By Frosty Wooldridge

In the past week, U.S. Border Patrol agents tried their best to stop 18,000 Haitian illegal migrants from violating our borders.  All of it caused by President Biden’s insane invitation to illegally invade our country.  Biden can now take credit for the dumbest retreat of our military in the history of the United States: Afghanistan of the Taliban.  He personally, along with his inept General Milley, caused the deaths of 13 military personnel.  Their families weep as you read this column.  Biden and Milley lied about 300,000 “well trained and equipped” troops defending democracy in Afghanistan.  What an absurd joke on the American people! What an insane waste of $6 trillion on those two bogus-bankers wars for 20 years.

Do you buy that bunch of balderdash?

Now, Biden will make the horsemen Border Patrol agents “pay” for trying to stop 18,000 invaders from entering our country!  Whose side is he on, anyway?  For heaven sakes, he’s invited in excess of 1.4 million illegal aliens in the past nine months. He just imported another 100,000 Afghan refugees.  Now, 18,000 Haitians.  That’s on top of 1,000,000 (million) legal immigrants being imported this year. These people suffer major illiteracy, which will make them wards of the state, while sucking our tax dollars into the toilet.  If this keeps up, our welfare and food systems will collapse.

The fact is, Biden violates Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution.  It states:  “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; And on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive, against domestic violence.”

Already, several of the Muslim refugees have raped or attempted to rape small girls and our own female military staff at one of the forts where Biden is processing them.  You can’t make this stuff up!

Are You As Angry As Fellow Citizen Zeb Bell?

Zeb Bell flat out said what most Americans are thinking, “The Invasion of Illegal Aliens (NOT migrants…there’s a BIG difference), yes, there is a huge invasion of people that do not belong here in the U.S. and they must be stopped! The Border Patrol has been thrown not just under the bus, but thrown over a cliff with the senseless, brainless and witless…or just plain stupid comments and actions of two twits that “lead” our nation, “Bumbling” Biden and “Piggly Wiggly” Harris! I personally wish the Border Patrol Mounted Agents HAD whipped the illegals back to the other side AND I’d even favor using long rod hotshots!!! We’re seeing an invasion folks, and this invasion is going to kill our Medicare, our medical staffs and overload our hospitals, schools and entire welfare system. This invasion is taking away the money and resources for us…the CITIZENS of the United States!  Don’t anyone come up to me and say “You’re a racist, you’re a bigot and you’re not a Christian…have a hankie for your nose Pard! My dear friend Frosty Wooldridge in Colorado predicted this Chaotic Invasion to a “T” and now with Dumb and Dumber at the helm, we are hitting a big iceberg to sink us…all of us!  Our citizens on the border are being walked on, stolen from and live in 24-hour fear! D*mn you Biden, d*mn you Harris, get back in your clown car and find another circus! I refuse to share my Country with illegal invaders – you should feel that way, too!”

If you’re aren’t angry beyond words, you aren’t paying attention. These invaders will eventually be placed in your community and schools.  If this invasion continues under the guidance and invitation of President Biden, as one historian said, “Mass immigration creates cultural conflict and ultimately, war…with violence delayed.”

There’s no way to sustain the kind of cultural violence we’re importing/internalizing with our Muslim refugees.  The rape counts in Europe, which are every day for hundreds and thousands of women, will be our fate here in America.  Why?  Because that’s what their religion engenders.   There’s no way to bring Haitians into mainstream America. They will form enclaves and live on welfare, and/or they will revolt with violence…just like Black Lives Matter or Antifa. In the end, there’s no way we can absorb all these cultures and remain viable. Everyone pulls in different directions.  We won’t hold in the middle as Americans.

Biden engineered the greatest disaster of a retreat from war in the history of America.  He’s now in the process of creating the greatest “Balkanization” of America with an invasion out of the third world.

Can you see what’s coming?  Do you see how fast it’s moving at the hands of Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and the entire U.S. Congress?  Do you think America will survive this nightmare?

Maybe the historian that said, “…with violence delayed” will grimace as America starts tearing apart at the seams.  If you think our “political” separation today is bad, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet—when it comes to our impending “cultural” separation!  When we lose America’s culture do to mass importation of  “multiculturalism”, we lose the glue that binds us as one people.  Do you think we will recover or survivea?

Is anyone in America thinking about these questions?  Are we not galloping into America’s twilight years?

If you would like a free electronic copy of this book, please email me with your email address and I will send it to you.  Every American with children or any American who will live in this country in 2050, needs to understand what they face.

Published March 2021: America’s Overpopulation Predicament: Blindsiding Future Generations by Frosty Wooldridge, available on Amazon, and/or phone 1 888 519 5121.

As to what these videos report, do you want your children to face this kind of a future?  If you don’t, it’s time to speak up across this great country of ours.

This video graphically and dramatically illustrates America’s immigration-population crisis as well as the world’s. I wrote it and narrated it. Tim Walters of Cleveland, Ohio directed and produced. Please forward it to all your friends, networks and beyond. Place it on FB, Twitter, Linkedin, Parler, Tick-Tok, Curiosity, and more.  Just click the link below to see the video.

Immigration, Overpopulation, Resources, Civilization by Frosty Wooldridge

This video will scare the daylights out of every American as to what’s coming to our country, US Citizenship Act 2021 by Joe Biden.

If you want to see two documentaries that give visual proof of my book’s contents, go to Netflix, and type in “Cowspiracy” that shows you the damage to the air, land and water.  Watch “Seaspiracy” to see how humans are destroying the oceans.

Go to for greater information on immigration’s impacts to our country. Help David Durham and this organization with your support.

Share these videos all over America:

“In a five minute astoundingly simple yet brilliant video, Immigration, Poverty, and Gum Balls”, Roy Beck, director of www.numbersusa.ORG, graphically illustrates the impact of overpopulation.  Take five minutes to see for yourself:

Immigration by the numbers—off the chart” by Roy Beck

This 10-minute demonstration shows Americans the results of unending mass immigration on the quality of life and sustainability for future generations: in a few words, “Mind boggling!”

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