As we in America prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the annual visit from St. Nick, there are many who suffer and die because they celebrate the Reason for the Season.  I find it Ironic that the same people continuing to pine away for migrants who want to break into our republic do not give a Tinkers dam about the literal multi million victims of Islamic brutality against Christians.  They also turn a blind eye toward the 27 million black people who are enslaved by vicious Muslims in the Middle East and Africa.

In fact, wherever Muslims occupy a large segment of the population, they routinely engaged in political maneuvering in order to get an advantage.  Then they usually find a leftist judge willing to help them through legal edict, force elements of Sharia law upon the entire population.  In the state of Michigan a leftist judge recently overruled our way of life and gave permission to Islamic doctors to mutilate young girls so they would not enjoy certain pleasures when they get married.   Back in the Middle East, Jihadists continue to kidnap Christian children and then often rape them and try to brainwash them into becoming terrorists.

As for adult Christians, the custom is for the Muslims to lop off their heads if they do not renounce their faith in Christ.  If beheading is not the favored choice of a particular group of Muslims, then Christians who are not afraid to stand for Christ are tortured, raped or crucified.  In Syria, 66 percent of Christians have been neutralized.  Iraqi Christians have horrifically endured a 90 percent reduction or displacement among their decimated ranks.  In Nigeria, Christians are on the brink of extinction because Muslims have made themselves judge and jury.  They continue to hunt Christians down and kill them like the people who used to bump off buffalos on the great American plains.

According to legal scholar Jay Sekulow legal letters were sent to the United Nations office of Genocide Prevention.  To date they have garnered almost no real effort from the globalist enterprise to combat the Islamic genocide against Christians, or the awful enslavement of millions of black Africans.  I find it ironic that American leftist black activists hate America to the core and support every effort to harm our republic, primarily because of the past institution of slavery.  Yet they never, ever, ever complain about or question the racist Islamic practice of slavery today.  Nor do they seem offended by the fact that Muslims believe that black people have no souls and are only meant to be slaves.

The time has come for Americans to finally grow up and start pushing back against the slimy Islamic push to fundamentally demolish our exceptional nation way of life.  This is a nation of laws and we must put our elected official’s feet to the fire to make sure they begin to honor their pledge to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. If not, we could one day wake up and find it illegal to celebrate Christmas or more importantly, openly worship Christ our savior.  Martin Luther King Jr. said decades ago, “injustice anywhere can lead to injustice everywhere”.  If you don’t believe that statement, then explain why German, British, Swedish and other nations where governments turned on their own citizens and allowed Islamists to pour in and wreak havoc at will.  In Great Britain, those born in that once great empire can now face harsh treatment at the hands of the government if they simply identify a Muslim in a crime they report.  That is beyond crazy.  But leftists will by any means allowed destroy any western society they can that ever had any Christian elements, teachings or principles as part of the makeup of their nation.

The Islamic brutes, college professors, leftist activists and politicians all understand that the rudiments of liberty and unalienable rights were derived from and rooted in both the Jewish and Christian faiths.  Thus, the mad mission to extinguish the flame of Christianity and personal responsibility focused liberty is in full throttle.  The brutish Islamists and national sovereignty threatening migrants are two of the major elements the power hungry leftists are utilizing to help destabilize western civilization in order to negatively change the course of history, how we live and even what we believe.  We know Christmas is not so jolly for millions of Christians around the world, but if we in this republic don’t get a grip on reality, we may one day not be allowed to celebrate or even say Merry Christmas here.  Merry Christmas!

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