By Roger Anghis

July 31, 2022

If you think that the COVID-19 ‘outbreak’ was an accident, think again.  This has been in the works for decades just waiting for a reason to initiate it.  The great minds of the world’s elite who believe they are smarter than the peons that work for them and they have the right to rule everything you do have decided that it is time for the surfs to give up what freedoms they now have and just do what they are told.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has taken on the role of overseer of the whole world believing that they need to be the ones who decide what you do when you do it, and how you do it if they even think you should be allowed to do it. They also believe that because of their high intelligence and wisdom they will be able to avoid world disasters and even pandemics. I think we heard this same rhetoric garbage about the United Nations.  They would stop all wars and control rogue nations. How’d that work out for us? Saddam Husein invaded Kuwait, and most Arab countries continuously attacking Israel but Israel is the one the UN sanctions. The Russia-Ukraine war, nothing to see here, move along. The WEF is just another attempt at global control by the global elite. Prove me wrong.

The WEF was initiated in 1971 by Klaus Schwab with the goal of raising up world leaders to look at only the globalist point of view and seeing the average citizen as ‘useless eaters’.  “Another important piece of information through the WEF, initiated by Klaus Schwab in 1971, Mr. Global has been training his own puppets since 1992. Through the Young Global Leaders Program, Angela Merkel and Bill Gates were among the first class to graduate in the class of 1992. Even a large number of current leaders, politicians, predominantly weak personalities with mostly well-trained rhetorical skills, also come from this program, including Justin Trudeau in Canada.”[1] We can see what these so-called leaders are striving for, the New World Order (NWO).  The WEF firmly believes that there are too many people on the planet. Isn’t funny that God didn’t see that happening? These arrogant fools think they have the answer to their made-up problem.  Liberals always seem to invent a problem and then try to convince you that they have the answer to solve that problem. Can you say climate change?

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich has been exposing the real agenda of the WEF for a while and believes that it must be stopped as quickly as possible. Their goal is to hold those who are responsible for this pandemic accountable under both civil and criminal law. The Berlin Corona committee already now has extremely incriminating evidence proving that this Corona plandemic never had anything to do with health. Rather, Mr. Global’s, Klaus Schwab, actions are aimed solely at these goals – destruction of regional economies to make the population dependent on Mr. Global’s global supply chains, shifting the wealth of the world’s population from the bottom to the top, to the super rich, to Mr. Global population reduction.”

No matter what word was being used to describe the pandemic and the fallout from the government overreach, Dr. Fuellmich concluded, “You can call it genocide, as well as Mr. Global gaining total control over the remaining population and the installation of a world government under the UN which is now in control of the World Economic Forum. We are dealing with megalomaniac psychopaths and sociopaths who must be stopped and in fact should have been stopped a very long time ago.[2] The WEF doesn’t stand on the mountain top and shout their intentions but they aren’t silent about the either.  One of the major funders of the WEF is George Soros.  Anything that Soros is involved with is not good for America or the American people.

When it comes to those that have endorsed the WEF that are in our government it is a list of who’s who: Bill Keating Congressman from Massachusetts (D),Daniel Meuser Congressman from Pennsylvania (R), Madeleine Dean Congresswoman from Pennsylvania (D), Ted Lieu Congressman from California (D), Ann Wagner Congresswoman from Missouri (R), Christopher A. Coons Senator from Delaware (D), Darrell Issa Congressman from California (R), Dean Phillips Congressman from Minnesota (D), Debra Fischer Senator from Nebraska (R),Eric Holcomb Governor of Indiana (R), Gregory W. Meeks Congressman from New York (D), John W. Hickenlooper Senator from Colorado (D), Larry Hogan Governor of Maryland (R), Michael McCaul Congressman from Texas (R), Pat Toomey Senator from Pennsylvania (R), Patrick J. Leahy Senator from Vermont (D), Robert Menendez Senator from New Jersey (D), Al Gore Vice-President of the United States (1993-2001) (D)[3] just to name a few. As you can see the traitors to the American way of life are from both political parties.

I think you can see now why the WEF believes that this is the time for the Great Reset. The world population has shown its willingness to be shoved in a box and do what we are told. Americans aren’t quite ready for this.  Some are but we still have that God-given desire to free and we still have the guns at our disposal to make sure it stays that way.

For those that have read the book, 1984 will recognize many of its features in the UN’s and WEF’s Agenda 2030:  The World Economic Forum’s Agenda 2030 is a dystopian nightmare that’s chalked full of evil agendas such as population controleradicating livestock (save for the elitists) and replacing it with synthetic meat, forcing the masses to consume insects and live in pods (you will own nothing and be happy), a digital takeover of everything, achieving total surveillance control, and consolidating power within a multinational globalist body that supercedes all other governments.

Essentially, once all institutions are razed to the ground, it will be the all-out technocratic reign of the elitists.[4] Any American politician that supports this organization can only be classified as a traitor.  The WEF is an organization that we must stop and we must stop it now!

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