We’ve said it so many times, it’s almost a truism. But it is true: liberals are insane.

Suppose you don’t believe in God, or any god; that the whole universe, yourself included, is only the product of pure chance, utterly devoid of any meaning. And suppose you’ve spent four or five years being taught, by highly-paid individuals with a lot of letters after their names, that there is no such thing as truth: there’s only “your truth” and someone else’s truth, but no true truth. And suppose you have been taught, from childhood up, that Science has the answers and really smart people, advised by scientists, have the right to power and authority over all those clods out there; and that if you play your cards right, you might become one of the chosen few. At the very least you’ll have the satisfaction of being a fan and follower of the best people, and thus vastly superior to those who aren’t.

Supposing that all of the above constitutes your worldview, how can it help but lead you into crazy places?

Last week the Advertising Standard Authority, an agency of the United Kingdom’s government, decreed a ban on all “gender stereotypes” in advertising, on the grounds that these might do real harm to people by leading to “unfavorable gender outcomes,” whatever the deuce those might be. There must be, in advertising, no acknowledgement of any differences at all between men and women, which ought to make it rather a challenge to create a sane commercial. Maybe replace the actors with, oh, shadows, or robots, that speak with sexless, computer-generated voices?

So we have the humanists, presumed to be the smartest people in the world, fleeing from one of the basic constituents of being human. Next they’ll resent being mammals: it will be denounced as an affront of Social Justice.

Here in America we have Bill Nye the Science Guy, former kids’ TV star, now one of The Wise, declaring that all us old Climate Change deniers will just have to “age out”—die off, he explains—before he and John Kerry and their buddies can take meaningful action to Save The Planet from Global Warming Etc. Another humanist who has a serious beef with humanity. By “action” he means giving government sweeping new powers to control and regulate every aspect of our lives. That probably means we won’t have toilet paper.

Again Britain is already on board with growing the government. Last week they sent a whole team of agents to shut down a five-year-old girl’s sidewalk lemonade stand. And that’s just their warmup tosses. They’ve got plenty more where that came from.

Well, where else are you going to go, when you have no God, no truth, and no power, and not even any ideology, to restrain the actions of the state—which the old Prussian philosopher Hegel (trust a Prussian to come up with this) called “God walking upon the earth”? And what are the State, and Science, but just another crew of people no better, no brighter, and certainly no saner than the multitudes that they aspire to control? When there is no truth, no facts that remain facts whether you like them or not, it’s simply not possible to be rational.

But that’s what they’re pushing for, for all they’re worth.

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