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Today during the first quarter of the twenty first century, we constantly hear the clarion call from legions of political and religious leftists for more tolerance.  Tolerate grown adults having sex with children, tolerate our borders being overrun by illegal border crossers, tolerate illegal border crossers costing United States taxpayers well over $ billion dollars annually.  They say tolerate adult tranny males cavorting with your child on the floor at your local public library.  The leftist say you had better tolerate the Christmas Season being minimized. Now we must tolerate the month of June, once known as the wedding month being a time of in your face celebration of unnatural sexual practitioners.  Parents are expected to tolerate government school indoctrination of their children against America, the traditional family, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and everything good.  Christians, Conservatives, patriots, etc. have tolerated themselves into a corner of being abused, overlooked and habitually disrespected.

During the twentieth century more Christians were persecuted than throughout all the previous centuries combined.  Today, More Christians are persecuted than ever before.  There is a massive increase of barbaric attacks being carried out against Christians in nations like Nigeria, Egypt, and Sri Lanka.  Many Christians are routinely beheaded, burned alive, raped, kidnapped, enslaved throughout the brutal Muslim nations.  Christians in Muslim nations often have their property seized.  Many are forced to into sexual slavery, endure ransom demands and forced to close their businesses.  A usual practice of the brutish muslims is to force Christians to renounce their faith in Jesus Christ.  One such Christian is a young imprisoned 15-year old young lady named Leah Sharibu.  She was kidnapped by Boko Haram more than a year ago.  She remains in captivity because she refuses to renounce her Christian faith.

Then there is Christian Pastor John Cao, a United States permanent resident who has endured more than two years locked up in Christian hating China because he dares to simply believe in Christ.  A Christian Pastor, Youcef Nadarkhani—an Iranian minister who was originally sentenced to be killed for “apostasy” five years ago.  After three years in a horrible prison, Pastor Youcef was finally set free.  But Iranian agents have rearrested him.  The ACLJ aka the American Center for Law and Justice, is working diligently to gain his freedom.

Here in the great United States of America Christians, patriots and all who appreciate moral decency have to tolerate both direct and indirect assaults against our values and existence.  Not long ago One World Trade Center was lit up pink to “celebrate” passage of New York’s murderous pro abortion “Reproductive Health Act” which legalized the killing of babies up to birth.  The very monument that exists because 3,000 people lost their lives do to Islamic terrorism in one horrific day, including eleven unborn children who are listed on the memorial as victims of the World Trade Center attacks – was being used to celebrate another tragedy.  That tragedy is an industry that aborts more than 3,000 babies every single day. I firmly believe, that Christians, American patriots and decent people in general continue to have to tolerate such indignities throughout the world because to often they are allowed.

As long as I can remember, we have been told “we must not lower ourselves” and fight back when we are attacked.  Then there is the old Biblical scripture reminding us to turn the other cheek, which has been wrongfully interpreted to mean we should not fight back.  Such self-induced restraints have caused Christians to seemingly be fooled into believing that we must simply tolerate abuse, no matter how tragic or burdensome.  I for one believe that while we are to turn the other cheek and forgive, we are not supposed to turn cheeks forever.  God granted us the unalienable right of self protection.  For those who say or believe that by not fighting back, one increases their chance of survival.  Well tell that to the record number of Christians, raped, burned alive, beheaded, enslaved, sex slaved and drowned in cages in the last century and into this century.

Being tolerant has its place, but if it only translates into harm, death and setbacks, perhaps a different approach to certain indignities is in order.   God bless you, God Bless America and may America bless God.  Do not miss the Ron Edwards Experience, Fridays at 4 PM ET, 3PM CT, 2PM, MT, 1 PM PT on

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