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May is behind us and spring has finally arrived in my neck of the woods.  We joke about enjoying the four seasons here, June, July, August and winter.  As I look at the maples beginning to blossom, the tree swallows and blue birds taking up residence in the nest boxes, having our first humming bird show up the other day, it’s hard to imagine a catastrophe is taking place within this once great nation.  It’s quite surreal to observe this beautiful day with its warm breeze and blue sky while out there a horrible contagion has set upon the land infecting everything in its path.  If you think I’m referring to this phantom virus commonly referred to as Covid -19 or the riots which have broken out across the land, you would be mistaken.  What I am referring to is this mental derangement that has swept throughout our nation from coast to coast and has afflicted every aspect of our society.  It seems corrupt the rational thought process causing once ordinary, common individuals to react irrationally bordering on insanity.  How else do you explain people driving around alone in their vehicle wearing surgical masks around their nose and mouth or painting large red arrows on public sidewalks forcing pedestrians to walk in only one direction?

Those in charge have taken these Covid Precautions to new extremes.  Who are these people?  It is as if they are trying to out-do each other in their effort to control us.  Are you aware that golf courses have mandated that you cannot remove the flag stick from the cup and have removed the rakes from the sand traps?  Think about that.  What truly concerns me is the sheeple people are perfectly fine with whatever is thrown at them.

My friend sent me a copy of the “Responsible Restart Ohio” official Baseball/Softball rules and regulations.  It is two pages of utterly ridiculous mandates.  In it you will see listed Mandatory Rules and what is considered Best Practices, such as each team must use their own designated baseball while on the field.  With such logic perhaps when the ball is not in use it should be stored in a freezer bag until needed?  The chewing of gum is prohibited as well as eating sunflower seeds and spitting.  No more high 5’s are allowed but it’s suggested that you “tip your hat” to the player instead.  There shall be no touching your team mates equipment meaning you cannot grab your buddy’s mitt and throw it to him.  Oh, and face masks are encouraged while on the field.  It also covers new mandates for the umpires, coaches, family members and those watching.  Take a look and get sick.

In doing my own extensive research I’ve discovered wearing a face mask does nothing for my personal safety and protection and is actually dangerous to my health by reducing the amount of oxygen to my brain.  If you are prone to sneezing or coughing directly into someone’s face then perhaps you should be wearing a mask in public.  Regarding this insistence on social distancing, I have discovered that a virus is not alive.  It does not behave as a flea and leap onto unsuspecting victims to infect them.  The six foot distance is completely arbitrary as well as fictitious.  A more appropriate guideline might be no French kissing while standing in line.

The authorities have now admitted that the infection rate and especially the mortality rate is dramatically lower than originally estimated when they implemented these extreme guidelines.  Yet, the wearing of masks and social distancing remains in effect as if we are still dealing with a biblical plague.  AND WE ARE NOT!

I am so tired of entering a grocery store or any establishment for that matter to make a purchase and see the lemmings moving around with their facemasks on.  I’m sick and tired of the useless Plexiglas barriers, the six foot markers and the directional arrows in the aisles, all of which do nothing for your safety but are measures put into place under the guise of “Best Practices” to always remind you that the world is different now and you better conform.  They constantly portray this ever present super deadly virus that can spring up anywhere and things will never be the same.  Strangely, we do see this virus or see its affects but, like radioactive isotopes it contaminates everything touched with human hands.

Now there are those who know wearing a face mask is probably not a safety measure but they are just going along with the program.  They simply want to comply.  We’ve all seen them wearing the mask below their nose or even under their chin and then pulling it up when you approach them.  I asked this one young lady who was wearing a mask while sitting in her car if she really believed the mask was keeping her safe.  Her answer was, I’m sort of doing it out of respect for others (how noble).  Meaning, even though this mask is inconvenient, I’ll go along with this as long as I have to in order to fit in because I’m an obedient conformist.  I will support others irrational fears for as long as everybody else does or until I’m told not to by the authorities in charge.  There are a lot of these types.  Those in charge have counted on it.

Is it possible that the distancing and wearing of masks is designed to eliminate the human facial experience, to remove the smile from another person and eliminate personal identity?  Is it to make the normal human contact with your friend or neighbor or even a stranger one of emotionless, neutrality?  Is the goal to remake a fearful society where touching, feeling or a physical expression of love towards each other is a thing of the past?  Is this what they are crafting?  You know they plan to keep all this in place when you can find designer facemasks on line or with your favorite sports team logo.

I for one will resist this to the best of my ability.  I will not comply with a lie.  It is not going to end until courageous, enlightened people take a stand and say, enough is enough.  And when asked, “Where is your face mask?”  We must look them in the eye and say, “haven’t you heard?…the face mask has been proven to be completely ineffective and is actually dangerous to you.  It’s all over the internet!” You see, I choose to live in the truth without fear.

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