By Andrew C. Wallace

For more than one hundred years, since 1913, this  unconstitutional political construct has been transferring wealth from hardworking Americans to the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC). This unlawful organization also allows government access to unlimited quantities of unconstitutional fiat money (no backing or store of value) to finance wars, theft and boondoggles. This unconstitutional and heinous activity is designed to reduce the people to poverty and slavery throughout eternity. That is what Communism and the PSRRC has always done. Remember, we have been fighting the Communists and the PSRRC since our founding.

I call these people parasitic whores who are enemies of the people because, unlike working girls, they give nothing and take everything without a conscience or any loyalty to America.

I write for ordinary Americans, the salt of the earth, who defend the country and work. I don’t attempt to communicate with the ignorant, apathetic, or Lenin’s useful idiots. It is impossible to inform most compromised effete snowflakes, professors, officials in government and corporations, media, flag officers, DOJ, SCOTUS, et al; they will die as anti-American Communists. I gave up trying years ago. My language is too unpolished, common, direct and plain-spoken for the so-called elites. To encourage readership, I also try to stay out of the weeds.

The combination of an unconstitutional Privately – Owned Federal Reserve Bank and Tax-Free Foundations is destroying our country and forcing the working people into poverty, while transferring unlimited wealth to the PSRRC unto eternity. In simple terms the Private Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) produces the fiat currency out of thin air to fund the various scams used to rule the world and impoverish the people throughout eternity. Every time they turn on the printing press your cost of living increases with inflation.

There have been many books written about the private FRB, but I think Eustace Mullins in “The Federal Reserve Conspiracy” was spot on. He said there was a conspiracy among the Rockefeller family, Benjamin Strong, Paul Warburg, J.B.Morgan,  Edward Mandell House, Woodrow Wilson, Otto Kahn, and European and American bankers resulting in the FRB. Mullins said the FRB violates Article 1, Section B, Paragraph 5 of the Constitution.

Founders of the FRB listed by Mullins are also some of the members of the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC), 1/4 of 1%. There is nothing legal or Constitutional about the FRB or its Fiat Dollars.

Our founders knew from brutal experience throughout history that a proper currency was required to have a stable nation, equity, and a prosperous economy. Our constitution stipulates for damn good reasons that only Gold and Silver will be used for currency because it is a “Store of Value”, “Unit of Account”, and “Medium of Exchange”. Our dollar today is not a “Store of Value”; it is Fiat, subject to dramatic changes in purchasing power due to uncontrolled printing, without any backing by gold and silver as required by the Constitution.

As an important point of fact, the Communists (who called themselves progressives at the time) and the PSRRC passed the laws authorizing the “Income Tax”, “Private Federal Reserve Bank” and “Tax Free Foundations” in 1913. Many say that all three laws are unconstitutional and must be repealed for our survival.

A good way to demonstrate the Fiat Dollar’s lack of “Store of Value” is to compare the $35.00  price of an ounce of gold in 1934 to the average cost today of $1,800.00 an ounce. In other words the cost of gold in fiat dollars increased 50 times by 100%  during this period ( compute it any way you please). During the 1950s, I could have purchased a new VW for $1,300 or a new Chevrolet for $2,000. This proves that unconstitutional fiat dollars are not a “Store of Value” You can see that the “Value of Gold” is relatively stable, but its price in dollars is not, because the fiat dollar is not a “Store of Value”. The fiat dollar is a risky and dangerous unconstitutional currency being used to benefit the PSRRC and Communists in government with major theft of the people’s  real wealth.

To  reiterate, our Founders knew that a Constitutional currency (store of value with gold and silver) makes it difficult for the PSRRC and its government minions to increase the quantity of  currency required to wage no- win wars and steal us blind in so many ways.

For any degree of economic stability, long term growth and equity, there must be a reasonable correlation between changes in productivity and the money supply. But remember that the FRB is private and owned by banks, for the benefit of banks owned by the PSRRC. The motto of the FRB must be “To Hell With The People”.

The FRB admitted to causing the Great Depression of the thirties by its handling of the money supply causing massive transfers of wealth to the PSRRC. They are doing the same thing today in a slightly different way that will result in the greatest economic collapse in history. First, money was made available to the government, which flooded the country with money, causing many people not to work. This was responsible for a serious decline in goods and services resulting in serious inflation. In the process, people were led to falsely believe that this was a precursor to a national income ( which is impossible ). People who work and object to supporting those who do not want to work are not racists.

The primary concern of the FRB is Wall Street and the Stock Market, not Main Street. FRB loans huge amounts of fiat money at low interest rates which ends up in the hands of the government and the stock market. The stock market is run by and for the big professionals (PSRRC) to finance all kinds of blood-sucking scams that harm working people, small business, America and our economy. I would need to write a book to list all of the scams made possible by the FRB, but here are a few perpetrated in the stock market with fiat money from the FRB:

Long-established companies with quality products are taken over, downsized, or sold for short term gains, sacrificing  customers, debt holders, long term stock holders, retirement programs and employees. This would not be possible without the FRB and Fiat money.

These FRB whores  and market manipulators are also responsible for trying to end “The American Dream of Home Ownership” and for one of the few opportunities for a family to accumulate wealth. This anti-American activity is accomplished by corporations using FRB funds for stock market manipulation, to purchase single-family homes for rental income. They effectively outbid families which raises the cost of housing and also deprives families of accumulated wealth. Even the Chinese have taken exception to this practice.

Larry Getlen (Commercial Observer) reported some of these Blood Sucking Anti-Americans. The Blackstone Group is the largest holder of residential real-estate. Warren Buffett, B.W. Hughes, and The Carlyle Group are also big players, among many others. 300,000 homes are owned by these anti-American pigs.( I should use stronger terms to describe such despicable acts). This would not be possible without cheap fiat money from the FRB.

The FRB and the PSRRC’s government minions are planning on instituting “Digital Currency” which would totally destroy all Constitutional freedoms and leave the people with nothing but their chains. With digital money you would no longer be able to have even a fiat dollar in your possession to pay the boy for cutting your grass. It would mean total control of the people, which is why China is doing it. There are even greedy corporations promoting this scheme.

Conclusion:  The Private Federal Bank is the root of all evil, it is unconstitutional and owned by the PSRRC. The FRBs ability to print unlimited quantities of Fiat Dollars permits all types of stock market scams, transfers the peoples wealth to the PSRRC, finances unjustified wars for profits of the PSRRC’s Military Industrial Complex, allows graft from aide programs, subsidizes government boondoggles, etc. The FRB is not The Peoples Bank.  It is the fox in the hen house, and a criminal enterprise.

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