By Roger Anghis

The lies behind this climate change garbage are only a means to an end and the end is control.  The powers to be want to control everything every person on this planet does.  The architect of the New Green Deal, Saikat Chakrabarti, commented on the real reason for the New Green Deal: “. . .It wasn’t originally a climate thing at all, we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing.”[1] Why would they need to change the economy if it wasn’t to benefit only the elite and powerful with the average Joe bearing the brunt of the expense?  America is the only nation on earth that has the ability to create a booming economy through our free-market system that benefits the lower class, middle class, upper class, and the major corporations but that’s their problem.  If the lower- and middle-class benefit, they don’t make as much and you are harder to control.  Everything comes into focus when just a few pieces of the puzzle come together.

The only way they can achieve this is to create some fake scary scenarios like “We’ve only got twelve years to save the planet.”  Think about that.  It took us 6000 years to ‘mess it up but we can change it all and save the planet in just twelve years if we just let the government control all the energy and energy consumption.  Government can’t balance a budget what makes them think they can save the planet?  It’s all fake news and we have to address it as such and resist their attempts to restrict our freedoms.

We keep hearing about how all we need to do is build more solar panels and wind farms and we can save the world.  Well, when you look at the logistics of this you find that that dream of not being dependent on fossil fuels is nothing but an unobtainable pipe dream.  Let’s look at some hard facts.  All energies have limits to their abilities.  The maximum percentage that the sun’s photons can be converted to electricity is about 33%.  Present solar technology is at 26%.  There isn’t a lot of growth available there.  With the wind, the maximum capture to produce electricity is 60% and our present wind technology is at 45%.  Again, there isn’t a whole lot of growth available there either.  One other factor is solar only works when the sun shines and wind farms produce only when the wind blows. In our northern states, these technologies would be seasonal at best. They could never be depended on year-round.

When these points are brought up the proponents of green energy come back with that’s what batteries are for.  Okay.  Let’s look at that for a minute.  It would take the largest battery manufacturing facility in the United States, Tesla’s factory in Nevada 500 years to make enough batteries to store one days’ worth of electricity America needs.[2]  Again, we see liberals come up with what sounds like good ideas but when you put it to paper and crunch the numbers with real facts, these ideas are pipe dreams at best.  If wind and solar are so much better then why, after 20 years and billions of dollars in subsidies, does it only account for 3% of the world’s energy?  Asking for a friend.

The green energy proponents claim that their goal is to save the environment but here again we find that facts just don’t see that being possible.  Windmills, solar, and batteries are all made from nonrenewable materials.  We know that AOC and here ill-informed group want all government vehicles to be all-electric.  Here are some facts that they seem to have passed over in coming to this conclusion.  The more electric cars we have the more power plants we have to build to supply the electricity to charge their batteries.  Add to that that a car battery weighs about half a ton but we have to dig up and process 250 tons of raw materials to make that battery.

Wind farms create other problems.  To build a 100 MW wind farm which will supply about 75,000 homes, it requires 30,000 tons of iron ore, 50,000 tons of concrete, and 900 tons of non-recyclable plastic.  And these only produce when the wind blows.  For the same size solar farm to supply the same number of homes the amount of steel, glass, and cement is 150% greater than for a wind farm.[3]  The rare earth minerals needed for both of these ‘green energy’ devices will require an increase of 200%-2000% in mining to supply the manufacturing of these devices and most of those minerals are not available in America.  We’ll have to start massive mining operations in areas that are now pristine lands which will tip the environmentalists over the edge.  We haven’t even talked about the animal rights activists that are already going berserk, probably rightfully so, over the deaths of some migratory birds that have been killed by the windmills some of which are on the endangered species list.  And we can’t forget about the solar farm that was scrapped because it was going to be built in an area where an endangered tortoise lives.

We can’t forget that all this mining requires large amounts of equipment made from non-renewable materials using fossil fuel to operate taking materials to factories that operate on fossil fuels.  Then we have to contend with the waste.  All of these ‘green energy’ devices only last about 20 years where a fossil fuel turbine has a life span double that.  The International Renewable Energy Agency has determined that by 2050 just the disposed solar panels will be twice all of the world’s plastic waste and the waste from windmills and batteries will create millions of tons of not real environmentally friendly waste.

On a cost comparative basis, the cost to build one windmill is about the same as drilling one oil well.  The windmill will produce the equivalent of one barrel of oil an hour where the oil well produces ten barrels an hour.  It costs about 50 cents to store a barrel of oil but the batteries needed to store the electricity produced by the windmill costs $200.  What we are seeing is that this New Green Deal is not efficient, not cost-effective in any way, and is not dependable.  Fossil fuels are not as bad as they say they are and they are cheap in comparison and much more efficient.

The path America takes from here is up to its citizens.  Do we sit back and let the elites take our freedoms and our nation away from us or do we stand up and say enough is enough?  The choice is ours.  Chose wisely, your kids’ future depends on it.

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