We’ve got to start listening to leftists. They keep telling us who they are and what they want to do—and it ain’t good.

For starters, they’d like us to stop reading the Bible. The editors of Gentleman’s Quarterly, a magazine for doofuses who care about what other doofuses think of their clothes, last week published a list of “21 Books You Don’t Have to Read”, in which God’s Word was No. 12 on the list. They don’t like it because it’s “foolish” and “repetitive” and “ill-intentioned.” They recommend we read, instead, something called “The Notebook,” about “two brothers who have to get along when things get rough.” Goodbye, creation of the world. Goodbye, Good Samaritan. Sayonara, Psalms. I think we can take it as given that these guys never read it.

Oh—and goodbye faith and hope, forgiveness of sins, and eternal life. We don’t need no stinkin’ hope.

Once they’ve weaned us off the Bible, they’d kind of like to do away with our Second Amendment right to bear arms. We don’t need no stinkin’ self-defense. So a bunch of “celebrities” and “activists”—rapidly becoming dirty words, those two—have banded together to form a mob called NoRA, short for “No Rifle Association”. Led by a potty-mouthed high school kid who curses his parents on national TV, this bunch vows to put down the National Rifle Association—although you’ll search in vain for the name of any of the NRA’s 5 million members who ever perpetrated a mass shooting. But that’s leftism: blame innocent, peaceable, law-abiding people for the acts of a few homicidal maniacs who choose not to obey any of our hundreds of existing gun laws. Disarm everybody—except for those psychos, criminals, and terrorists who don’t obey the law.

What do they mean by “No Rifle”? I think they mean no rifles allowed. We should take them at their word.

Having disposed of the Second Amendment, they take aim at our free speech rights enshrined in the First Amendment. We don’t need no stinkin’ free speech, either.

The California legislature is processing a bill to ban and criminalize all speech, all writing, that goes against “LGBTQ priorities”. Assembly Bill 2943, which has already sailed through two committees, would criminalize “efforts to change behaviors or gender expressions.” It seems to be aimed at practicing psychologists, psychiatrists, or counselors whose clients ask them to help them get rid of unwanted sexual attractions; but the bill is so vaguely written that it could be used against virtually anybody—commentators who dissent from the agenda of Organized Sodomy, parents who teach their children that there are only two “genders,” and Biblically orthodox churches where homosexual acting-out is presented as a sin.

Why they think such a freedom-crushing law would survive ten minutes of a court challenge is a mystery, but obviously they think they can get away with it. Simply put, the law would allow no one to have any opinion on this issue that is not endorsed by gays and government. Maybe they can find a wacko leftid judge somewhere who thinks it’s a good idea.

We don’t need no stinkin’ Bill of Rights.

I make it a rule to believe bad people when they say they’re going to do bad things. They will certainly try very hard to do them.

No Bible, no self-defense, no right to hold a dissenting opinion—only the right to say and do whatever our masters tell us we can say and do. That’s who they are, that’s where they’re coming from, and what’s where they want to take the rest of us. Please don’t forget that the 2016 Democrat platform included a plank authorizing the Attorney General to “investigate” the newly-created crime of Climate Change Denial.

This is why liberals must never, never, ever again be allowed to take power in our country.

Because if they do, it won’t be our country anymore.

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