It seems just a few weeks ago I was writing about Netflix glamorizing and exploiting teen suicide, on the heels of its “Star-Spangled Salute to Abortion.” Who knew they’d be back so fast with something even worse?

Netflix has an animated cartoon show, “Big Mouth,” which depicts young teenagers engaged in every kind of sex act you can think of. One of the show’s creators describes it as “super-dirty.” And another says they get away with pitching it at children because it’s just cartoons, albeit filthy ones.

Behind the cartoons we have child actors, average age, eleven. They speak the super-dirty lines. Makes you wonder about their parents.

“Big Mouth” and Planned Parenthood are in a mutual admiration society. That’s to be expected. The more children you “educate” to behave as if they were characters in “The Satyricon,” the more potential customers you have for Planned Parenthood. “Big Mouth” seeks to do just that. They call it “coming of age all over the place.” “Coming of age”—really? That’s what it means?

Why is Netflix doing this? Why would anyone create a show like this? Aside from somehow making money for its perpetrators, what good purpose is served by training children to be sexually hyperactive?

Well, heck, it’s “progressivism,” which is a euphemism for Far Left Crazy. “Progressives” are big on sexual “liberation”—in this case, a liberation from decency and sanity. Progs can’t be on a scene for five minutes before they start agitating for sodomy, abortion, transgenderism, and assisted suicide—with or without the sufferer’s consent.

But progs do more than just debauch children. They seek to turn adults into children.

U.S. Senator Corey “Spartacus” Booker, fresh from his comedy gig at the Kavanagh hearings and looking to set himself up for a presidential run in 2020, lost no time in proposing another scheme for doling out free money to “the poor”. But not just any poor! He wants to dish out up to $50,000 a head to “black poor,” thinking it might make a nice nest egg for, oh, buying a house or starting a business—you know: instead of blowing it on lottery tickets or parties and winding up stone broke a week later.

As a progressive/liberal/moron, Booker believes government, which has no money of its own, has the right to scarf up money earned by normal people and divvy it up among the Democrat voter base… in order to create “income equality.” Somehow handing out free money is expected to cancel out the effects of growing up in a home without a father, in a subculture where crime and drug abuse and out-of-wedlock births are cultural norms, and being warehoused in overfunded public schools where they don’t learn jack. Progs like to natter about getting to the “root causes” of crime, poverty, etc.—but all they want to *do* is hand out other people’s money.

What about the millions of ordinary normal black people who own houses, raise families, work at jobs, and go to church? But normal people of any color are invisible to left-wing crazies.

Whether it’s Corey Booker, Arne Duncan, Barak Obama, Jerry Brown, Elizabeth Warren, or any other dozy liberal, they all want to herd adults back into childhood and have government “take care” of them for all their lives. People who don’t want to be taken care of like infants are haters, racists, biggits, and the rest of the Far Left bestiary.

To see the full design, just put the two halves together: training children to live in a state of sexual anarchy—which is most unlikely to put them in any position in which they might succeed in life—and training adults to live and think like children who have to be cared for. If your country winds up a Third World basket case, oh, well, who cares, as long as the Democrat Party rules it?

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