mesmerized by the blond leg-crossers reading the news.  Give Joe Deploraeable a bombastic, buffoonish, Alex Jones…someone who looks like the rest of us…to explain what is really going on behind the scenes.

That’s why the Left is so apoplectic.  The death grip on the American mind is slowly being broken.  The Alt-media is a God send…and it is alive and well.

American’s today are getting their news from the internet.  The Hagmanns, Dave Hodges, Rick Wiles, Mike Cernovich, Info Wars, Steve Quayle, and many others, are reaching more Americans every day.  Soon the internet will be in your car and life beyond the controlled media, including Limbaugh and his ilk, will go the way of the transistor radio.

Real news is not going back into the bottle.  All the left can do is lie, disparage, and collude against the Truth and no matter how many pretty faces are hired to carry Jezebel’s message Americans are choosing to look for their soft-porn temptresses in the porn section of the internet, rather than on cable TV news programs.

Finally…a separation of the soft porn stars and the state.

I don’t know if it is too late for America to crawl out of the ditch or not, but I feel a lot more comfortable fighting the fight for Western Civilization with Truth tellers who speak and look like me on my screen without the sensual temptations and distractions of the Barbie dolls in short skirts.

Can we recover from the media manipulation?  As long as we have the internet we have a window of opportunity.  Be bold.  Share Truth no matter how controversial it may be.  It is time to stop going along to get along. Shock your friends out of their haze.

The deep state is gasping for air.  They are the ones who told us that Trump couldn’t win.  They told us Global Warming was settled science.  They told us Megan Kelly would be a star at NBC.

Keep pushing.  The worm has begun to turn.

© 2017 Dave Daubenmire – All Rights Reserved

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