“All apes are equal, but some apes are more equal than others.” —Charlton Heston, in The Planet of the Apes

Twenty years ago, an affable and attractive coworker had a birthday, and reminded me of it when I appeared at our office.  Wanting to stay in her good graces, I rushed to a corner drugstore and purchased a birthday card.  It was from the bottom and cheapest shelf of the card rack; the cost was premium in my mind.  On the cover was a monkey, wearing a colorful party hat.  The cover read, “Don’t monkey around….”  Inside the card it said, “Have a Great Day on Your Birthday!”  Upon returning to the office and shoving the card at my coworker, I became alarmed when she subsequently began to shriek.  She was black, and the card, she said, with its depiction of a monkey, must surely be intended as a racial insult.

At that time, the unfolding dangers facing our race were never or very rarely on my mind.  I protested that the card was simply a card.  She increased the volume of her objections, until a small group had gathered, including our big boss.  He listened to her for a few moments, and then, with a snort of disgust, fed the card into a nearby paper shredder.  “Problem solved,” he announced.  “Everyone go back to work.”

Now examine some of the stories currently appearing in our national news media.  The stories are not appreciably different than the incident I have just described.   In one recent news story, a white man, working as a manager at a community swimming pool, did not recognize a family group visiting the pool.  Thinking they might be interlopers, he requested identification.  The family responded with outrage.  The pool manager was promptly slandered by the national media, and the pool promptly fired him.

In another story, a white Ivy League college student spotted a black woman sleeping in a dormitory study room.  She worried that it was a homeless person who had intruded into the building, and called the authorities.  The sleeper turned out to be a fellow student, and was incensed that the police had been summoned.  There was coast-to-coast outrage and media coverage.  No one begged the question as to why the black woman did not avail herself of her nap in her own bedroom.  No one begged the question as to why in our “See Something Say Something” world, the summoning of the authorities was not a common-sensical and  entirely legitimate act.  The story’s overwhelming focus centered on the nonsensical belief that this incident was unambiguously racist.  The student who made the allegation was ultimately excused as having previously exhibited mental health problems.

A diner in a Manhattan restaurant noticed that English-deficient employees were awkwardly attempting to communicate with some of the English speaking customers in Spanish.  He complained loudly that the employees should be speaking English, and was filmed during his rant by one of the Hispanic employees.  He too was vilified nationwide, and ejected from his law offices by his landlord.

Two young black men, visiting a coffee shop, were asked to make a purchase or leave the premises.  They declined either option.  The police were summoned, and made the same request of the couple.  They again declined to make a purchase or leave, and were arrested and removed from the premises.  Once again, this was hyped up intensely, and the story was spread from coast-to-coast.  The coffee shop chain in question trained thousands of its employees in racial sensitivity classes, and announced it was opening its restrooms to homeless people.  The two black victims received free college tuition.  I kid you not.  (As an aside, I will confess that I was once personally requested to leave a coffee shop for exceeding a 30 minute time limit.  The request was not made nicely.  I got up as requested and left.  End of story.)

A black woman, shopping at a drugstore, presented a coupon that appeared suspect to the white manager.  He refused to honor it, and she became belligerent.  In response to her belligerence, the manager summoned the police, quaking all the while like a leaf, and while being filmed by the angry customer.  From Maine to California, we were treated to this spectacle.  The manager was subsequently fired.  He had used no slurs.  He had engaged in no aggressive behavior.   His head was loped off anyway.

These are the things that fill our airwaves and TV screens; quite obviously, the vestal virgins of old were less sacred than the feelings and sensitivities of Americans of color.  And ironically enough, these incidents appear to be considered just as newsworthy — or even more newsworthy — than the widespread slaughter of people of color by members of their own communities.  Yes, on some level, these news items are intended to entertain and titillate and inform, but it must be admitted that they are also intended to support the Leftist/Liberal narrative by presenting lessons as to what behavior is and isn’t acceptable in the realm of racial morality.  These “lessons” are shoved front and center in the public forum for our attention, while little or no mention is made that the bulk of all violent crime in the U.S. — including interracial crime — is committed by people of color.  And God forbid any mention be made of the half century of legalized discrimination directed at whites, or the countless trillions (yes, trillions) of dollars that have been expended in social benefits, to raise Americans of color to parity with the rest of us.

Instead, there is a steady drum beat of vehement denunciations of clumsy whites who have flubbed things up during racial interactions.  As our examination has already indicated, these “racial incidents,” as pathetic as they usually appear to be, are often accompanied by an abundance of double standards.  Similar grievances brought by whites are casually ignored.  While a failure to honor a store coupon becomes national news (!), the legalized discrimination, numerical displacement,  and violence directed at whites — not to mention, multiple similar atrocities –get routinely dismissed as irrelevant, because those things do not fit the media’s Leftist view of the world and the messages the Left wants to transmit.  Whites, to the Leftist’s mind, are born guilty.  Whites are slated for revilement and displacement, and have earned both.  They have it coming.

The America of tomorrow is, theoretically, to be one in which no group is to be dominant, one in which various racial and religious groups will vie for resources and influence.   But we are idiots if we expect that this new status quo will be more fair than the current status quo,  a status quo in which whites are constantly vilified, blamed, taxed, elbowed and discriminated against to aid and abet the birth of the new multiracial, multicultural America.  Common sense should tell us that nothing will get better, once we lose the right to control our own political destiny, and that such a loss of control must inevitably occur as we continue to shrink in numbers and influence.  Rather, be reassured that things get vastly worse, and we will be completely powerless to push back.  It is inevitable that in time, our very existence will become a political act.  It is in some places a political act already.

South Africa, you’ll remember, was recreated in 1994, to be a “nonracial” rainbow nation, a mosaic of races and religions coexisting peacefully as one community.  That was the firm promise made to the world.  Yet now, most whites have been effectively banned from the labor force, and confiscations of white real estate have begun.  The government offers ten percent of the value of the properties, and when the owners refuse the offer, the land is appropriated by force.  In the meanwhile, prominent leaders of color call for the extermination or expulsion of all whites.  While all of this occurs, the blame for it is placed at the feet of whites, because of their past mistreatment of South Africans of color.  No matter that whites are the primary source of tax revenue supporting the unwashed masses.  No matter that they were the primary builders of the Republic of South Africa, creating what was once a modern, industrialized society, one even possessing its own space exploration program.  Good-bye founding stock.  Hello, newly minted pariahs.

Behold, your future.

We are riding the same juggernaut, step by step, and an intense effort must be made to resist and to derail  the leviathan.  Perhaps, as Nelson Mandela said, “We must win by finding ways to make the country ungovernable in its current state.”   If we presently lack the courage or the resources to do this, we can at least begin by refusing to cooperate or participate in the media narrative that has just been described.  The white villains in these phony and contrived dramas usually defend themselves publicly, making profuse apologies, and then get crucified anyway.   No pile of mea culpas saves them.  They must learn to shout what my boss shouted the day of the monkey-on-the-birthday card incident.  As he fed the card into the office paper shredder, he described the uproar by denouncing it with four words:  “Theater of the absurd.”

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