They Can Dish It Out But They Refuse To Take It

They Can Dish It Out But They Refuse To Take It

While growing up on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie in Cleveland, one of our favorite autumn activities was going to old Municipal stadium to see the Cleveland Browns.  Those were the days when the Browns were still an NFL level football team.  There was Brian Sipe and Bernie Kosar who consistently led the Browns into the playoffs with thrilling last minute victories.  I was a little guy when the first Monday Night Football game was televised in Cleveland on September 21st 1970.  At the time it was a quite cool to witness the Browns defeat of Broadway Joe Namath and the New York Jets, 31-21 in front of 80,000 rabid fans including myself.

My school grades were very good, so I was allowed to go with my friend and his dad.  Had my Dad been alive, I know he would have either been the one taking us, or both dads would have gone.  My image of football while growing up entailed team work, building of good character, a positive piece of the fabric of America and patriotism, etc.

The recent pathetic display of public disrespect toward America, the national anthem and the flag of the United States by those obviously overpaid NFL snowflakes is disgusting to say the least.  Even the great Jim Brown, who in the past battled against certain racial injustices never ever considered to publicly disrespect our nation or flag.  In fact, he recently said, “we should not disrespect the flag.”  NFL commissioner Roger Goodell however has been in lock step with players who chose to set a bad example for younger Americans by showing disdain for a nation that pays them millions to throw a ball around while blocking and tackling each other.

I do not decry their high salaries. I believe whatever the market will bare, is the way to go.  But I find it rather hypocritical for Goodell and others like LeBron James to complain because the president of the United States did not agree with NFL players and others disrespecting our flag, the anthem and our nation in general.  Another glaring sad development in this sordid affair is that most NFL players and commissioner Goodell are products of a destructive government school system that indoctrinates rather than teaches American students.  They have for decades been presented only negative distortions and flat out lies about our republic turned mob rule democracy.

They are also convinced that even the good about America they may stumble upon is not worthy of recognition or respect, including the opportunities they are blessed with.

Many NFL and NBA players have complained about oppression in America, but I have yet to hear or read about any of those hypocrites expressing concern about the real oppression of black Christians who are regularly slaughtered, enslaved, raped and tortured by Islamic brutes in other parts of the world today.  It was not many years ago that RG Three was forced to turn his shirt with a Christian message inside out, because it did not meet “NFL policy.”

I will never forget Islamic quarterback Colin Kaepernick did a press conference with a Castro shirt on while wearing socks depicting police officers as pigs.  That is heralded in leftist circles as “freedom of Speech” to kneel or turn one’s back on the American flag in protest of “inequality.”  Only brainwashed Alinsky inspired rich dolts could be warped enough to feel unequal.  My fellow American, you have been witnessing an orchestrated and increasingly bold mission of those seeking to literally dissolve the cohesiveness of the republic through never ending complaints, both real but mostly imagined.  Unfortunately, many of those that have engaged in such ridiculous narcistic behavior have no regard for anyone but themselves and their destructive Cesar Chavez influenced ideology.

The good news is that we are now witnessing a rising tide against such pedestrian activity. Millions of Americans are growing tired of the in your face leftists who are working to literally destroy America and leave her as a decrepit nation, not unlike Venezuela where everyone is equally poor, oppressed and starving.  I Thank God we now have a president who is willing to fully exercise his legal authority to defend the United States from enemies, including those who are trying to destroy via division amongst “We the People.”  You shall witness a growing support for our president and others who are not going to sit idly by and let those who only wish to bring about societal destruction to have their way.

Like the founding fathers, we must remember to seek Providential guidance for His wisdom and grace to see this battle all the way to a victorious end.  God Bless You, God Bless America and May America Bless God.  Let us get together for the good of America every Friday via the Ron Edwards Experience talk show at 4:00 PM EST, 1:00 PM PT on flagship station KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nevada, also and    Don’t miss a page from The Edwards Notebook on the weekend edition of Captain’s America talk show at 4:30 AM emanating nation and worldwide from flagship station WGUL AM 860 The Answer Tampa, Florida and  See more listings at about page.

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