by Roger Anghis

Looking at our energy today we saw the disaster in Texas with the windmills and the solar that supports about 18% of their total power.  If it snows hard neither are reliable.  Liberals are pushing for alternative sources for energy which I don’t think is bad but until we have an alternative source that is reliable 100% of the time as fossil fuels are, we shouldn’t even consider replacing fossil fuels.  In the United States, 80% of our power comes from fossil fuels and only about 3.4% comes from wind and solar combined even though there have been decades of government subsidies to encourage their use.[1] Texas proved that neither are reliable during the winter months.  Keep in mind that these green new deal proponents actually believe that if the government is allowed to control the energy which also means they will have to control transportation, manufacturing, and agriculture that wind and solar will miraculously be able to supply 100% of our power.  They also believe that taxing companies that produce a lot of CO2 will reduce the amount of CO2 being introduced into the atmosphere.  Yes, they are that stupid.

We’ve been hearing for decades that rising water levels will literally bury nations if not stopped.  In 1989 the UN produced a report stating that very thing would happen by 2000 if global warming wasn’t stopped.[2]  Well, 2000 came and went and no nation was wiped off the face of the Earth because of rising sea levels or any other reason.  Man’s use of CO2 has added some CO2 to the atmosphere and from the mid-1900s to today we’ve gone from .03% to .04% in the atmosphere but we have to understand that man isn’t the only one putting CO2 into the atmosphere.  The Earth itself produces CO2 primarily from active volcanoes.  One volcano can produce as much CO2 as 250 million to 300 million automobiles but this information has been scrubbed from the internet because it destroys their man-made global warming narrative.  There are over 1500 active volcanoes above ground and 30,000 on the continental ridge in the Atlantic ocean.  One that has been dormant for over 4000 years just became active last week.  Man’s input to the CO2 ‘nightmare’, .0036%.  This means that we have literally no significant effect on ‘climate change’ at all.  If we stopped emitting CO2 there would be no change in climate change whatsoever.  Facts our liberal friends ignore and refuse to tell you.

Other CO2 facts they don’t tell us is that in that same period of time we have experienced global greening.  That is because CO2 is plant food.  When plants are exposed to higher contents of CO2 their root system increases and fruit output increases.  Elevated CO2 enhances plant growth. Carbon dioxide is the substrate for photosynthesis and, when elevated, both carbon assimilation and water use efficiency generally increases. Stimulation of root system development associated with increased growth implies more rooting, which, in turn, implies the possibility of increased water and nutrient capture. Microbes mediate carbon and nutrient flows within the soil, and CO2-induced changes in the structure and function of plant root systems may lead to changes in the microbiology of both rhizosphere and soil. Enhanced plant growth further suggests greater delivery of carbon to soil, and thus, potentially greater soil carbon storage. Soil is a vital reservoir in the global carbon cycle. Sequestration of soil carbon is closely linked to nutrient cycling. Root growth, rhizosphere microbiology, nutrient cycling and availability, and carbon storage in soils are integrally linked and have important implications for plant health.[3] Many have suggested that greenhouses that grow food would be wise to add a CO2 machine because the higher levels of CO2 could give you 30%-50% higher yields.  Plants can actually use much more than the naturally occurring carbon dioxide – as much as up to 1000-1200ppm – and using additional carbon dioxide to enrich your grow room’s air can have a brilliant effect on plant growth. Your plants will grow stronger and faster, and you can expect a 30-50% rise in yields as long as all your other growing conditions are at the optimal level.

However it should be noted that using too much can also be harmful – don’t go overboard! Too much and the ability to transpire is reduced, affecting photosynthesis and the amount of nutrients that the plant can access. You can check CO2 levels in a few different ways, one of them being with the Evolution Digital Carbon Dioxide Controller. This controller will tell you just how much is present in the air and will help you to control the amounts easily.[4]

Looking back through history science can prove that at one point in time we had ten times the CO2 levels of today and the average temperature was 25 degrees higher than we have now.  More facts the climate change fear mongers conveniently forget to tell you.  Then there’s the report from the International Disaster Data Base states that climate-related deaths from floods, storms, extreme heat, and drought have been plummeting as CO2 levels have been rising.  It was the fossil fuels that empowered us to properly heat and cool our buildings, build stronger buildings, develop mass irrigation and weather warning systems.  We should continue to look for lower-carbon energy but it should provide more energy than fossil fuels not less as wind and solar do.[5]

We do have an energy source that is carbon-free and provides much more energy than fossil fuels and that is nuclear power.  It has been given a bad reputation because of some man-made accidents but is by far the most efficient energy source we have at this time; Sweden gets 40% of its power from nuclear and France gets 70%.  No other source can provide the dependable energy we must have to keep America running as fossil fuels and nuclear power.  Both are in the sites of the organizers of the New Green Deal because neither of them will give these groups the money and power they are demanding to control every person on the planet which is their goal.  And they don’t care what it costs you for them to attain that power.

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