Environmental Correspondent Alister Dyle penned the news pseudoscience article entitled, “Evidence for man-made global warming hits ‘gold standard’: scientists.”

The article claims,

Evidence for man-made global warming has reached a “gold standard” level of certainty.

Well, where is the evidence? Evidence means cause and effect evidence. They don’t give any evidence to support their claim.

Are there any scientists on the climate alarmist side who understand how science works? I don’t think so. If they understood science, they would not be climate alarmists.

Rising temperatures, even if true, are not evidence that human CO2 caused the rise. The public does not get this. (How many kids paying off their college loans learned how science works?)

The article reports,

Ben Santer, lead author of Monday’s study at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, said he hoped the findings would win over skeptics and spur action.

Not a chance in hell. The skeptic scientists understand science and don’t fall for false logic.

Ben and his buddies use the following false logic:

  • If human CO2 causes global warming, then bad stuff will happen.
  • Bad stuff happens. Therefore, human CO2 caused the global warming.

If you believe that, then you also believe this parallel in logic:

  • If Bill Gates owned Fort Knox, then Bill Gates is rich.
  • Bill Gates is rich. Therefore, Bill Gates owned Fort Knox.

It is called the logical error of affirming the consequent. Look it up.

To convince any rational person that human CO2 is causing global warming, Ben and his buddies must show evidence to confirm these cause-effect hypotheses:

  1. Human CO2 emissions caused the rise in atmospheric CO2 since 1750.
  2. Increased atmospheric CO2 caused the claimed global warming.
  3. Global warming causes bad stuff to happen.

But they never talk about the first two necessary hypotheses. They just harp that bad stuff happens and hope you won’t notice their logical deficiency.

Ben and his buddies use the same irrational logic the Aztecs used to cut out beating hearts and roll decapitated heads down temple steps, thinking their sacrifices would bring rain for their crops. They continued their sacrifices until it rained. Then, they concluded their sacrifices caused the rain.

While it is not possible in science to prove a hypothesis is true, it is possible to prove a hypothesis is false. We do that by proving a theory’s prediction is false.

In contrast to the unsupported opinions of Ben and his buddies, simple physics proves the following:

  1. Carbon-14 data and some simple physics prove human emissions have caused a rise of only 18 ppm and nature causes a rise of 392 ppm. Nature caused 95% of the rise in atmospheric CO2. Therefore, human CO2 is insignificant to the level of atmospheric CO2 and insignificant to global warming. Checkmate.
  2. Data show that changes in temperature come before changes in CO2. Therefore, temperature change is the cause, rather than the result, of changes in CO2. Checkmate.
  3. Data show that human life is better when the earth is warmer.

Ben and his buddies ignore the facts that prove their ideas are false. They do not understand science itself. They have NO evidence that human CO2 causes any significant global warming.

Furthermore, Jamal Munshi published his statistical calculations that show the correlation between annual CO2 emissions and annual increase in atmospheric CO2 is ZERO! Where there is no correlation, there can be no cause and effect. Checkmate.

The article claims,

Mainstream scientists say the burning of fossil fuels is causing more floods, droughts, heat waves and rising sea levels.”

They have no scientific evidence to support their claim and they ignore scientific evidence that proves they are wrong. So much for “mainstream” scientists.

Ben and his buddies are part of the Swamp. Our tax dollars are still paying them to tell lies to the American people, while scientists who tell you the truth still get no support from government.

The article claims,

Sixty-two percent of Americans polled in 2018 believed that climate change has a human cause, up from 47 percent in 2013, according to the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.

If this poll is valid, it only proves Americans as a group are getting dumber. God save America.

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