I’m sure many people are wondering how President Trump, in times past, could so disparagingly condemn, both the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) but then support ratification of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).  The latter is a combination of the TPP and NAFTA plus additions which result in it being much worse than either of them or both of them together.

The Globalist USMCA

Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that back when President Trump was characterizing NAFTA and the TPP as a nightmare for the United States, he wasn’t listening to any of his advisors, he was using his own discernment and common sense, which is all it takes to see that the USMCA is a total disaster for America. It now appears that the President is not using his own judgment, but is relying on the advice of his advisors.  As a result of manipulation by the Deep State, these advisers have been placed in positions in his administration not only to lead him astray, but to influence him in the direction favorable to the future fruition of the Globalist Agenda, i.e., the New World Order. Upon casual inspection, it is easy to see that the USMCA was made to order to accomplish this.

I have an immense amount of trouble understanding why the President cannot seem to detect the dangers that the USMCA trade agreement represents. One would think that since it poses a very definite threat to his supposed agenda for making America great again, that it would be an automatic red flag to his way of thinking. However, we really don’t know what he’s thinking; we only know what he says concerning his thoughts and desires.  It is my belief that he doesn’t have trustworthy conservative advisers who will read through this agreement and warn him of the disasters within.

United Nations

Back when he spoke to the United Nations General Assembly, he really had the globalists worried when he stated, “We will never surrender America’s sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable, global bureaucracy. America is governed by Americans. We reject the ideology of globalism, and we embrace the doctrine of patriotism.”

Americans were thrilled. It was such a great feeling to know that we had a President who would stand up before the enemies of America and deliver such a declaration. But then he followed up by negating everything he previously stated when he said, “The United States is committed to making the United Nations more effective.”

Is our President so naïve as to believe that by making the United Nations more effective, he is making America great? Is he that ignorant concerning the United Nations and its goals? Evidently, he doesn’t know that the damned United Nations was expressly brought into existence to destroy America, her culture, her sovereignty, and her greatness.  The United Nations wants to bring us down to the level of a third world country on the same playing field as other nations, i.e., a one world order.

The United Nations has been damned from its very inception; the forces that brought it into existence consisted of those God had turned over to a reprobate mind, and only those with such a mind could conceive of such an entity as the United Nations.  The entity brought forth was completely wicked in both intent and purpose.

One has to wonder about all those who were sucked into supporting such an establishment; especially the members of the United States Senate who with the exception of two Senators, voted for the UN Charter without reading it. “Wild Bill” William Langer (R-ND) a strict isolationist, and Henrik Shipstead (R-MN) were the only two members with a true sense of what the United Nations represented.  Shipstead’s vote against U.S. entry into the United Nations was entirely predictable by anyone who had followed his career. It was the capstone of decades of opposition to foreign entanglements. Like many modern conservative critics of the UN, he feared that it would foster a world super state. But he also believed that the major powers would use the UN as a tool to dominate smaller countries.

Many people believed the United Nations would result in World Peace. This however, was a euphemistic term used to deceive people.  In fact, instead of world peace, the United Nations actually fostered world domination for those promoting the globalist agenda.  More on the United Nations entity in a forthcoming article.

The International Bureaucracy

When President Trump said that the United States was committed to making the United Nations more effective, what he did soon after that in endorsing the USMCA, was putting words into action. Apparently, he turned over everything concerning trade to Robert Lighthizer, a twenty-year veteran international trade negotiator.  Lighthizer is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which is the deepest part of the Deep State and the main initiator of the United Nations.  The CFR is known to be the dagger pointed at the heart of America.  (See “The Shadows of Power,” by James Perloff).

In reference to the President’s remark about making the United Nations more effective, the ratification of the USMCA would certainly accomplish this. It brings into play and advances the United Nation’s operation into the domestic affairs of the American people, something that has been lying dormant for years.

If the USMCA becomes law, it will bring into effect, through the back door – the Law of the Sea Treaty, endorsed by both Clinton and Bush, which was never ratified by the United States. President Reagan rejected it because it demanded technology and wealth transfer from developed nations to undeveloped ones. It was rejected not just for this reason, but because it contained many other damages lethal to American independence and autonomy.

President Reagan didn’t like the idea of establishing an international bureaucracy that would supersede U.S. rights of sovereignty. He knew that other nations would use the Law of the Sea Treaty to work against U.S. interests in ways not imagined in the benign scenarios painted by its supporters.

The USMCA and Sustainable Development

According to the Washington Standard of November 19, 2018, “The three parties (United States, Mexico, and Canada) recognize Sustainable Development  (SD), the lynchpin of United Nations Agenda 21, which has morphed into UN Agenda 2030, and is an essential ingredient without which trade cannot exist.

Since the USMCA dictates that trade cannot exist without SD and a healthy environment with strict guidelines, the USMCA then must logically follow the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) promoted by the UN and all its affiliated agencies.  Two of those SDGs are the elimination of poverty and hunger.

The three nations who are party to the USMCA supposedly understand that they have agreed to these SDGs in order to engage in trade, and that they must continually be active in promoting and bringing these 17 SDGs to fruition.

It’s all about the redistribution of wealth, taking from those who have worked for what they have and redistributing it to those on a lower income or those incapable of being employed.

If America complies with the dictates of the USMCA and begins to put into action what could possibly solve the problems of poverty, the end result will be total poverty and hunger.

The globalists have ways to accomplish this goal.  One would be to pass a law making it illegal to have an income above a certain level; another would be to make it unlawful for anyone to have an income below a certain level.

This is a totally socialistic concept and the outcome will result in chaos and ultimately a dictatorship.  Those who worked to build and employ will throw in the towel, and those who take will continue to demand more.  The entire economy will go to pot and the result is a third world country much like Venezuela has become.

When the USMCA is mentioned in the media, usually what you’ll hear is couched in terms that imply the trade agreement will be a boost to our economy, just as NAFTA was promoted as a boon to our economy, but resulted in our manufacturing going to Mexico.

Our lives and our country will be forever changed, and the changes won’t be minimal.  Those promoting the USMCA are going to great lengths to keep what is in this agreement hidden from the President and the American people.  This is how sinister this entire treaty actually is for the USA.

If our President actually knows what the agreement contains and is lying to the American public, then we’re really in trouble, but I do not believe Mr. Trump has advisers who have read and understand the dangers of the USMCA and have told him.  He seems to be continually surrounded by Deep State neo-con operatives who wish to destroy the goals he promised to his supporters.


Retired attorney and Constitutional scholar, Publius Huldah wrote a lengthy review of the USMCA document and the dangers it contains for American sovereignty.  Please read her entire article.  The USMCA “Trade Agreement” violates our Constitution and sets up Global Government.

The USMCA is being sold to the people as a marvelous replacement for NAFTA, but is instead an even greater betrayal of our country.  This treaty is about diminishing America’s sovereignty, independence and liberty.  The end result will be the very loss of our nation.

Say you make $100K a year and are fairly content, but your neighbor only makes $50K and is not so content.  He sees someone with more and is jealous and resentful and comes to believe he is living in a state of poverty.

Others with levels of income even lower, or those who smoke, drink or do drugs.  Of course, this is their choice, it’s what they choose to do, but all choices result in consequences, which cannot be avoided.

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