Preparing the kiddies for their higher education at Crayola University, the United Educators of San Francisco—you already know what’s coming, don’t you?—resolved last week not to tell their students that Donald Trump won the presidential election. Instead, they’ll kind of let on that Hillary Clinton really won.

They also plan to encourage the kids to use profanity when speaking of Donald Trump—because, asserts the teachers’ union, he’s a racist and a sexist and a symbol of white privilege and he’s mean and awful and the no-good rotten people who voted for him are just a bunch of biggits and deplorables and they’re crude and stupid and, and, and–! The rhetoric gets kind of overheated at this point.

Besides, Science tells us that cursing a lot means you’re really very smart.

When the kids come home from school and turn on the TV, and discover Donald Trump is actually the president-elect, and their teachers were totally BS-ing them, what then? Will they laugh at their teachers? Or will they still believe them, fending off reality as just another vast right-wing conspiracy?

Y’know, though—some of our most important institutions are deep in the creek-mud. They aren’t working. Our colleges and universities hand out Play-Doh along with meaningless degrees in useless subjects. Our nooze media does not report the news, and has become a bought-and-paid-for auxiliary of the Democrat Party.

And our public school teachers, knowingly and purposely, teach things that aren’t true. As one teacher-in-training once explained to me, “It’s all right to teach children things that aren’t true, if those things make them feel good about themselves.”

I don’t know how teaching that Crooked Clinton won the election is supposed to make ten-year-olds feel good about themselves. Maybe they’ll find comfort in thinking, “Gee, adults have tantrums, too!”

Leftists can’t believe the American people have rejected their open borders, Big Government, one-world, transgender, Climate change, atheist-utopian pie in the sky. They just can’t handle it. “No, it can’t be! It’s wrong, all wrong! And we was robbed—we musta been robbed!” They can’t get their little lefty minds around what happened. They see it as a peasant revolt, the deplorables in flyover country ungratefully snapping at the ankles of their betters. Unthinkable! It never happened, it never could have really happened—

“I gotta calm down! Gimme some of that Play-Doh!”

It remains to be seen, just how much mischief these alleged teachers can do by monkeying with the minds of children in their classrooms. It’s possible the kids might tune them out: then all we’re talking about is wasting untold millions of tax dollars spent on public schooling. But if they can get the kids to listen, and believe, who knows what kind of hell there’ll be to pay?

We can all tune out the noozies. Their credibility is shot, and they are being rapidly replaced by alternative news sources.

But the moral and intellectual train-wreck that is our entire education system—that we can’t tune out so easily. There’s no way to get unionized teachers to tell the truth. The only truth they know is left-wing politics.

Our children have to be taken out of an education system that only does them harm. The system is broken beyond any hope of repair. Homeschooling, Christian schooling, are luxuries no more: they have become necessities.

All that can be said for sure is this.

Parents who love and respect their children must not leave them at the mercy of the teachers’ unions.

Because, as King Solomon observed, the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel (Proverbs 12:10).

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