For over forty years, the United States of America has been playing the stupid role of international patsy when it comes to the issue of illegal border crossings.  The Federal government along with certain state governments long ago abandoned their role of defending this republic and their respective states.  Americans not indoctrinated to support the Saul Alynski inspired mission to destroy America from within, support President Trump’s correct approach in dealing with those seeking to bully their way illegally into our nation to wreak havoc.

I whole heartedly agree with the President enforcing immigration laws.  Hopefully he will convince Congress to finally get to the business of writing and approving laws that are designed to enforce the protection of our borders.  Thank goodness the president called for not allowing border crossers into the country until there is room to process them, one at a time.  It is going to be very interesting to see how the wannabe illegal border crossers handle the soon to come searing heat of the summer sun.  If it were up to me I would make sure they receive no food or water and would remain in Mexico until they we decide to process them for entry into America one at a time.  If they can survive for over a thousand miles, then they can hang out in Mexico until whenever.

What is really disturbing are the legions of misguided Americans protesting on behalf of those seeking to illegally enter the United States to be a drain on our economy and a thorn in our side.  They purposely overlook the fact that one of their pet groups they pretend to care about, (black Americans) will be the ones primarily displaced by the teeming south of the border hordes who were chanting in Spanish, Obama’s “yes we can” slogan.  Who can blame them?  For decades their kind has been getting everything they want.  Even illegal border crossers who physically brutalize Americans and their property and their property have been kissed on their backsides and allowed to go free.

But this is an example of what happens when a nation such as ours goes off the rails morally.  You anti-Christian leftist bigots have been allowed to kick both God and moral decency out of society.  As a result, the natural progression of your low standards of morality and living have taken hold.  Thus, what was once called good and heralded, is now by many mocked and condemned.  Protecting our borders is a prime example of what is now condemned by many, even though it is a good and righteous thing to do.

The pattern is the same wherever leftists bigots show up.  A nation, school is created, then through hard work and intelligent effort success is realized.  But eventually like parasites, leftists show up and are allowed entry and as their numbers increase in number, they weaken the host school, business, or nation.  Consider the Ivy League Universities.  All of them were founded by either Christian ministers or churches, not the leftist bigots who rail against Christian influences in our republic.  Those universities were the absolute best in the world at educating students.  The leftist bigots say that “God was not a part of our nation’s founding and should be banished from both education and society.”  So please tell me the truth as to why almost everything regarding education has basically been morphed into indoctrination of students against all that is good, including America itself? By the way, a major part of the indoctrination effort has been the flawed, evil concept of open borders for our nation.

It is well known by both patriots and the bigoted leftists who seek to fundamentally change America, that no nation can long prosper and remain great with open borders.  But yet the anti American leftists seek to usher in every person who wants to illegally stroll in.  The American leftists also known as democrats have pretended to love black Americans ever since the KKK was put out of active service. They have conned them into voting democrat for so long, it is now in their DNA to vote so foolishly.  But the democrats know that eventually black Americans will awaken from the stupor of supporting democrats and their destructive leftist policies.

That is why democrats are now pushing for foreigners to flood into our republic to bolster their voter base.  California has officially enabled illegal immigrants to vote in state elections.  If the democrats had good ides and good intentions, they would not be tempted to endanger out republic with illegal border crossers, just to gain a larger voting block.  Thank goodness there is no room at the inn for hundreds of illegals gathered at the California border.  If people around the world truly want a better standard of living, perhaps they should fight to improve their own nations, instead of seeing to bust in and ruin ours.

Borders matter. Without them we will not have a country for people to legally immigrate to.  Individuals should be allowed to enter in who seek to make, not take.  They should aspire to adopt classic American values and to be a positive addition to this greatest nation of all time.  God Bless You, God Bless America and may America Bless God.  Hopefully the president will find a way to prevent the 18 judges heading to the border to speed up the process of letting hordes in.  Let’s get together Fridays at 4:00 PM EST, 2:00 PM CST, 1:00 PM PST via The Ron Edwards Experience on,, Spreaker and KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nevada. Follow me on twitter, @theronedwards and check me out via

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