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Most countries south of the U.S. border have developed a very lucrative export product much better than cocaine, coffee, mangoes or pineapple. This product does not require capital investment, land, fertilizer, refrigeration or packaging. It is not affected by draughts or plagues. It doesn‘t require manpower to farm it. Shipping it abroad cannot be cheaper. Production costs are minimal. Moreover, it is recession proof.

This new export cash crop is their own citizens. That is, poor, low educated, hardworking citizens who cannot find jobs in their own countries but will happily do the jobs many Americans living a good life out of welfare checks would not do.

Most of the illegal aliens[1] currently assaulting the U.S. borders claim they are escaping from political persecution and criminals in their country. Though that may be true in a few cases, that’s not the true reason. They are leaving their countries because their own governments are encouraging them to do so.

Why, one may ask, does a government encourages its citizens to leave their country? Because currently the main source of hard currency for Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and other countries south of the border, not to mention Cuba, is remittances from their citizens in the U.S. So, they kick their poor, unemployed people out of their countries and are handsomely paid for doing so.

According to some sources,[2] in 2018 remittances abroad to some countries were:

Mexico ———– $35.5 billion
Guatemala ——- $  9.5 billion
Salvador ——— $  5    billion
Honduras ——- $  4.5  billion
Nicaragua ——–$  1.5  billion
Dominican Rep.-$  6.5  billion
Haiti ————- $  3     billion
Ecuador ———-$  3     billion
Cuba ————- $  2.5  billion[3]

So, these governments —to name just a few, because the list is very long— have found an export item that is in high demand in the U.S. because both “progressive” Democrats and “conservative” Republicans love it.  Democrats see them as votes and Republicans as cheap labor.

President Trump has seen the problem, but his solution, building a wall, may not be the right one. Actually, what we need to stop this problem is not a physical wall but an economic one. Only passing laws prohibiting remittances abroad will stop this hemorrhage of American dollars. Only economic laws will stop people from milking the American cow.

Now, it would be unfair to blame these government, much less the hardworking people who sent money abroad to help their relatives back in their countries, and not mentioning the role of big corporations in exporting American jobs abroad to increase their profits. They have done it both by paying sweat shop salaries to foreign workers as well as to avoid paying taxes in the U.S.

Granted, big corporations did so encouraged by the Bushes, The Clintons, Obama and their Rockefeller masters at the Council on Foreign Relations. This explains the extraordinary economic success of some corporations such as Apple, Walmart and Amazon, just to mention a few. Some of them don’t see themselves as American anymore, but as “transnationals.” This follows the recent trend of globalists to call themselves transnationalists.

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[1] These people are not immigrants. They violated U.S. immigration laws to get in, so they are illegal aliens. Any other denomination is pure disinformation. Even more, people don’t select the countries they want to immigrate, countries do. That’s why they have immigration laws.

[2] These amounts are approximate because, particularly in the case of Cuba, many people send their remittances in cash to avoid the government appropriate the lion’s share.

[3] If one is to believe the Castros’ government and their admirers in Berkeley, there is a fierce U.S. economic embargo — Castro used to call it a “blockade— upon the Island. That’s the cause, according to them, of Cuba’s ongoing economic disaster. It seems, however that the embargo has been highly inefficient in avoiding the Castro family and its minions to get their part in the milking of the American cow.

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