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The SS Empire Windrush, a ship that will live in infamy in the minds of European nationalists, arrived in London from Jamaica in June 1948. When it disgorged 417 black immigrants, it marked the start of the large-scale, organized, non-white immigration into Northwestern Europe. Thus, it can be viewed as the reverse of the arrival of the Mayflower on North American shores, in that instead of the English starting the displacing, it was the start of the English being displaced.

The story of the vessel is yet another manifestation of the gradual destruction of the white race and its cultures.

In one of history’s unintended iron­ies, the vessel that would mark the end of racial homogeneity in Britain commenced life as a National Socialist cruise liner. The ship was commissioned in 1930 as the MV Monte Rosa.  Until World War II, she was employed in the “Strength Through Joy” National Socialist program to give more than 25 million Germans an opportunity to enjoy free cruises and leisure pursuits during their vacations. The program was seen as a means to break down class barriers and enhance the German sense of community, as there was no privileged status such as first-class accommodations or perks given to certain passengers and not others.

The ship was converted to military purposes in 1939. She was one of several vessels later turned into a hospital and evacuation ship employed to help rescue many thousands of Germans trapped in Latvia, East Prussia and Danzig by the rapid westward advance of the Red Army toward the end of the war. Many of these vessels never made it to a safe destination, and untold thousands were killed by Russian torpedoes. This was the case of the Wilhelm Gustloff, on which an estimated 10,000 perished, the greatest tragedy in maritime history. However, the Monte Rosa made it through safely.

In May 1945, the Monte Rosa’s German career ended when she was captured by British forces. She was renamed the SS Empire Windrush and handed over to a Jewish-owned New Zealand shipping company. She was one of several former German vessels passed on to Commonwealth shipping companies, primarily Jewish owned, by the Jewish secretary of state for war, Emanuel Shinwell. Shinwell had a side career of passing British secrets to the murderous Israeli revolutionary military force called the Irgun in 1947.

With the crumbling of the British empire, the Empire Windrush was employed to ferry British troops from their Commonwealth outposts back to their homelands. During May 1948, the ship’s operators were given the authority to increase profits by filling her to capacity with black Jamaican settlers on the return trip to Britain before the commencement of the next assignment to ferry British troops around. This momentous decision was taken arbitrarily without thought as to consequences and caused great shock to British politicians when it came to light. The British minister of transport authorizing the importation of large numbers of blacks was Harry Louis Nathan, formerly a member of the Jewish law firm of Oppenheimer, Nathan and Vandyk.

Government contracts and the Jewish control of maritime activity played an instrumental role in the burgeoning commercial passenger industry that would bring waves of blacks, Pakistanis and Indians to Britain over the next two decades.

It cannot be ascertained whether the motivation for this transportation of people was initially purely profit-driven or was also part of a concerted campaign to inundate Britain with non-whites. It would appear to be a combination of the two, with a progressive tilt over time toward the latter.

Several politicians and senior civil servants expressed misgivings over the landing of the Empire Windrush with her unwanted “newcomers,” the elites’ politically correct term of choice. There was still a housing shortage since large parts of London were heavily bombed during World War II; strict food rationing remained in place after the war (in fact, rationing in Britain was worse after than during the war); the feeling of a need for control over every citizen, necessary in wartime, had not yet fully dissolved; and in spite of the myth of a labor shortage later propagated to justify the coming of the invaders, no industry was seriously undermanned.

Into this tense atmosphere of apprehension, discomfort and shortages came the strange strangers. The newcomers had been told before leaving on their voyage that they would be fed and housed upon arrival. The locals’ unease was at first disregarded, and then shunted aside as an act of Parliament provided for a hearty welcome for the intruders. Many more ships carrying dusky Caribbean settlers arrived after that first docking.

After the initial false narrative that the British government brought in the Third-Worlders to help overcome a labor shortage, the government, tongue in cheek, expounded the fantasy that Commonwealth subjects should be “freely admissible” to the United Kingdom to hold the crumbling empire together. The British solicitor general, Frank Soskice, yet another Jew, proclaimed that the British government had no legal power in peacetime to prevent the landings in London of the Empire Windrush. Thus began the new initiative of “Destruction Through Diversity” whereby numerous other troopships disgorged dusky immigrants into Britain.

Winston Churchill remarked during the next administration: “Problems will arise if many colored people settle here. Are we to saddle ourselves with color problems in the UK? Public opinion won’t tolerate it once it gets beyond certain limits.”

Of course, by then it was too late. Black immigration increased dramatically from 2,000 in 1948 to 42,000 in 1957. A government report of December 1953 stated that the new population could not secure employment, not because of discrimination, but because the newcomers had “low output” and their working life was marred by “irresponsibility, quarrelsomeness, and lack of discipline.” Black men were said to be “volatile in temperament … and lacking in stamina,” and black women were “slow mentally.”  Worse yet, “future social and criminal patterns were being established.”

The famed Notting Hill Race Riots of 1958 were the culmination of white reaction against black crime and miscegenation—300 to 400 whites violently demonstrated against black criminality resulting in six days and nights of uninterrupted interracial warfare. This event represented a clear opportunity for Britain to turn back the tide, but the proliferation of Jewish lawyers stymied all efforts at effective white resistance.

Within 50 years of the first docking of the Empire Windrush, the racial composition of England had changed entirely. Following the black Carib­beans, the Punjabi Sikhs and Hindu Gujaratis came from the Indian subcontinent. Next came the Muslims from Pakistan and Bangladesh. Many big towns now have areas in which white people have become rare; talking about immigrants in those places as “minorities” sounds perverse. More than one-third of inner London’s children do not have English as their first language. Settlers now include Afghans, Africans, Arabs and others all the way through the alphabet  and the Zulus.

After catching fire during a voyage, the SS Empire Windrush sank to a watery grave on March 30, 1954, but her legacy was to cast a pall over the nation. The leftists are doing their best to keep the memory of the Empire Windrush alive. A public square in Brixton, London was named “Windrush Square” to commemorate the 50th anniversary of her landing in London with the first set of black invaders. It was featured during the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games. The salvaged wheel of the vessel sits relic-like for veneration at the offices of the Open University in Camden Town, London.

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On June 22, 1948, the United Kingdom was changed forever by the arrival at Tilbury of the Empire Windrush, with its cargo of blacks from the Caribbean immigrating to the white lands of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. The ship sailed on May 27, 1948 from Jamaica, stopping briefly at Trinidad, before heading toward England. The image of the Carib­beans filing off her gangplank has become a symbol to many of the destruction of the white race.

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