By Ron Edwards

Since before the time of the biblical matriarch Abraham, to some degree or another, there were men who sought another way of life beyond the normal oppressive kingdoms and dictatorships.  Even before Abraham, certain men were seeking to dominate their fellow human beings and mold them into their wicked anti liberty and anti God image.  An individual named Nimrod is credited with designing and building the first large city.  Unfortunately, Nimrod was not satisfied with just designing the first urban environment.  He came up with hair brained idea that beyond having people living in the city he designed, that he could control them and convince them to exist without the influence of God almighty.  In fact, old Nimrod also sought to convince everyone to give up their own sovereign unique individuality and adhere to his all knowing, I know what is better for you dogma.

Nimrod convinced the doting masses to build a tower to reach the heavens in order to try to secure his gruesome goal of a humanist global government without God.  According to the biblical story, the men were making great progress on their infamous globalist tower of Babel.  In fact, God noticed they were so united and focused on their goal of dominion without Him, he caused them to suddenly develop a variety of languages.  As a result, the men constructing the tower of Babel could no longer communicate with one another and thus abandoned their satanically inspired goal of global domination without any relationship with God. Of course, as with every time those hell bent on globalist domination, there were always others who longed for liberty, often paying the ultimate price just because they refused to accept a one size fits all boring globalist lifestyle.  In time, mankind will fully understand and appreciate the mercy and love God exhibited by obstructing the first globalist movement.

The Byzantines attempted the rule the world, the Egyptians, The Greeks, the mighty Romans, Kings of the dark ages, etc., etc. all were latched on to the maddening goal of dominion over their fellow man.  Even the founders of the United States of America were partially infiltrated by individuals of the satanic/masonic order with the goal of eventual global dominion with the headquarters to be located in Europe.  A litany individuals like Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Stalin, Dewey, Goebbels and many democrats today are part of a long line of misguided gumps, who like Nimrod believed they should replace our unalienable rights with their godless dictations.

Man did not begging to earnestly fight for liberty non stop, until they connected the dots between their desire to be free and the principles to obtain and maintain liberty in the inspiring word of God.  After a thousand or more tries, great figures of freedom like British jurist William Blackstone became unwavering in the quest for liberty. Finally, and once and for all it was plainly understood, that God, not kings, dictators, prime ministers, presidents, nor legislative bodies have the right to prevent us from exercising our rights. But rather, it was God who long ago gave us unalienable rights to live free moral agents equipped to choose either righteousness or evil.  For centuries, both wicked kingdoms, dictatorships and even the church of Rome prevented man from reading the word of God for themselves and thus the teeming masses remained ignorant and needlessly suffered through the stagnant centuries of the Dark Ages.

Thank God for the outcome of the battle between Spain and Great Britain during the 1200s. That was a historic landmark on the road toward freedom and liberty for mankind.  Queen Victoria and the Protestants victory allowed for many to read the Biblical scriptures and eventually understand and desire to be free in Christ and society.  Beginning in the seventeenth century, many Europeans grew weary of having to deal with kings and dictators telling them who and how to worship.  They said their goodbyes and left Spain, France, Sweden, Holland, and England. The Pilgrims claimed land and later formed colonies along the eastern coast of North America.  Of course, eventually in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed and the greatest war in history for freedom was on.  The first permanent settlement was the English colony at Jamestown, in 1607, in what is now known as Virginia.

Similar to the other colonial charters, the First Charter of Virginia emphasized the Christian/liberty character of their purpose.  Liberty was established with the understanding that without high moral character, it would be dissipated by those seeking to duplicate the horrendous war against liberty that has been waged since soon after the beginning of time.  Today, the very existence of our beloved republic hangs in the balance.  The entire world is watching and many hope, that “We the People” will see this thousandth battle for liberty and secure victory over the modern goons of dictatorial grief.  I honestly believe that America has arrived at one of the most important crossroads in the history of human existence. With Providential guidance the right direction will be taken, justice served, and then the bells of liberty shall toll from sea to shining sea.  God bless you, God bless America and may America be blessed again.  Don’t miss the Edwards Notebook commentary, now airing on America Out Loud, KstarTalk Radio Network and overnights during Captains America Third Watch.

Merry Christmas Everyone

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