By Lex Greene

I’m going to keep this one very short and get right to the most critical point today!


We have been lied to every day since day one of the so-called COVID19 pandemic. When we were told to put on a mask, we read the mask manufacturer’s WARNING on the side of every box, which states unequivocally that none of these masks are designed to, or capable of, preventing the spread of any virus. We also read the damage done to human beings who breathe carbon dioxide all day, behind that mask. We followed the real science.

When we were told to voluntarily self-quarantine, we read up on the benefits of quarantining healthy people and quickly learned that never in the history of medicine worldwide, have healthy people ever been quarantined for any reason. We also learned that human beings are not designed to be cooped up for weeks, months and years, for very real and well-known physical and mental health reasons. We followed this science too.

We looked up “corona virus” and quickly realized that this medical label covers a wide variety of “common colds” and flus.

“Coronaviruses are found in avian and mammalian species. They resemble each other in morphology and chemical structure: for example, the coronaviruses of humans and cattle are antigenically related. There is no evidence, however, that human coronaviruses can be transmitted by animals. In animals, various coronaviruses invade many different tissues and cause a variety of diseases, but in humans they are only proved to cause mild upper respiratory infections, i.e. common colds. On rare occasions, gastrointestinal coronavirus infection has been associated with outbreaks of diarrhea in children, but these enteric viruses are not well characterized and are not discussed in this chapter.” (Source)

We researched and found that “COVID19” is allegedly a new “variant” of SARS1 (2002-2004) which was very quickly and quietly eradicated in the USA with the Fauci and FDA authorized use of Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, Vitamin D and a powerful anti-inflammatory. This is the very therapeutic treatment denied the American people in 2020 and 2021 and still denied the people today. Meanwhile, we were told to stay indoors, away from the sun, which is a natural source of Vitamin D.

We tried to follow this science, but the “experts” denied the American people access to this known cure for SARS.

Throughout all known science, the best defense against illness is the natural immune system. “Herd immunity” has most often been achieved by allowing humans to acquire a mild version through normal human contact, until a majority of society had built natural immunity to the illness. When I was a kid, mothers would rush their kids down the road to the neighbor’s house on first news of someone catching the mumps, chicken pox, or measles, so that all of the kids in the area would become immune for the future. It’s called “natural herd immunity.” Past doctors used to tell mothers to do this.

This science was prohibited by today’s “experts” as well, as they put the entire world on isolation and self-quarantine to prevent natural immunity from occurring.

Once today’s “experts” prevented natural herd immunity through their insane W.H.O. and CDC guidelines, they rushed to market so-called “vaccines” (mRNA DNA gene manipulation injections) under the guise of herd immunity via inoculation.

But the unvaxxed watched as those so-called vaccines didn’t prevent infection, spread, illness or even death from COVID19. The REAL experts on the subject were trying to warn the entire world NOT to follow the herd into a death march…but were being threatened and silenced by the government experts responsible for creating COVID19 in the Wuhan “gain of function” lab, and then selling $$$ billions $$$ in fatal vaccines to the government.

We (the unvaxxed) simply refuse to follow the mad scientists behind all of this, like Fauci, Gates, Soros, and many others. We ARE following the real science, instead.

As of this writing, NONE of the “vaccines” in use today are FDA approved. However, Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin have both been approved for human use for more than 40-years now and prescribed for human patients millions of times since. This is the science “we the unvaxxed” have been following the whole time, while those with a herd mentality simply failed to do their own research and have followed Simon says…towards the cliff!

But most importantly, We the Unvaxxed, have followed this indisputable science…

Tens of thousands of Americans have already died after taking any one of the “vaccines” currently in use. Millions of others suffer life altering adverse effects from ALL of these vaccines. READ THEM FOR YOURSELF HERE. This is why the top two FDA officials over review and approval of all vaccines just resigned, after refusing yet again, to approve any of the COVID vaccines or boosters.

As I have warned in previous columns, the so-called “Delta variant” is coming from these vaccines, as the UK now seems to confirm in this video report.

The simple fact is, no one who has received any of these “vaccines” had the opportunity to offer their “informed consent” because they have been fed outright lies, and denied access to the REAL SCIENCE associated with the “vaccines” the Biden Administration is working around the clock to FORCE ON EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD in the USA.

WE MUST STOP THIS RIGHT NOW! The truth must be known by all immediately.

No intelligent human would ever take one of these vaccines after reading these adverse event reports. No decent human being would ever suggest anyone else take one, much less force them on anyone, after reading these VAERS Reports. I feel sorry for those who have been duped into following the herd instead of following the science. Hopefully, there will be a means to reverse what lays in store for their future.

This mass genocide MUST END NOW! Every American must stand together in critical mass, or we will not survive the escalating deprivation of the Natural Human Right to LIFE!

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