Within mere seconds of Donald Trump’s swearing-in as president last week, all references—repeat, all—to Climate Change/Global Warming/Whatevuh were deleted from the official White House website. Adios, sayonara, don’t let the door hit you in the kiester on your way out. In the words of John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel: “Hooray!”

This is the kind of shot across the bows that also takes off the prow of the ship. This is a declaration of war on the whole one-world, globalist, far-left utopian project. There is wailing and gnashing of teeth in Davos. John Kerry is in sackcloth and ashes—or would be, if he knew what it was.

A year ago, it would have all been inconceivable. We, the people, were licked. Sure, we kept electing Republicans to Congress, because they promised to stop Obama—and then they didn’t. They sat there dremmeling while the Far Left tore open our southern border, ordered little girls’ bathrooms opened to grown men, betrayed our allies while aiding and comforting our enemies, and did everything in its power to “fundamentally transform” this country into a Third World hellhole. Who could stop them?

Well, we did. We, the unwashed, the deplorables, the bitter clingers, the lowly peasants of flyover country. All it took was just one leader, just one—Donald Trump, of all people—to stand up to the monster and say, “No!” Something that regular Republicans just couldn’t do. And all he had to do was beat the Democrats, the Republican establishment, the entire nooze media, Hollywood, the entire “education” establishment, the labor unions, and the international whoopee crowd.

And so he did. Because we, the undefended regular people of America, we, the despised, stood by him. No matter what they threw at him, they couldn’t take him down—because God gave him the courage and we stood by him.

Some of us don’t yet understand what we’ve won. This is the Day of Liberation. It’s gonna take some time for that to sink in.

That’s why Trump’s instantaneous disowning of Climate Change was so important. “Save The Planet” was the best excuse the secular utopians ever cooked up, an excuse for doing virtually anything. “Climate Change” was supposed to scare the whole world into subservience. And so arrogant, so sure of themselves were they, the globalists, that they paraded their private jets, their limousines, their mansions, their posh vacations and all the rest of it—like 19th-century maharajahs pondering down the street on jeweled elephants, they paraded their power and wealth right up into our noses. They hardly even bothered to conceal the lies, the cheating, the intimidation of their critics. Why should they? The media was on their side.

“Save The Planet” was supposed to give them everything they’d ever dreamed of—government meddling in every aspect of human life, taxation like you’ve never seen before, suppression of dissent on a global scale, and, ultimately, a world government with themselves, the enlightened ones, towering over the defenseless masses. All for our own good, of course.

That’s what the Climate Change scam was supposed to give them—but our new president said “No!” Boy, are they going to have a terribly difficult time trying to carry out their little project without the participation of the world’s largest and most advanced economy. And every populist hero and heroine in the rest of the world is going to be thinking, from now on, “If Donald Trump can do it, why can’t we?” Go, go, go, Marine Le Pen!

This is what we have to understand. Against all the odds, against all expectation, we suddenly have a God-given opportunity to crush liberalism in America. We now have a president who’s more than willing to do it. He will need the cooperation of the Republicans in Congress, and it’s our job, as voters, to scare them into giving it.

For it turns out that the Left is not as powerful as they thought it was, the movie stars are not as well-loved as they think they are—how easily we could replace them!—and causes like feminism, abortion, open borders, race-hustling, and transgender bathrooms are not as popular as President *Batteries Not Included and Nancy Pelosi thought they were.

Deplorables, stand tall! This is our chance!

Let’s make the most of it.

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