The current age we live in is desperately seeking the bottom of the barrel, and cannot find it.

Our politics, especially, is bottoming out, mostly thanks to Democrats, incompetent, torpid, and biased nooze media, college profs and movie stars who want to get into the act, and other assorted leftids.

In Michigan, “civil rights lawyer” Dana Nessel is running for attorney general. She says people should vote for her because she hasn’t got a penis. I don’t think we’ve heard that one before. Ms. Nessel, almost needless to say, is a Democrat.

In Maryland, we’ll have a Democrat primary for U.S. Senator featuring a man who insists he is a woman, Brad “Chelsea” Manning, who was convicted of, and served seven years in prison for, leaking confidential government documents. His sentence was commuted by former President *Batteries Not Included, who surely saw in him a kindred spirit. While in prison, he demanded a “sex change,” which he got. The American people paid for it. Mr. Manning is running on a platform of open borders, closing all the prisons, and releasing all the inmates.

It would be hard to say which of these two candidates is more absurd. If someone you know would be inclined to vote for either of them, you probably don’t need to know that person.

Now kick your imagination into high gear and imagine these two running against each other for the same office, in some state benighted enough to have them both. Imagine the debate.

Nessel: “You should vote for me because I don’t have a penis, and therefore I am incapable of sexual harassment.”

Manning: “Oh, yeah? Well, I don’t have one, either!”

Nessel: “You cheated! You had yours removed.”

Manning: “Transphobe! Transphobe! We’ve got a transphobe here!”

Nessel: “Sexist! Misogynist!”

Manning: “Racist! Ablist! Anyhow, I am a woman by choice! And that’s better than being a woman just because that was your original assigned gender.”

What could be more edifying to the voting public? Talk about intellectual fireworks! And we haven’t even gotten to the part about releasing all the serial killers, rapists, armed robbers, arsonists, and confidence tricksters. How is any Democrat voter to choose between these two sterling candidates?

This is identity politics on steroids. All right, the sages at our universities do frequently remind us that “not all women have vaginas, and not all men have penises.” This is what they like to call academic discourse: you say this to convince others that you are an intellectual. Ms. Nessel will find herself trapped by her own ideology. If Mr. Manning is as much of a woman as she is, because he says he’s one, because he doesn’t have a penis, either—well, what becomes of her campaign slogan? And what about those women out there—they must exist, because intellectuals say they do—who still have penises? Does that automatically make them likely perpetrators of sexual harassment?

And the discussion drifts off into the byways of mental illness and delusion.

There was a time when we never heard this kind of loopy talk in politics, and that time was a better time than now. I’m tempted to say there was a time when the Democrat Party was relatively sane, but it gets harder and harder to believe that that was ever so.

In 2016 it was just Bernie Sanders, just him. In 2018 it’s this pair of kooks. How many like them will there be in 2020? How many elections will come and go before one or more of these is actually elected, and given power in our country?

That will not be a good day for America.

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