This is how republics die.

I don’t remember anything from my high school civics about laws being created by whoever can stage the most intimidating riot, and I’m sure there was nothing in there about getting your way, politically, by harassing and threatening government officials. But that’s precisely what leftids have been doing, this past week or so.

Our Homeland Security chief was chased out of a restaurant where she was having a working lunch. The leftids yelled and screamed at her, employing the usual sublime Democrat rhetoric. “Fascist pigs!” Everyone who’s not them is a fascist. “No borders, no wall!” Yeah, that’ll work. Get rid of the borders, and you don’t have a country anymore; but they won’t let that stop them.

So she left the restaurant, but the hooligans didn’t stop there. They followed her home and surrounded her house. This time the word of wisdom was “No justice, no sleep!”. You shouldn’t be allowed to sleep if you don’t obey them. So nice for the neighbors. They also played loud audio of children crying, to display their concern for the children of illegal aliens who get separated from their parents, either because the parents sent them over the border unaccompanied by adults, or else got caught and detained. I thought you always got separated from your children when you went to jail, but the left wants the border-jumper to be made a special class of criminal that doesn’t get punished for breaking the law. Coming from the abort-‘em-and-sell-the-parts crowd, this lacks sincerity.

Elsewhere in our nation’s capital, “a high official of the DHS” one morning found “a burnt and decapitated animal” left on his front porch. This is getting really nasty, don’t you think? I guess this was the closest they could come to doing the “Godfather” thing with the horse’s head in the guy’s bed. The message, of course, is “You’re next.”

Imagine if there were children in the house. Imagine a five-year-old opening the front door and seeing that. But hey, it’s all in a good cause! It’s all for “justice.”

With all of this going on, and the crazies getting crazier and crazier, we must note that not a single elected Democrat, no, not one, has so much as raised an eyebrow at this quasi-terrorist mischief, let alone disavowed it or denounced it. Not a peep out of Pelosi, Schumer, or even Senator Manchin—not one word.

We might interpret this as tacit consent. This is how they’re gonna win us over for that big Blue Wave they’re expecting in November. No borders? Yeah, we can get behind that! Repeal the tax cuts? Right on! These tactics are just bound to work! So the big-name Dems have decided just to step aside and let ‘er rip.

Maybe. And meanwhile, the Democrat henchmen in the nooze media, Hollywood, and virtually all our colleges and looniversities keep throwing gasoline onto the fire, whipping into a frenzy these Far Left fanatics who are already drifting into a kind of ISIS mind-set.

Maybe this is exactly what the big-name Democrats think their ground troops ought to be doing—so much more impressive than curling into fetal position with a lump of Play-Doh.

But another explanation does suggest itself.

Are the big Dems silent because they dare not speak a word against this monster they’ve let loose? What do you suppose would happen to a Democrat senator who, quietly and meekly, suggested that this has gone far enough, it’s got to stop? What do you suppose he or she would find on the old front porch next morning? Fanatics do get really mad at persons they perceive as traitors to the cause.

It may be dawning on them that they’ve started something that they can’t easily stop. There have to be at least some Democrats who at least suspect that this isn’t any way to run a country.

Someone has to put a stop to this. And it won’t get any easier, the longer it’s allowed to keep on going.

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