House minority leader Nancy Pelosi once again recently displayed her callous disregard for the constitution and Bill of Rights.  She stated that president Trump’s fiscal year 2018 budget fails as a statement of values, but succeeds as a “deconstruction” of the federal government.  I am amazed at Pelosi’s callous disregard for the constitutionally mandated role of the federal government.  On the other hand, for the sake of argument, it is possible that former speaker Pelosi suffers from a brutal lack of knowledge concerning the constitutionally mandated role of the federal government.

Either way, as long as incurably ignorant voters continue to elect her and others like her to office our republic turned mod rule democracy will continue to languish under threat of utter collapse.  Pelosi has big problems with a budgetary increase in defense spending, Veterans affairs, and school choice.  No surprise there since socialist/progressive democrats have for years strongly opposed efforts to permanently help Americans who happen to be black with support for school choice, for example.

Bristling with an evil disregard for our national security, Pelosi and others like her balk at the concept of a strong United States of America because they prefer China, Islamic terrorists, and illegal immigrants to be in a position to be able to overrun our republic, either politically or otherwise.  If you do not believe me, please explain why do the progressive democrats and even some rino republicans favor increasing the levels of record wasteful spending on programs that either do not help or harm America.

Just in case you do not get it, one of the best ways to destroy a nation from within is to increasingly spend taxpayer dollars on programs that do not improve what the money is wasted upon.  Exhibit A are both the EPA and the Department of Education.  EPA rules have decimated economic activity, while Department of Education has reduced American education from number one in the world to last place among industrialized nations.  In fact,  American students are the most indoctrinated against their own nation in the world.

Speaking of wasted money, I have a problem with homeland insecurity that the president wants to expand.  I will explain why on an upcoming page from The Edwards Notebook radio commentary.  But to address Pelosi’s take on Trump’s proposed cuts to the Department of Education, once again she is totally off base.  First of all, nowhere in the constitution is there a call for centralized government one size fits all system to brainwash students and confuse them with common core.

Education is technically the responsibility of parents along with local and state entities.  In fact, schools were originally meant to reflect the great Christian values that were once the hallmark of the typical American home.  Unfortunately, after generations of well executed indoctrination of students, America has suffered from corresponding declining levels of both intellectual and overall national prominence.  Pelosi has said that republicans “never miss an opportunity to suck up money from the middle class and working class families to the richest people in our country.”

I am happy to be the one to break the news to Pelosi, that no one in the history of the planet has taken and wasted more tax dollars of working and middle class families than the Obama administration, with her active participation.  When government takes money away from the private sector and wastes most of it on programs and departments, that is what helps kill the overall economic strength of the country for middle and working class families.

Instead of having their progressive hands out demanding our tax dollars, National Public Radio officials should support a true free market economy with much lower taxes and fewer regulations.  They would  benefit from a greater revenue stream, that is if NPR’s format is competitive in the marketplace of listeners.  Americans are the most generous people on earth. That is a bi-product of our Christian heritage of generosity.  Unfortunately, big government anti Constitutional bullies like Nancy Pelosi and academia gumps do not favor the blessings of liberty and private sector prosperity. The reason being is because it eliminates the need for big government to boss us around from cradle to grave.

They want to saddle us with equal results as opposed to equal opportunity for one and all.  The Trump White House posed this question, “can we really continue to ask a coal miner in West Virginia or a single mom in Detroit to pay for these programs?  We ask them to pay for defense, and we will, but can we ask them to continue to pay for the corporation for public broadcasting.” The answer is obvious, but nutsy Nancy wants your money, your liberty, and to permanently change America into something that more resembles Venezuela or Cuba, not the constitutionally limited republic envisioned by the founding fathers. Also, don’t miss a fantastic page from The Edwards Notebook radio commentary on the Freedom in America Radio Network, during the Conservative Syndicate Show, TECN network, during the Captain’s America Third Watch and other great broadcast outlets as well as FM101.5 the Patriot in Detroit.

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