Recently in Barcelona—that’s in Spain, for those afflicted with a public school education: we are assuming they have heard of some place called “Spain”—vegans stripped naked and poured blood all over themselves to protest other people’s choice to eat meat.

Meanwhile, here in America, a few prominent nitwits have protested that our national parks are… “racist”. At least they did it with their clothes on. The persons making this protest are a former federal judge who was impeached, only to return as a member of Congress, a deputy director of our National Parks Dept. who used to manage Seattle’s Race and Social Justice Initiative, and a pair of academic dingbats. Note to citizens: If your city has a Race and Social Justice Initiative, your city is in more trouble than you thought. It has way too much money, and needs a serious budget cut.

I suppose we have all known, at some time or other, a child who was so badly spoiled by being given everything he wanted that he went on throwing tantrums when there was nothing left to give him. Now, as our global humanist civilization circles the drain of history, we are seeing that pattern among adults.

In the case of the vegans we are seeing people who are either unable to perceive that there still are some rather serious human rights issues in this fallen world—little things like slavery, human trafficking, terrorism—or else simply don’t care about them. Dismissing human suffering as trivial, they have gone on to wage a jihad for Animal Rights. You shouldn’t be allowed to eat meat anymore! These vegans are cheesed off at the city government of Barcelona for not doing more to take meat off the menu. We suppose most of them would describe themselves as “pro-choice”—as long as you don’t make a choice that they don’t like. At any rate, serious stuff doesn’t faze them; they have moved on to devote themselves to silly stuff.

Oh—but what about the pseudo-problem of our national parks being “racist”? That is, in the words of the protesters, “not welcoming to minorities.” They’re steamed up by alleged statistics that seem to imply that visiting a national park is mostly for white people.

I’ve never been to Yellowstone. Could the fact that it’s 2,000 miles from my home have anything to do with that? Does that make Yellowstone National Park “unwelcoming” to me? Maybe I ought to demand that the federal government move Yellowstone. Shift it over a couple thousand miles to the east.

We are at a loss to understand how trees and geysers and bighorn sheep can be unwelcoming to minorities. Next thing you know, they’ll be complaining about the “semite” in Yosemite.

Insofar as possible for sinful human beings living in a fallen world, America has solved the real problems of racism. No more slavery. No more Jim Crow. What is anyone not allowed to do, what kind of work is anyone in America kept from doing, because of his race? Granted, there are a lot of things you can’t do if you have a criminal record, can’t read, can’t do basic arithmetic, or don’t know how to show up on time, follow instructions, fulfill a responsibility, or get along with other people. But none of that is linked to race.

So now we are left with trivial, baseless, or just plain asinine racial protests.

There is a reason why we have these protests. We have them because we have a lot of race hustlers who will not be famous, who will not get rich, who will not be powerful unless they have a passel of racial grievances to get people stirred up about. The last thing in the world they want is racial harmony and peace: it would put them out of business. Even worse, it would erode the Democrat Party’s presentation of itself as the sole protector of the downtrodden. If people aren’t downtrodden anymore, they won’t need your protection. So then you have to do everything you can to make them think they’re downtrodden.

It’s a sin to stir people up against one another, who would otherwise live in peace and amity. This sin is a big part of what the current regime in the White House has been doing for the past seven years.

Unlike real problems, imaginary problems can’t be solved and never go away.

That’s what makes them dangerous.

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