By Allan Wall

The 2020 Donald Trump campaign has a difficult path ahead of it, with the Mainstream Media and the Deep State arrayed against it, and with saboteurs in Trump’s own administration.

Trump is going to need the help of all of us to pull this off.

Recently, on June 20th, the Trump Campaign held a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma to kick off his post-lockdown campaign.

I was there in Tulsa at the rally, and couldn’t help but notice contrast between what I saw and what the Mainstream Media (and some conservatives) said about it.

The Tulsa Rally was presented as a failure.  I was there and I can tell you, those of us in the audience didn’t consider it a failure. I’ve been to several Trump rallies, both during his 2016 campaign and during his presidency.  I can assure you that the same high energy and excitement was there in Tulsa.

Now, it’s true there weren’t as many people there as expected.  That was a disappointment, but it’s not surprising given all the recent developments (coronavirus, nationwide rioting, etc).  ironically, some didn’t attend because the thought they couldn’t get in

But the Mainstream Media and their conservative copycats  were absolutely wrong to report that no more than 6,200 attended the rally.

The rally was held in the BOK Convention Center in downtown Tulsa.  The capacity for that arena is about 19,199.    So 6,200 would have filled up about a third of the arena.  I saw that one-third figure reported in the Mainstream Media also.

But that’s bogus.  If you don’t believe me, I invite you to click here and see a video of the arena.  The video is from a hostile source, but ask yourself if it looks more like one-third or two-thirds?I also have personal photographs if you’d like to see them.

Even the New York Times was more accurate  than some other sources on this point, calling the arena “at least one-third empty”, which if it were one-third empty, it would be about two-thirds full.

Some photographs of the rally were deceptive.  This photograph here for example, appeared on the Drudge Report, which seems to have turned against Trump lately.  The Drudge photo was photographed from the arena’s upper tier, which was largely (but not entirely) empty.  Obviously, if you take your photo from the perspective of the upper tier, it’s going to look poorly attended.

So where did the 6,200 figure, reported by the Mainstream Media and its conservative sycophants, derive from ?

The Tulsa fire marshal reported that it scanned the e-tickets of 6,200 people.  OK, that could be, but they definitely did not scan everybody.  I know they didn’t scan my cellphone when I entered.   Apparently they only scanned about half the attendees and called it good.

The campaign itself reported 12,000 entering the arena.  And that fits in with the arena being two-thirds full (see above), since the total capacity was over 19,000.

OK, so the Mainstream Media under reported the attendance at a Trump Rally.  How unsurprising.

Morale was high at the rally, people were excited to hear Trump, and some had come from far away.

Also in attendance at the rally was a delegation from OAN news. The rally was soon after the Coach Mike Gundy T-shirt Imbroglio at Oklahoma State University. (See here).  They were even giving away OAN shirts (like the one that got Coach Gundy in trouble before he totally surrendered).

Also present was Mike Lindell of MyPillow, who has done a great job sponsoring Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News.

As for Trump’s speech at the Tulsa Rally, there was criticism of that too.  It was rambling, we are told, and Trump talked too much about the misunderstanding at West Point.

In reality, the speech was Vintage Trump.  Donald Trump has a unique style of oratory.  Trump will discuss a topic, go on to others, then return to that same topic. And he will dwell at length on certain seemingly trivial topics as part of it.

But it’s all part of the Trump Style, which served him well in 2016.

Consider this: Trump spoke over an hour and a half at Tulsa.  How many other current politicians can hold an audience’s attention for so long?

The Trump Rally was a success and the Trump’s speech there could be a blueprint for his campaign. That is, the topics he discussed ought to be emphasized and expanded upon for the campaign.

Law and Order, for example, of which Trump spoke at Tulsa.  The destruction of our heritage, as monuments and statues are attacked by unelected mobs.  Cancel culture and saluting the flag.

Trump drove a wedge between the Democrats, pointing out that Biden, though not a radical himself, is being controlled by the radicals.

For more information, I invite you to read my previous article  Actually, Trump’s Tulsa Speech Was A Success. I Know, I Was There

What Trump needs to do to win is not just hold rallies, although they help him get in touch with his base.

Trump needs to make sure that he is doing the things in office that he talks about in his rallies, such as getting this violence under control and ending immigration.

Trump needs to appeal to Americans who want Law and Order by enforcing law and order, in other words, and defend our heritage.   Hopefully this is happening, and I note that as of the time of this writing, no more statues have been destroyed in Washington, D.C.

Also, Trump needs to dismiss or transfer a number of his officials, who are sabotaging his policies.

But the time is short, with the election only months away.

The big priority now is to get control of the rioting and speak clearly to the public about it, showing them why he, and not Biden, is the Law and Order candidate.

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