Proverbs 1:3-5 in the Bible the word states: To receive instruction in wise behavior, righteousness, justice and equity; to give prudence to the naïve, to the youth knowledge and discretion, a wise man of understanding will acquire wise counsel.  My fellow Americans, until very recently, our republic was on a very slippery slope to oblivion.  It is easy to simply place blame on the previous administration for the numerous evil deeds carried out to bring harm to our republic while benefiting our enemies as often as possible.  But truth be told many throughout this land of liberty, from various walks of life are also guilty for the near death of America.

They did not overregulate and extremely tax our economy.  Neither did the citizenry send billions of dollars to Iran to help fund terrorist activities. They also did not try to kill American manufacturing and coal industry.  But what many of us did was just as dreadful, if not more so.  One of the most terrible things was to not pass down to succeeding generations the understanding of both American founding documents, rudimentary instructions such as the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and Federalist Papers.  During the Calvin Coolidge administration America had a chance to once again solidify it’s standing as a constitutionally limited republic land of free enterprise and unlimited opportunity.

Unfortunately, the quiet and steady Coolidge presidency was followed by the Woodrow Wilson regime that opened America up to dreadful enterprises.  Among those dens of evil was the League of Nations, a precursor to the awful United Nations of today and the Federal Reserve Bank which indirectly controls our economy.  The list of organizations and governmental departments is longer than my right arm.  Unfortunately, our republic could one day perish under the weight of those numerous unconstitutional government juggernauts if they are not soon done away with.

Unfortunately, far too many of my fellow countrymen and women lack the knowledge and wisdom to understand or effectively ever care about the unwise decision to develop the litany of government departments. they are directly or indirectly the cause of the over $20 trillion budget deficit that may one day cause an economic crash.  The wise thing would be for “We the People” to do would be to continuously contact our representatives let them not have any peace until they reduce wasteful spending.  Of course, we would have to make sure they do not try to shrink our needed military budget.  After all, the government is supposed to protect this nation from enemies, both foreign and domestic.

The lack of wisdom in America is one of the reasons why the media, certain government officials and crazed activists are unhinged and are focused on false scandals drummed up to try and harm president Trump.  Why? Because he has dared to place American interests above those of the statist elites who continue their progressive struggle to demolish America’s great exceptional nation status and rugged individualism.  The battle lines are drawn and our republic is in the balance.  Americans had better wise up concerning our border situation.  The reason Mollie Tibbetts of Iowa is dead is because of horribly unwise decisions concerning the practice of not protecting our southern border adequately.  Leftists and foot dragging rinos like Mitch McConnell and the defunct Paul Ryan lack both wisdom and love for America.  No one who loves America prefers it to be easier for illegal border crossers to creep into our republic than for American born sovereign citizens to live freely unmolested by the illegal brutes.

The nearly total lack of judgement displayed by many leftists in both the media and government fully exhibits the fact that unbridled hatred of Trump for simply putting American interest first exemplifies a total lack of wisdom.  People are chomping at the bit hoping that Trump gets indicted and impeached over something that is not even a crime.  At the same time there are actual crimes committed by Mrs. Clinton, such as destroying government property to get rid of emails, also paying for a fake dossier to try and frame Donald Trump for wrongful acts he never committed, etc.

The unwise continuation of Mueller’s fake investigation designed to cover up real crimes by his friends is potentially very harmful to our nation.  Foreign enemies like China are electronically abusing the United States and conducting military training exercises practicing attacks on our nation because they want our presence driven out of that part of the world.  It is my sincere prayer that the wisdom that long ago seemingly left America is soon returned before it is too late.

We can not afford to allow those who refuse to charge Mrs. Clinton with the actual crimes she is guilty of, while using false charges to topple the Trump administration to get away with such madness.

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