Britain is always ahead of us in the race to the bottom. The Mother Country does the things now that we will do later, usually with our sister countries, Canada and Australia, beating us to it.

We’re all in the transgender sweepstakes, but just now it’s the UK by a length and a half. Don’t even ask what prize the winner gets.

Last week Britain’s National Health Service fired a doctor who’d been with them for 26 years. They deemed him “unfit for work” for refusing to use “preferred pronouns”. That is, he wouldn’t call men “women” and women “men.” Speaking the truth about the flaming obvious is apparently forbidden under the 2010 Equality Act, which makes delusion equal to truth and does away altogether with fact.

No one has ever explained what benefit society is to derive from promoting sexual confusion, but the liberal elites of the English-speaking world are pushing it like their lives depended on it. I don’t even see clearly how they benefit, never mind the rest of us who have to live in this madhouse they’re creating.

America has fallen farther behind in the race, thanks to the results of the 2016 presidential election. Hillary Clinton was supposed to seal the deal: one more Democrat president, one more Far Left rug-chewer on the Supreme Court, and it’s transgender morning in America—plus open borders, jail for Climate Change deniers, a strangled economy, and all the rest of the progressive fun-pack. But a funny thing happened to Hillary on her way to the White House. She lost.

Oh, she’s gearing up to run again. After all, it’s Her Turn. But in the meantime, the Left has to be content with other ways to bring down the America they hate.

To that end, the libs at Facebook celebrated the Fourth of July by banning our founding document, the Declaration of Independence, as “hate speech”. That was a bit much for normal people who don’t detest their country. After a firestorm of public protest, the citizens of the world at Facebook caved, blamed it all on the robots—Artificial Stupidity strikes again—and restored the posting of the Declaration.

But they’ll try again on Labor Day.

To get what they want, liberals have to make the American people hate what they have. So, for instance, when the June jobs report came out with the news that 213,000 new jobs were added to the economy that month, leading Democrats called it a disaster. “Don’t let those new jobs make you happy! It’s just a trick to keep you from seeing what a no-good lousy racist country we have! Surf our Blue Wave in November!”

Before they can recapture both Capitol Hill and the White House, and get down to the serious business of fundamentally transforming our USA into Venezuela North—hint: you’d better start hoarding food and toilet paper—they have to get you to hate your country. That’s what their 24/7/365 tantrum’s all about. They can’t live with the fact that in 2016 the people rejected their vision of America as this big, stupid, evil giant that must be taken down a peg, and they won’t rest until your minds are right.

Pray that no one listens to them.

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