If it were the stated purpose of our public education system to render young people ignorant, close-minded, unemployable, and dangerous in a voting booth, we would have to say it’s fulfilling its purpose spectacularly.

Campus Reform recently asked a lot of college students what they think of socialism. As expected, most of them are all for it. They love socialism. Also as expected, they have no idea what it is and are totally unable to define it. They don’t know what it is, but they want it.

How can they possibly be so clueless? Well, they go to college—that’s how.

For some years, personnel of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, the orcs from OHRC, have been worrying about individuals’ personal circles of friends not being “diverse” enough, and have wondered what to do about it.

College to the rescue! Yes, Harvard University has solved that problem. Starting next year, Harvard students won’t be allowed to join any clubs, fraternities, societies, etc.  and anyone who does it will be expelled.

Clubs, you see, are not “inclusive.” So say the college bigwigs. I suppose the Harvard Stratego Club might be made “inclusive” by compelling every living soul on the planet to join it, preferably all at once. But ordinarily a club is a club because some people are in it and some aren’t.

You really can’t get absolutely everybody into a club… so you make it “inclusive” by excluding everyone from membership. And that solves the problem of lack of diversity among friends—by simply not allowing anyone to have friends. Higher education does it again.

As bad as college is, and that’s very bad indeed, the rot sets in much lower down the ladder, in grade school first, and then in high school. Young minds must be atrophied to prepare them for the finishing touches provided by the university. How else are you going to get everyone on board for socialism?

One day, years ago, I was teaching an Advanced Placement U.S. History class in a public high school. The students had classwork to do that day, so I asked them if they would mind if I read, just for my own edification, the essays they had just handed in. They didn’t mind, so I started reading.

The subject was the Mexican War. I read all twenty-some essays, and without even one exception, all the students had concluded that the war was completely unjust, unfair, America was entirely at fault, and what are now the states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California belong by right to Mexico. Not even one student diverged from that opinion.

This, to me, was so extraordinary that I had to make time to address it.

“For the first time in all of human history, that I ever heard of,” I told the class, “the vast resources of the state—in this case, your school, the building, teachers, administrators, textbooks, millions of dollars’ worth of resources—are being used to convince a whole generation that the state is not worthy of their loyalty. That you’d all be wrong to love and support your country. How well do you think that’ll play out for your country’s future?”

They stared at me like I had a grapevine growing out of the top of my head. What in the world was I talking about? It was as if it had never even occurred to them to side with their own country against another country. What an eccentric notion! Certainly none of their regular teachers, all teacher union members in good standing, had ever suggested such a thing.

Even so, months later, one of the girls from that class came up to me in the hall and said, “I just can’t stop thinking about what you said to us, that day you took our class. I really don’t know what to think about it—but it won’t leave me alone.”

She’s a grown woman now, possibly with children of her own. I pray she hasn’t sent them off to any public school.

Because our schools and colleges are not preparing a rosy future for our country.

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