Since 2016 we have seen the American political arena, at least on the Democrat side, take a dive into the gutter.  It started on election day but kicked into high gear the day after.  Protests all over the country because Hillary lost.  Cars were burned, stores were burned just like the what the conservatives did when Obama won, oh wait.  That never happened.  Real grownups can handle setbacks, but the millennials today never learned how to lose.  Remember when they stopped giving trophies for first place back in the early eighties?  Many predicted that there would come a day when they would riot when they didn’t get their way.  I know, I was one of them that made that prediction.  Common sense tells you that this will happen.  The problem is, Democrats don’t have any common sense.

Those poor students at Berkley were almost forced to hear a conservative speak on their campus.  If they hadn’t burned cars and destroyed a bunch of school property, they may have had to listen to a different point of view.  Another thing they could have done was simply not gone to hear the speaker.  I find that helpful when I don’t want to listen to a politician that leans in a direction that is wrong for the country, I simply don’t listen to him/her.  I don’t destroy my TV because they are on it, I change the channel.  I believe that the differences of opinions are what makes America great.  I also believe that many of the opinions out there now days are about as dumb and anti-American as they get.  I would rather they NOT be aired but without them being talked about there would be no comparison of the ideas.  The set back here is the liberals won’t even allow the other point of view be heard.  How can different views be evaluated if only one is allowed to the brought forth?

Democrats are like muslims, muslims won’t allow another religion to be brought up or talked about in their nation giving a person no choice but their way.  Democrats are so arrogant that they believe that their point of view, their ideas are the only ones that are worth while and the only ones that work so they are the only ones that should be allowed.  They seem to ignore some if not all the facts concerning their ideas.  The top ten ghetto’s in America are all Democrat governed and have been for decades.  Detroit is number 1.[1]  It used to be the city with the highest per capata income in the country while under Republican rule, but in the early sixties the Democrats took over and it has been under their rule since.  When you look at the rest of the top ten, Camden, NJ, New Orleans, LA, Atlanta, GA, Chicago, Ill, Brooklyn, NY, Baltimore, MD, Miami, FL and others, the crime rate is well over the national average, gangs are everywhere, and drugs saturate the streets.  This is where Democrats are taking us.

I had a black friend way back in the late 1970’s who lived just outside of Miami and I talked about visiting there and he told me then, don’t visit Miami.  There are to many blacks there, but he used the ‘n’ word.  We are ignoring the results of the political ideals of the liberals.  As history has proven, they do not benefit society as a whole.  They benefit only the elite.  Look at what the Democrats have done concerning our National Security at the border.  They’ve voted against the wall, except under Obama when they voted for the wall, they voted for sanctuary cities, endangering American lives, they voted against Kates Law, they voted for catch and release, they voted against increased vetting on refugees, voted against deporting violent illegal gang members and voted against funding for any border security.  I remember when Harry Reed was Senate majority leader, they voted to fund building the wall but then turned around and voted against building the wall.  This was done just before Congress broke for campaigning and they did it to say they voted to build the wall, all for votes.

When Ronald Reagan was president, he signed the amnesty bill which gave three million illegals amnesty, but the bill had provisions for border security.  Chuck Schumer saw to it that the border security was never initiated.  He is still against it today because if they build the wall, it will succeed in stopping illegal immigration and that is what he and the Democrats DON’T want.  An open border gives Democrats a constant supply of voters.

There is a direction that the Democrats are going that is very detrimental to America.  There is no respect from the Democrats for the opposing party. None!  A few weeks ago, Snoop Dog call Joy Bahar a b****.  She is very opinionated and usually wrong, but that is her right.  When Snoop Dog did that the left went ballistic!  Granted he could have kept that opinion to himself, but as fate would have it, truth was exposed.  Now, turn the table and we have a newly elected muslim female shouting and dancing that the “We are going to impeach the mother*****r”, and the media is silent.  To say there is not a double standard in the Democrat Party would be a outright lie.  Yet the left is perfectly OK with that.  Again, it is their opinion that is worth airing but the opposing view is to be silenced.

America was not made great by silencing the opposition.  Our education system used to bring all points of view out and discuss how each one benefits society as a whole and then let the students make their choice.  In today’s school those opinions are silenced, no matter how good they are or how proven they are.  Our kids are taught that ALL of the world problems are the cause of America’s capitalism.  This has been taught so long now that the Democrats have a better view of socialism that capitalism.[2] The only reason for that is capitalism is shown in a bad light where socialism is shown as a redeeming factor for all mankind.  The problem is all the facts point to socialism as being the downfall of all failed societies.  Greece failed miserably because of socialism but the people of Greece refuse to go a different direction.  The USSR failed because socialism cannot sustain a society.  Venezuela is failing to the point where they are eating their pets, raiding zoos to find food.

What will wake up these fools that think socialism actually works?  Study history maybe instead of listening to that idiot professor?  Facts don’t lie.  It would do us good to review them.

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