by Lee Duigon

If we learn nothing else from our steel cage match with the Chinese Wuhan Communist Death Virus, let us at least learn these three lessons.

These are easy lessons. A ten-year-old could learn them. All right, I haven’t tested to see whether Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could learn them. But all the same we’d better learn them. The next time, presuming we come out of this bout alive, might be fatal.

So what are these three easy lessons?

No. One: “Open borders” is a suicidally insane doctrine that all but gets down on its knees and pleads for outbreaks of unusual diseases. History buffs: remember what happened to a good chunk of the Native American population because they had no resistance to European diseases, like smallpox? They could have used some tightly sealed borders.

One of these days someone’s wide-open border is going to let in a disease even nastier than the Wuhan Killya, and that’ll be the end of that country. Maybe the end of some of its neighbors, too.

No. Two: Hyper-urbanization, a la Agenda 21—cramming people into cities as densely as possible, and packing them into public transportation—that’s just asking for the next pandemic. Germs just love cities. Historic plagues in Athens, Constantinople, and London teach us that.

Any number of scientific experiments show that rats, mice, and other animals don’t prosper when they’re overcrowded. In addition to freaking out against each other, diseases get passed around like joints at a Bernie Bros reunion. Human beings under similar conditions will fare no better. Science says so, man.

No. Three: A country that outsources the manufacture of medicines, medical supplies, and other essential goods to other countries that are potential enemies—well, how good an idea does that seem now? America needs to bring home all the manufacturing that we allowed to wander off to China. The excuse that it looked like easy money has worn rather thin.

What kind of lunatic would trust Red China anymore? Chairman Mao—the most prolific mass murderer in history, widely admired by Western liberals and other moral imbeciles—taught his people to lie, cheat, cut corners, and pretend: because if they didn’t meet their quotas, they stood a fair chance of being killed. This is Mao’s legacy, to this day. They’re still lying, cheating, cutting corners, and pretending—not to mention stealing intellectual property and buying up loose bits of Hollywood.

The Chicoms’ feverish attempts to cover up the sudden emergence of the coronavirus cost weeks of valuable time that could have been used to contain it. Lying and pretending again, weren’t they? Our country’s close relationship with that regime has proved to be unwholesome and dangerous. It’s time we backed off, and brought our medical manufacturing back home.

You may have noticed that those three lessons add up to Lesson No. Four: globalism is folly. It is a bad idea whose time has never come and now is gone. They can take their global government and stuff it: good riddance. We have also seen, once again, that the United Nations is both corrupt and unreliable. Is there any reason not to get rid of it?

You’d think we would have learned that lesson already from all the problems caused by our now thankfully decreasing dependence on Middle Eastern oil. But that was only shortages, interminably long lines at gas stations, and crazy prices. A walk in the park.

Well, the virus has given us a harder lesson; and heaven help us if we refuse to learn it.

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