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With the election just thirty days away we have to seriously consider the possibility of voter fraud to remove Trump from office.  I don’t that this will happen, but one can never underestimate just how underhanded Democrats can get.  Virtually all Democrats say that voter fraud is non-existent but the evidence is overwhelmingly proving that it is rampant.  During the 2018 mid-term election democrat activists were caught teaching illegals how to vote twice because no ID is required.  See why Democrats fight voter ID.  Democrat activists have been caught red-handed issuing Spanish-language instructions to illegal aliens regarding how to vote not once, but twice, in the midterm elections, while assuring them they will get away with voting Democrat twice because “no ID is required.” 

The illegal text messages targeting Spanish-speaking illegal aliens across many states are also spreading fear-based propaganda about President Trump, with many of the messages referring to the president of the United States as the “anti-Christ” who “wants to murder Mexicans.”

Wayne Allyn Root reports: For two years now since President Trump’s election, I’ve chronicled the violence, threats of violence, and just plain hysteria and unhinged nature of Democrats with “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

But the mainstream media continues to flood the airwaves with the narrative that President Trump and Republicans are “divisive” and “racist” and use “hate speech.”

Well, I now have proof of who the divisive party is. Somehow I wound up on the text message list for a group claiming to be the Nevada Democratic Party and multiple liberal organizations looking to “get out the vote.”[1] You can see why the Democrats have fought to keep the wall from being built.  It is the biggest source of new Democrats voters.  Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams is all upset because illegals were stopped from voting for her.  She wanted them because there was a need to ‘balance the white vote’ and illegals should be able to vote for someone to represent them.  A video shared by the Republican National Committee captured Abrams expressing concern about a white voting base while lamenting that illegal immigrants “are now no longer able to elect anyone who represents them.”

In the clip, Abrams is talking about redistricting and said that if non-citizens are not counted as part of the population, you’re left with “a whiter, more Republican voting base.”

“You can eliminate anyone who is not a citizen, meaning someone who’s a resident [alien], a green card holder or undocumented,” she said. “What you’re left with then, in the United States today, is that 50% of the population under the age of 18, er sorry, under the age of 15 is communities of color.”

As for stereotyping, the Democrat equates white people to being Republican.

A 2014 video of her talking about redistricting was uncovered by researcher Patrick Howley of National File.

In the clip, Abrams is speaking at a Power PAC + National Conference, titled “Race Will Win the Race: The Progressive Path to Victory,” emphasizing the critical need to eliminate the “dangerous” possibility of being governed by a “white conservative coalition.”[2]

It is obvious that the Democrats are more concerned about illegals than real American citizens.  They cannot control the citizen.  They can control the illegal.  Democrats will fight voter ID because they use dead people to vote.  An election watchdog group found there may be as many as 350,000 dead people still registered to vote in U.S. elections.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) out of Indiana conducted a nationwide survey and found the alarming results and discovered that New York, Texas, Michigan, Florida, and California accounted for 51 percent of the dead registrants. They also found that 40,000 likely duplicate voters may have voted twice.

But don’t worry. Election fraud is a myth, remember?

“Our voter rolls have not, and will not be ready for a mail-focused election this November,” said Logan Churchwell, communications director for PILF. “State court decisions in swing states allowing for relaxed deadlines, signature verification, and harvesting now sit on a foundation of bad voter data.”

“In Pennsylvania, your miss-delivered ballot to the hands of a bad actor will now have extra time to get turned in and not face the traditional standards for signature verification,” Churchwell said. “The only way to absolutely avoid this nightmare is to vote in person.”

PILF further found that nearly 15,000 registrants were credited with voting after death in the 2016 and 2018 elections.

Many state registrars have been forbidden to cull their voter rolls by the courts because hysterical Democrats claim some voters might be disenfranchised. So, rather than make a few mistakes in taking people off the rolls who belong there, states must maintain voter rolls containing thousands of dead people or people who have moved.

Liberal groups have been pouring money into these court challenges.[3]

Democrats have been hoping to use the COVID-19 plannedemic to force the 2020 election to use all mail-in ballots because they can have millions of illegals and dead people vote without verification and win the election.  Most states that have mail-in are rife with voter fraud.  They have tried to make Colorado the ‘gold standard’ for mail-in voting be we have had an abject failure that they refuse to talk about.  In 2018 Colorado had ten counties with over 100% voter turnout.  One county that has a heavy illegal population had 140%.  When challenged in court all votes were allowed to be counted.   Using publicly available voter data and comparing it to U.S. Census records reveals the ten counties having a total registration ranging between 104 to 140 percent of the respective populations.

Counties such as Gilpin and Hinsdale have 110 percent of their populations registered to vote. Gilpin County has a total population of 5,441 with 17.4% of the population below the voting age, making the highest possible number of registered voters 4,494. Currently, Gilpin County has 4909 registered voters. Hinsdale County has a total population of 830 with 20% of the population below the voting age, making the highest possible number of registered voters 664. At 110 percent registration, that means that there are 515 excess voter registrations in Gilpin county and 68 excess registrations for Hinsdale.

While these voters come and go, they manage to turn out to vote. Records show Gilpin County had 61 percent voter turnout in the 2010 election and Hinsdale County had an astounding 92 percent voter turnout. This is far above the Colorado average turnout of 48 percent, and the national average of 41 percent.

All ten counties investigated by Media Trackers reported voter turnout greater than the national average. Nine out of ten also showed voter turnout well above the Colorado average. Mineral and San Juan counties, which have voter registration numbers of 126 percent and 112 percent respectively, had voter turnout of 96 and 83 percent respectively.[4]

This is just scratching the surface of the kind of fraud we will see this year.  The Democrats are desperate to retake power in DC.  They are being exposed and if Trump gets another four years, they very well could see all their corruption become exposed.  I only have one thing to say to that, four more years, four more years, four more years.

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