By Sidney Secular

October 18, 2022

We are a stateless people with no political representation whatsoever. Non-whites have 535 politicians in Washington, DC representing them. Whites have none, zero, nada! As a result, white genocide continues apace because there is no real resistance to its implementation as discussed in the two previous articles in this series.

White genocide is well underway on another front – less immediately brutal but far more insidious –  a matter that the insightful have seen happening for many decades but to which the decadent, deluded and mostly decrepit politicians and clueless citizens are oblivious or uncaring. The frightful constellation of movers and shakers that manipulate the zeitgeist ever leftwards, lurching towards the abyss, include the “legacy media” that is leaving us with a legacy of their treachery, NGOs, “reformed” religious organizations, big corporations, tech tyrants, billionaires (many newly minted as a result of some of these ongoing “policies!”), and the increasingly traitorous US Government, that is purposefully and happily engaged in ethnic cleansing of the White race from the face of the earth. The legacy is much more than that of such matters as increased crime, wage depression, economic displacement and destroyed social trust and cultural continuity – although it does involve all of these things.

By drowning our nation with compliant third World ciphers together with competing Asian professionals, white political power is consciously and perniciously diluted as it moves towards complete political impotence even while such power as it has is already lying dormant. In swing states like Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Nevada, the number of new, foreign-born “voters” is enough to provide requisite margins of victory in elections. If and when many of the foreign non-voters become so-called “citizens,” the influence of the foreigners will be significantly enhanced. How many of you presently go outside and see an alien and often hostile landscape completely different from the one into which you were born and raised? Unfamiliar, emotionless, uncommunicative faces, a cacophony of languages, displays of decidedly unAmerican customs in conformance with a show-off  Babylonian “diversity” strutting around in Third World garb often with repulsive face coverings that render social interaction including conversation “mute” anyway. America’s foreign-born population is edging towards 50 million, a number that has tripled since 1970 and doubled since 1990.

The key here is that we just don’t know how many aliens reside in what used to be our country. The southern border has basically become a meaningless line in the sand. Enough illegal aliens entered America in 2021 to equal or exceed the ALL the number of Americans who live each of TEN states: Alaska, Delaware, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming – and 2022 is showing exponential increases over 2021! This slow death is being excused by some conservatives, like the clueless Glenn Beck who endorses the goal of having one-billion Americans that he sees as crucial to keeping China from overtaking us as global top power. His conception seems to be that having millions on the dole in an expanded welfare-warfare state is a sort of utopia even if many of those millions are statistically anti-American. Beck is under the common illusion and delusion that immigrants work far harder than most Americans, “especially American kids.” He also seems to believe that numbers alone will save us when, in fact, vast numbers of the wrong kind of people will destroy us. China is full of Chinese, but America is no longer full of Americans. Beck needs to leave his cushy Beltway bubble and see what many especially middle class American kids can and will do if given the chance and not have their entry level jobs taken away from them by foreigners or, if they are white, be refused employment for that very reason. After all, they still do car washes, deliver newspapers and raise funds for charity functions, don’t they?

The regime uses our tax dollars directly or indirectly through tax funded resettlement agencies to put the invaders on midnight flights and buses, shipping them to rural, mostly white communities all over America in order to dilute existing actual or potential White power bases and to turn red areas blue. There usually is a dearth of local infrastructure and jobs to support these invasions, but no matter, the feds can fix that with public housing and welfare payments while encouraging the locals to move away so that the newcomers can take over their properties and spread “diversity” everywhere. The aim is to foster demographic warfare and displacement, and in the short term, turn red areas blue with hopes that the change will be permanent. One day there were 15,000 Haitians squatting under a bridge in Texas all of whom vanished the next day. Towns scattered all across the fruited plain are now chock full of Somalis and Afghans who are so notorious for their behavior that they are commonly called “rapefugees.” Even the most heinously criminal aliens don’t get deported. If they make it to the sanctuary cities they are free to carry on with their depredations while especially white Americans are free to suffer and die.

But that’s just the beginning. The number of “unaccompanied children” crossing the border is the highest it has ever been, facilitating a massive child sex trafficking operation, and including a high proportion of males in their late teens and early twenties who are excellent prospects to join gangs, engage in criminal activities and become foot soldiers in the mushrooming drug trade. This coterie of incipient criminals is the vector by which the opioids, fentanyl and many other dangerous drugs are ferried into and distributed throughout the US, a commercial enterprise managed by increasingly sophisticated and powerful Mexican drug cartels and transnational criminal networks most of whom have quantitatively more and even better state-of-the-art military munitions than either the American or Mexican militaries can bring to bear against them. In short, they are setting up their own fiefdoms on both sides of the border and it is now believed that they have actually gained control of the country of Mexico, thus ending any attempt by that government to resist their might.

The raw materials for the deadly drug fentanyl are brought into Mexico from our old friend, China with the final product created in clandestine Mexican labs just as COVID was created in China’s Wuhan lab. The opioid plague is second only to the Great Replacement itself as the most powerful tool of white genocide. Many on the “Dissident Right” call it the “White death” or the “White plague.”  The Sackler family along with the other big Pharma firms, incestuous and corrupt regulatory agencies and ignorant and/or compliant doctors and pharmacists have been either grossly negligent, unwittingly ignorant or criminally engaged and, as a result, have  unleashed this beast upon us. They have faced no meaningful pushback, regulatory restrictions or punishment for their continued dispensing of highly dangerous substances. The drug distributor, Amerisource Bergen, delights in gleefully depicting the “pillbillies” of Appalachia. Kentucky is derided as “OxyContinville”. Oxycodone, also called Oxycontin, is a widely distributed and wildly addictive painkiller that was pushed onto unsuspecting patients who have been led to believe it is not addictive. As a result, we have thus lost over one million Americans to opioid overdoses. That’s more than the number killed in all our wars, combined. The victims have been overwhelmingly white, but, of course, that was the goal all along of the drug dealers and war promoters. Vast areas of our nation have been ravaged and depopulated with the driving cause being almost solely opioids! When that is added to the effects of the frequently mandated vaxxes the inevitable results will be more de-populating and demoralizing. Fentanyl, the substance that killed that great black hero, George Floyd, is a poison that the Chinese are only too glad to foist upon us. It is now the number one cause of death for Americans aged 18-45. Beginning in the late 1990s, the white mortality rate has steadily increased in the US in a way that is exactly concurrent with the release of Oxycodone. This rise has occurred in all but six states, with the largest rise in death rates occurring in West Virginia,  Kentucky, Arkansas, and Mississippi. White life expectancy declined by one-tenth of one percent between 2013 and 2014, and has been accelerating year by year since, only falling by a full year around 2020, probably associated with optimism generated by Trump’s regeneration of the economy. In 2021, the decline in white life expectancy was entirely due to white deaths. In the book, “Deaths of Despair,” Anne Case and Angus Deaton note that any decrease in life expectancy is extremely uncommon in the modern world. American life expectancy had never fallen for three years in a row since 1933, in the depths of the Great Depression. We now approach a decade of decline with no end in sight.

And what has been our government’s response to the worst drug crisis in human history? Absolutely nothing but the continued lie regarding the same phony “war on drugs” that has been with us since the 1960s! Even in the face of the intrusion of this poison into America’s medical establishment there has been total silence. There has been no propaganda campaign or educational effort, but only some token funding for the corrupt corporate rehabilitation industry. Compare this to the government and media response to the “crack” epidemic, orders of magnitude smaller than the opioid plague, but which primarily affects blacks. Vast sums of money of our tax dollars were spent on massive media coverage  and a nationwide anti-drug campaign in schools and why? Because it primarily affects blacks! But even the exorbitant response to crack addiction is but a pittance when we look at the wealth our nation has squandered on futile efforts at black advancement. The “War on Poverty” and the welfare apparatus it created focused almost entirely on blacks, has cost us over $19 trillion, the equivalent of 40 Marshall plans. Think of the country we could have had without the blight of “diversity,” “equity” and “inclusion.”

The global regime wants white people to die and, as a result, we live in a genocidal state. Indeed, the state itself is compliant and complicit in the opioid plague. Prior to the American invasion of Afghanistan, the Taliban had outlawed and destroyed the opium trade. Poppy cultivation was negligible. Immediately after the American invasion and for twenty years thereafter, opium production skyrocketed. American soldiers literally guarded the poppy fields. And you wondered what they did with their time there? The US Government directly and intentionally fueled the drug crisis. I’ve heard it alleged from reputable sources that the money the FedGuv received from the drug dealing they were apparently involved in connected to the Afghan adventure helped make possible the black budget used in the “blackops” actions of the CIA and other government “agencies” as well as helping pay for the “war” including the mercenaries whose numbers were about equal to our regular troops sent there.

The opioid plague is but the most conspicuous aspect of a deeper problem. The ruthless war on white identity has introduced a corrosive agent into the white soul, devouring many whites from within. Our grinding, soul crushing system, in which every lever of power is aimed at dehumanizing and killing white men and women, is driving the intended victims to destroy themselves. A reflection of this is the escalating white suicide rate. Between 2000 and 2017, the American suicide rate surged by 40%, involving almost exclusively blue-collar workers in industries such as mining, oil, construction and auto manufacturing and repair – in other words, the industries that involve the majority of the white working class. The number of deaths from opioids, alcohol and suicide ascended to new heights in 2020, as the COVID government lockdowns ushered in a new era of isolation and hyper-atomization in our already alienated and lonely society. Indeed, it was almost as if this result was the true purpose of the lockdowns as we know that they had no apparent scientific or health basis.

One aspect of the current genocidal madness is a concerted attack on the victim group’s ability to procreate, to have children and to form families. We see this manifested in several ways. One is the crazed and out-of-control LGBT movement with its nullification of normal sexuality and its attendant – and intentional – barrenness. Unbelievably, polling indicates that between 20% and 40% of Generation Z born between 1997 and 2003 self-identify as LGBT along with 10% to 30% of Millennials. This is a true social cancer that continues to metastasize, showing no signs deceleration anytime soon. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it has the entire support of the present culture including many so-called “churches.” Teachers in some schools report that upwards of 60% of their elementary aged students identify as LGBT! Just a few years ago such a characterization would have been an anomaly at most. Children’s entertainment programming is noxiously perverse with even PBS (“Public Brainwashing Service”) promoting drag queens and other degeneracies. Even the courts are now on board with this dangerous lunacy, serving as enforcers of transgenderism. Just as Merrick Garland’s Department of “Injustice” labeled white parents “domestic terrorists” for protesting genocidal anti-white propaganda in their children’s curriculum, there is a concerted effort to apply the same label to anyone who opposes the sexualization – including the genital mutilation – of underage children. Opponents of any state sponsored lunacies, including transgender and LGBT blasphemy have been characterized as members of “organized white supremacist groups.” Of course, this “definition” deliberately ignores those non-white parents who also wish to protect their children! Meanwhile, SWAT teams and snipers(!) have been employed to prevent parents from interfering with Drag Queen story hour events! And, of course, in solidarity with evil, the DHHS (“Department of Disservices to Humans”)  flies the transgender flag at its various locations.

Then, we have the pernicious ideology of woke feminism that affects many young women who have been indoctrinated against the traditional family and the very idea of motherhood. This leftist cause celebre is primarily directed at white women since it is white numbers that must be both limited and reduced. Then we have the contortion over abortion though, statistically, the percentage of Blacks who abort is greater than Whites but still, as Blacks only represent about 13% of the population, a dramatically higher number of white babies have died in this “medical procedure” than those of any other race. Meanwhile, white women advocates are recruited to influence their peers to pull the plug on procreation. Also, there is an increasing imbalance of female over male college students as women are induced to seek careers rather than having traditional families – and white babies. Contraception is yet another dysgenic attack on white America as whites are far likelier to use contraceptives than non-whites who are encouraged to have babies as a means of increasing their incomes in today’s welfare state, their benefits being based on the number of children they produce.

Then there was the COVID pandemonium over an alleged pandemic. One of the most common harms that result from the COVID vaccines are blood clots. It is hard to determine if any racial group is particularly affected by the poisons in these “vaccines” simply because the medical establishment refuses to acknowledge that the problem even exists much less investigating who has been most affected. Even more disturbing is that large numbers of young women who got their “clotshots” are reporting fertility problems including premature birth, miscarriage, damaged children and fetal deaths. A clinical trial showed that every single mother in the trial group injected with Pfizer’s vaccine miscarried! White fertility is in the midst of an unprecedented decline for, as we’re solemnly informed, “reasons not well understood” – a conclusion the medicos usually trot out when they are engaged in cover-ups or are looking in the wrong places for answers they don’t want to find or when they can’t or won’t think outside the box. In a span of over 40 years, sperm counts in Western countries have declined by over 50%. At that rate, most men may no longer be able to reproduce by 2045. While white fertility is debased through a coordinated system of attacks – pornography, climate alarmism creating a sense of despair, overpopulation scares that only whites take to heart, the gender-bender complex, feminism, and the poisoning of the environment through chemicals, dangerous drugs and food additives, etc. – the anti-white state “ups the ante” by pushing for basically unbounded levels of immigration supposedly to combat the infertility it has deliberately caused.

The modus operandi of the globalists is to create problems which they say only they can solve. This strategy has a theme: the Government invents the problem and then it proposes the solution – and the solution is never good. The idea is to make the people fear the problem and so embrace the solution. One of the consequences of this tactic is that the regime’s criminal justice system is engaged in a clear campaign of coddling criminals and decreasing or eliminating penalties for lesser crimes, especially those largely committed by minorities. This “problem” was introduced to Americans under the guise of racism and the ongoing “unfairness” to  minorities – and especially blacks – that has resulted in their high crime rate. The solution is, of course, as we noted above. Alas, however, this “solution” has only raised the crime rate and that itself produces the situation in which there are too many minority committed crimes for the police investigate, especially as police forces have been both restricted and reduced. Why has this occurred even as the crime rate skyrockets? Because the police too are being unjustifiably accused of picking on minorities merely because the criminals involved are mostly black.

Another consequence of this attack on the police is that cops are retiring first because they are not given the proper support and secondly, any response to a black criminal that results in injury or death to that criminal can find the cops involved in the dock. Naturally, the way things presently stand it has become increasingly difficult to obtain quality recruits. And, of course, feral, non-white thugs are emboldened by this permissive pattern knowing that they do not receive proper punishment for their depredations. During the 2020 BLM riots, there were several incursions into wealthier white suburbs, areas previously considered safe retreats from black crime. With diversity drives and social engineering mixing up populations that previously kept to themselves, these demarcations are quickly disappearing.

The final state of genocide is denial; first, the State involved denies it is happening or ever happened. This tactic occurs during the entire process even after it is completed. The news media has a stated policy of long standing of not reporting minority crimes on whites. Actual hate crimes against whites by blacks are downgraded to events containing no racial animus. Indeed, it is often assumed and/or implicitly understood that blacks especially are not capable of hate crimes. Why? Because to be considered capable, one must have power; it’s the same with “racism.” As only whites have power, only whites can be “racist” – or so it goes. Heinous crimes against whites are either under reported or reported only locally if unavoidable. Where ignorance cannot be maintained, then the race of the perpetrator(s) remains blithely unreported unless, of course, the criminal is white.

In the case of the Great Replacement, the perpetrators and even most of the general public have paroxysms of denial when the facts are pointed out to them. In their denial, they label it paranoia or an anti-Semitic white supremacist conspiracy theory, but the simple and ample facts prove otherwise. Meanwhile, New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg wrote a piece entitled, “We can replace them . . .” and Joe Biden applauds the “unrelenting stream of immigration” with which he and his Marxist cronies are drowning America. Last year, census data revealed that the number of white Americans had declined for the first time in history to which stupid leftist luminary Michael Moore responded by calling it, “the best day in US history.” When comedian Jimmy Fallon read that news, his audience erupted in wild applause. Mark Potok, a former SPLC operative, maintains a chart using graph paper on his wall tracking white demographic decline.

At this point, I believe that we have established the reality of white genocide! It is happening and it is rapidly accelerating towards its inevitable conclusion. This process was set in motion long ago and it is difficult to know where to begin to trace its progress or even if that is required. Knowing how a fire started is far less important than knowing how to put it out. Historically, frequent wars among white combatants over many centuries have decimated the cream of white leadership removing many from the breeding pool. As well, such wars that became even more destructive in the last century have gradually taken their toll on the number of whites in the world to the point at which the white population that once stood at about 30% of the world’s population is down to around an alarming 9%. In many of these conflicts, various enemies of the white race played a significant part in stirring the pot  and providing the needed financing  to create major conflicts and even the two world wars. Certainly, the two World Wars of the 20th Century that bracketed the worldwide Great Depression were the result of the advocates of the New World Order including the Jews who were so prominent in finance.  But that is the subject for another time.

The American War for Southern Independence, aka the “Civil War” was the first conflict that decimated the American, and most especially Southern white population. The North engaged in a policy of total warfare upon Southern civilians and their farms, properties and possessions, laying waste to the land and committing wanton acts of barbarism upon the people, leaving the region in the death grip of forced famine and helplessness. A specific target of the Yankee war machine were churches and townhalls where the documents including birth and property records were deliberately destroyed. During so-called Reconstruction, black gangs of freedmen roamed the land and rape became a common feature of life for Southern women while many white men – and especially crippled Confederate veterans – were murdered outright. The elite core of white male Southern society was decimated by the war itself, thus sharply reducing the procreative and creative capabilities of white Southern society. The region thus did not recover economically until the entire nation was mobilized in World War II.

The unconstitutional – and never ratified – Fourteenth Amendment has served as the anti-white regime’s indispensable tool for a dizzying array of assaults upon the Historic American Nation and its founding stock. Two examples are the court cases Shelly vs. Kraemer and Brown vs. Board of Education. The Kraemer case of 1948 was the opening salvo of the war against freedom of association, specifically the assault on white Americans’ right to associate or disassociate with whomever they pleased. This case was codified and expanded in the Civil Rights Act of 1968, known as the Fair Housing Act. Because they lost a right that all people from time immemorial have enjoyed, many whites incur massive costs to try to ensure they are able to live in basically white communities. In response to former President Obama’s declaration against “white enclaves,” the regime is currently using HUD to transform white suburbs into slums by eliminating exclusionary zoning that mandate single-family dwellings within these areas. The plan is to facilitate the building of government housing (Section 8) projects in these areas with the inevitable decay and crime such projects engender.

The latest foray into the destruction of desirable domiciles is the Great Reset agenda’s goal to eliminate private home ownership itself – indeed to destroy the very concept of private property! It has been shown that whites psychologically desire a family home rather than an apartment; that is, a place in which they can fully develop their hobbies, talents, home improvement projects and outdoor activities. The agenda desires to cramp White living spaces and any style of private and expansive living, thus causing emotional distress. The present regime ‘s artificially created hyperinflation is driving the price of even modest homes out of reach, thus forcing some young white couples back to their parents’ basements. This is especially true for first time home buyers. Meanwhile megacorp Black Rock has been quietly acquiring massive numbers of single-family homes including entire neighborhoods, thereby decreasing housing supply and simultaneously increasing home prices. We have already lost the ability to choose our neighbors; now we are losing our ability to choose where – or how – we want to live at all.

The widely and wildly unpopular 1954 Supreme Court decision Brown vs. Board of Education was one of the greatest atrocities inflicted upon our nation. But it must be remembered that the problem was not the decision itself, but the use the government made of it. The original decision involved a Black child who was bused miles away from his (or her) home to attend an all-Black school when a White school was located within walking distance of the child’s home. Brown determined that a child could not be sent miles from his home simply because of his race. He must be permitted to attend the school closest to his residence. Of course, as we know, this is not how the Court’s decision was utilized by the government. Indeed, as the government “interpreted” Brown the entire American public education system and by extension, the entire American educational system itself was destroyed! Brown said nothing about the racial profile of a school at all, but it was presented by the government to mean that schools had to be “mixed,” an outcome that had more children being bused over longer distances than had happened in the attempt to keep the schools segregated! Totalitarian enforcement mechanisms were perforce produced that put the final nail in the coffin of our freedom of association. It created a new racial hierarchy with whites at the bottom and gave the bottom feeders elevated status. A new ideology took root that unrelentingly hammered home the nonsensical and destructive idea that whites were natural and eternal oppressors and that non-whites were their perpetual patsies and victims requiring ongoing government protection and support. Republicans, always following in lockstep behind the Democrats in the race towards promoting and adopting laws and practices that degrade whites, love to preach their admiration for the preacher and Communist trained sex predator, womanizer and plagiarist Michael (Martin Luther) King, Jr. and sing paeans to his supposed “colorblindness,” blinding themselves to the realities of the situation they face. They think that the “woke” phenomenon is some sort of deviation from our great egalitarian trajectory, a mutation or mutilation of King’s dream, but actually, it’s the same old song on steroids steering us down the fork in the road leading to white extinction.

A major step in bringing about the death of white America was the 1965 Hart-Cellar Immigration Act, the legislative instigator of the Great Replacement and the product of a forty year effort by the usual suspects to destroy the 1924 Immigration Act that at the time set in stone immigration policies that had been veering back and forth over the years regarding whether our nation would remain predominantly white northern European as was originally intended. With the 1965 Immigration Act, we were brutally thrust open to the Third World while limiting immigration from those countries that had created the nation we knew, displacing the original founding stock with Third World people totally foreign to our way of life. As of the 2020 census, whites are now only 60% of the population and that rate is falling fast. Whites make up from 8% to 10% of the world’s population, depending on the criteria used to define the race. Whites are already in the minority in Hawaii, DC, California, New Mexico, Texas and Nevada. Other states including Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, New York, New Jersey, and Mississippi are approaching the precipice. By 2013, the majority of newborns nationwide were non-white despite the large percentage of minority abortions. In 2014, the majority of public school students were non-white. In the post-World War II crusade against the ill-defined “fascism” that was used as ploy by bad actors against especially the Germans, the West has constructed a cultural communist, globalist, anti-nationalist, anti-populist, anti-white edifice to fundamentally transform society away from Christianity and true patriotism towards a deracinated, “atheistic theocracy” premised on  unworkable egalitarianism and utopian schemes. In so doing, the State has consciously turned on the nation as the latter is historically understood. With the reality of white genocide bearing down upon us, we are forced to ask, as did the author of a book about the fate of our race, “Which Way, White Man?”

Today, the sickness has progressed to the point at which you are not hated merely because you are a Trump supporter, a conservative, a Christian or a patriot, but mainly because you are white. And so, the only effective response to this race-based warfare is through “white identity politics.” The American Right cannot reverse our plight unless it places white identity “front and center” and abandons the fear of being characterized as “racist.” For the simple fact is, all whites are considered “racists” no matter how much they kowtow to blacks! This nation was founded on its documents and sentiments that are fundamentally and basically white! It is – or rather was – a Christian nation founded by whites from Europe seeking refuge from wars and religious persecutions. A direct byproduct of that founding is the white culture and English language that goes with it and from which it cannot be separated and survive. This reality was so well understood by the founders that they thought it didn’t need to be reiterated in the Founding documents.

Therefore, we must proceed from the premise that whites have legitimate interests as a separate and unique group as do all other groups under the law. All the minority groups unwilling to assimilate but rather who choose to retain their national identities, interests and special cultures, even though they – and their political handlers – may call themselves Americans are not Americans and should not be permitted to influence the future of America! If we refuse to assert our white American identity, we will just disappear as a group and eventually as individuals. Furthermore, we must understand and accept that our unique interests will often place whites in direct opposition to the interests of other groups. This is the nature of class warfare whether the class be ideological, economic or racial. And in consequence of this “right,” whites have the moral duty to preserve and even increase the majority white population portion of the overall population. This means that the governmental jurisdictions such as towns, counties, regions and states must represent white interests even when whites are a minority as in many large cities. This is especially true when the consequence of “black run” areas of the country are a total disaster economically, culturally and morally for such “leadership” doesn’t even serve the needs of the minorities who run it. Whites must adopt the analytical framework that every other racial group has as second nature. When we approach a policy, a situation, an event, or an individual, our first question must be: Does this situation advance white interests? Because in point of fact, “white interests” frequently also advance the interests of non-whites even if they do not understand that. Ask the black residents of Detroit or Chicago or New Orleans if they lived better when those cities were white run! If the answer to the above situation is “no”, whites must then fight the situation “tooth and nail.” Our mission as whites is not racial hatred, but first the survival of our race and love and compassion for our own kind – yes, and even for those not of our kind. Whites alone have succored the downtrodden and suffering in the Third World though those actions seldom resulted in the thanks of those we helped.

Donald Trump’s popularity with most Americans is mainly based on his focus on issues of American – and hence white – interests such as immigration management including at this point, a reversal of the invasion permitted in the Biden years. Although  this may not be explicitly stated, anything that Trump plans needs to have enough power to overcome the onslaught we are presently facing. The media has a vested interest in presenting white identity as the threat to our future. This has been presented in such a way as the manipulated official polling indicates that only 10% of those polled express a favorable view of what has been called “White Nationalism” or, more accurately, white supremacism. But as we have seen with official polls, these should be taken with a ton of salt. The result of polls are clearly determined by the way the question is asked as well as the people being asked. If presented properly and forcefully by enthusiastic leaders, the necessity for an immigration moratorium or ending anti-white discrimination will result in standing ovations from our oppressed populace not all of whom would be white!

The anti-white state is attempting to boil the frog too fast and in its genocidal zeal, has dropped its mask! Blinded by hatred and assured of the support of all non-whites, including Asians, and even many weak-minded liberal whites as well as many Jews, it can no longer hide the ravenous bloodlust it holds for white Americans, as concretely expressed through the critical race theory imposition which has become a dinner-table talk topic no longer tabled in the homes of intelligent white Americans. A large number of Republican voters demand ending it as one of their highest priorities. Legions of enraged white parents are storming school board hearings and staging protests, advocating for themselves and their children – not as “one race, the human race” but proudly as whites. These are the first swells of a sea change that will rock and overturn the weapons attacking us in our cultural lifeboats in the hopes of drowning us.

One of the biggest challenges whites face, is a generalized sense of apathy and malaise, particularly on the part of part of ordinary working class whites who for decades the anti-white system has methodically  disfranchised, demonized and spiritually hollowed out. The major sources of employment for these people was embodied in the industrial base sent by our leaders to China, and so unable to find a sufficient means of living, they often turned to mind numbing drugs and alcohol rather than go out of their minds in despair. This course aggravated their health issues and precipitated their increasing turn to suicides as well as lowering marriage and procreation rates. The Republican political establishment takes these white ciphers for granted and does nothing for them but promise better days ahead if elected. However, they do pander to non-whites, something that is pretty much a lost cause because the experienced Democrats will beat them at that game. If there’s one thing the Dems know how to do it is to steal money from the productive in order to buy the votes of the unproductive.

There are those who believe that the GOP never seems to learn its lessons and fails to take advantage of opportunities presented to them, sometimes on a silver platter, but the fact is, as Pat Buchanan once said, the Democrats and Republicans are two wings on the same bird of prey. With the exception of men like Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump, most Republican “leaders” are very happy to help the Democrats bring about whatever their agenda may be. As well, there simply is not enough time to find and elect the thousands of true patriots needed to take over the GOP in all its venues, especially from the bottom up. Separation of some sort seems like a sanguine solution but when all the cards are in the other fellow’s hands, there is little hope for a major sustained victory – ask Donald Trump! Meanwhile, those few politicians willing to take the intense heat running for major political offices on an explicit white advocacy platform might bring the needed attention to our plight and the major issues involved, and possibly hasten the resolve and perhaps even the process leading to separation. Now, this is a very difficult concept though even blue states have called for a separation from their red state neighbors. But any plan showing the distribution of States red and blue make clear that such a separation is untenable. And remember, this was tried by the States of the South, in 1860 and it was not allowed for the same reasons our “government” would not allow it today – money and power!

The scenario in which overwhelmingly red states secede from the rest of the “blue” union independently (as Texas has threatened to do) and forming a latter day confederacy which would reconstruct itself as a sovereign nation is unlikely to succeed as the Potomac regime will go to any lengths to prevent it including calling in UN forces and making the final move toward a global government. It is also questionable whether the political will of most Americans would be strong enough to carry it out. More feasible solutions are nullification and a sort of de facto secession, a situation that is, at this moment, rather in place. It is most unusual for a state to ship its illegals to other states as Florida did with some of its “immigrants” when they were sent to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts! This, of course, didn’t work for the wealthy liberals simply had the military remove these unwelcome guests though the lawns of most of the homes there had signs welcoming these invaders albeit to very different areas of the country well away from those same elites!

For any type of residential segregation to work, a process needs to begin whereby white Americans make it their business to move to select areas of the country with conservative and right-wing populist leanings. These would include Greater Appalachia, the lower Midwest, the Great Plains and many parts of the West. Attention should be paid to select counties with the “right stuff” though even that will not prevent the wrong way of life if the more populated areas of the chosen state are blue. As such successful strategic relocation occurs, our people must make it their business to seek offices that will assure that the move was not useless. For instance, such offices as sheriff, mayor, county prosecutor, and school board member(s) in smaller communities are essential. If the residents are the sort of folks that the new residents believe, their participation in local government will be gladly accepted. Here and there, there will be a vacancy where there is no Republican or other conservative running for a post and to do so will give the newcomer an edge in not having to compete with the usual run-of-the-mill politician for whom the ordinary citizen would usually vote. Instead, these often abandoned voters  would be able to turn to you because you have an accepted party label. All these offices can be power positions in which new residents would be able to exert great influence and as a result,  the concept of a parallel society could be implemented.

Schooling is an essential example of the need to get out of “the system!” Given the danger of our nation’s “schools,” homeschooling has become for most decent people the only option available to both protect and educate their children. Families that homeschool should get together in a community and either create their own community schools or provide support for homeschooling parents. These “community schools” must join to form power blocks, creating governing influences in their areas. In such a way, decent Americans can conquer existing political structures over time. The simple fact is that there has never been a successful revolution without a parallel system in place prepared to take over when the opportunity presents itself. Our own national revolution is an example of that. There was no great change when the colonies became independent. State governments and interstate cooperation continued as it had done for generations before the revolution. Similarly, parallel legal entities must be prepared to step in while, at the same time, we will need to create co-ops and economic groupings in which members work together to satisfy their economic and practical needs to the extent feasible. Business enterprises thus formed will take in doxxed dissidents and those discriminated against by the system for their expressed political leanings. Barter/social credit systems and scrip developed especially for this group will be employed for in-group transactions.

There are many ways to fight and possibly win without directly confronting the system. Good people must find a Christian church that’s not yet of the devil – they do exist! – and become active in it in order to form a coalition of church members in the society to help create the required groups for an established Christian society. It is easier to make important connections with church members than with associates from parochial settings. In these dangerous days in which the Deep State is able to see and know everything, it is wise avoid cocktail chatter over the insanities of the present system including national debt, balanced budgets and etc. because these are beyond anything the average person can influence. Furthermore, they encourage the interest of Big Brother! Rather, we should discuss the issues that individuals and small groups can influence and especially issues pertaining to the war on whites and how we can survive it.

The average person is both uninformed and misinformed but above all, most people are afraid. The government knows that and uses our fear as a weapon against us. If anyone wishes to see the present fear “blueprint,” read what knowledgeable people have written about the so-called “COVID” pandemic and how the whole world virtually in days was able to cooperate enough to destroy our individual freedoms in the every part of the globe! Many of us have become so gun-shy that what we most fear is being considered different or “making waves.”  Unfortunately, cowardice is a great burden to any struggle against a demonic agenda and many, to escape discomfort, gradually turn from frightened obedience to apathy and sloth so that the moral coward will not even lift a finger to help even when he could do so without anyone being the wiser. We see this in the very fact that there were no large groups of white people chanting “white lives matter” outside the courthouse when the McMichaels were legally lynched in an unprecedented and grievous miscarriage of justice. There would have been danger in such a response as we have seen in many instances, the January 6th “insurrection” being a prime example of the war on decent, law abiding whites making our grievances known.

Of course, such a demonstration could have been kept under wraps without stirring up the usual suspects but again, as we all know, there is no guarantee of being allowed our constitutional right to freedom of assembly or the freedoms of speech and dissent. It seems the illegality of being white “trumps” the United States Constitution. Nevertheless, rather than run the risk of the tyrannous lash of the Deep State, many of the people with our sympathies rather than voicing their outrage against the destruction of our rights and liberties, were home watching that basically anti-white humiliation ritual known as “professional sports.” It seems that far too many conservatives are so lazy and/or apathetic that they will not boycott even a sporting event or refuse to purchase a product from an offending manufacturer though such actions are both infinitely easy and uniformly safe in that they are without such consequences as dozens of heavily armed flak-jacketed FBI goons breaking down one’s door at 2 A.M.

Finally, there should be ongoing and widespread protests all over the country by all decent people and not just whites over the J6 kangaroo court proceedings as the entire illicit false flag operation has been pretty much exposed for what it was as and the media has been called out for their collusion in the matter. There needs to be a deep sense of consciousness of our plight and the engendering of a spirit of solidarity and sacrifice evidenced by all whites getting involved in organizing and participating in useful activities as opposed to spending time in the “bread and circuses” provided by the Deep State. Hollywood and sports have done more damage to us and our country than Hitler ever did! At present, we have the most heavily armed civilian population in history but most sit idly by while our constitutional rights are trashed and our slavery and/or death arranged. Preppers and Libertarians invoke and practice useless “individualism” while caches of custom AR-15’s and ammo gather dust. The Deep State loves “individuals.” Individuals have never won any battle! Rather, they are overwhelmed by groups and especially armed groups!

Our present “individuals” will have to get with it and (surreptitiously) form community militias if they do not want to have such weaponry as they possess taken from them, a campaign that has been waged virtually for decades! Of course, once that happens – and it has happened elsewhere in the West as in Australia! – it is very easy to take their rights and their lives away. But today, they waste their time “defending” stupid and useless “rights,” many of which are favorites of our oppressors such as the right to an abortion and to produce and view pornography as well as the right to declare one’s own pronouns as one chooses one’s own gender! Free speech has never been about pornography or obscenity but about making one’s God-given beliefs known in the public square and having the right to refuse what this evil culture demand that you accept! Remember, in Law, silence means assent!

And, finally, for those who do “show up,” some may praise them as patriots but when the audience feels threatened, they will immediately be condemned as “Nazis” or “fascists” for their attempt to enlighten people with the truth of our current condition. These warriors will live in fear as much as anyone else but they will consider their duty to others more important than their own well-being. These are heroes that during the early Christian Church were called witnesses – that is, martyrs. But do not be fooled! The future belongs to those who show up! Those with important talents should use them for the cause and not fritter away their talents and lives over meaningless trifles. The war on whites is indirectly a war on humanity itself – it is even a war on God! Our enemies aren’t just trying to rebuild the Tower of Babel but are trying to undue God’s creation – Mankind – and especially as that creation appears in certain races and nations. When all seems lost, remember that it was white men that built Western Civilization. If we stand together and with our God, we can – and will – rebuild it.

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