“In  times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” — George Orwell

For those of us disheartened by the steady deconstruction of the America we knew as children, the advent of a  few plain-speaking politicians — ones who refuse to mince words about America’s dismantlement — is encouraging.  These brave souls state flatly that immigration issues are paramount to our survival, and they sometimes state even further that we have imported indigents and subversives to our own detriment.

Some will daringly admit that even in the absence of importing indigents and subversives, immigration on the tidal wave levels that we’ve now been experiencing  for decades is clearly not in the national interest, unless the ultimate goal is to wreak havoc.  How wonderous these utterances are, to those of us who have waited decades to hear them.  We have long been aware that the importation of unskilled labor impacts the labor market negatively by creating a large pool of cheap labor, thereby suppressing wages.

We have watched as the sheer number of people coming strains our schools and hospitals and social services, depletes our resources, frays our infrastructure, recreates our culture and values in unnecessary and alienating ways, and ultimately threatens to  completely dispossess America’s founding European stock.  It gradually dawned on us that our dispossession will occur not only via a steady tax redistribution of our wealth to have-nots, but also though a numerical displacement that will strip away our right of self-determination as we become just one of many minorities in this country.

For any citizen with half a brain, these evolving realities have been self-evident, and they are a betrayal not only of the sacrifices of our ancestors — who would have rejected such scenarios out of hand — but also a betrayal of the obligations we have to our descendants.  It is our particular descendants who are the ones mentioned in our nation’s seminal documents as being the intended beneficiaries of America’s founding principles;  these documents refer to “our progeny,” and they say little or nothing about creating a legacy for the rest of the globe’s humanity.  We were intended to be a “light upon a hill” to the rest of the world, the intent was never that the rest of the world would move onto the hill with us.

Recent generations of Americans have nonetheless extrapolated notions of “universal ideals” from the founding documents and applied them to the welfare of other peoples, extending this generosity even to an imagined right of all foreigners to join us in the American experiment.  Our politicians threw open the country’s floodgates with promises that the founding population would not be dispossessed of its status and inheritance.  Nonetheless, even when it became obvious that our dispossession was ongoing, critics of it were beaten about their heads with politically correct notions about tolerance and inclusion, notions that the founders would have rejected as madness.

Through the courage of leaders like Mr. Trump — who may yet be destined to sell us out —  a few hardy pioneers are now denouncing America’s half century old status as the planet’s dumping ground.  Even so, even in this late hour, as a Third World socialist police state looms in our future, there are familiar shrieks of outrage when anyone to dares to utter a truth as self-evident as the one declaring that the island nation of Haiti is a dung heap.  Our adversaries even bristle in disbelief at comments that European immigrants who come with assets and similar cultural heritages to our own are more desirable than indigents arriving with the primary goal of “getting free stuff.”  In the media and our places of power, it has all become a theater of the absurd.

When such truths can no longer be uttered in a nation, and when its founding stock is already far along in the stages of numerical, cultural, and political dispossession, then the legendary Rubicon, the “point of no return,” has already been crossed, and nothing our leaders can or do within the system can seriously be expected to save us, their victims, the people who will in time pay the tab for their negligence, corruption, and folly.   When the current tyranny of political correctness allows for the pulling down of statues and plaques honoring honorable people who fought on the losing sides of battles,  we are past the point of no return.  And when the tyranny of political correctness allows for the continued robust survival of the legalized discrimination embodied in Affirmative Action, and our leaders even after half a century still do not dare to denounce that discrimination — or even mention it — then the river Rubicon has already receded far behind us.  In such contexts, it becomes ironic to build physical barriers to our invasion — like The Wall — when all of the killing fields for our destruction have been well-seeded.   In sad summary:   in myriad political and cultural venues, there is already no turning back, no remedy, no hope.

With or without massive border walls, with or without high tech admission systems, without or without social program adjustments, with or without tinkering with college admissions or employment policies, or burdensome governmental interference, no effort will effectively slow the momentum of the forces which are making America unrecognizable, reshaping it into a Third World socialist police state.   The future America will be irretrievably Third World, because in less than one ordinary human lifespan we opened the floodgates to admit a Third World population that must  inevitably outnumber us.   This cannot bode well in an  America where group identity politics are afforded to all groups except whites.   Tomorrow’s America will be an increasingly socialist society, inasmuch as socialism will be the point of reference for most of Third World America’s ancestors, once a nonwhite majority emerges.  By necessity, resources will be diligently diverted from whites to subsidize a predominantly nonwhite and/or immigrant majority.   And we will also  by necessity be a police state, inasmuch as coercion will be more and more necessary to maintain order and prevent inter-group conflict.

This future struggle for order is prophesied even by a casual review of current day media, ranging from children’s and adult movies to book releases; there is now an unending plethora of themes about the urgent need in many contexts for tolerance, understanding and coexistence, an imperative that is vastly less urgent in homogeneous societies.  Our enemies will undoubtedly sing perpetual songs about kindness and racial cooperation, even as they smother us, disembowel us, and and bury us deep in our graves.  Their melodies will  soothe us into less kicking and yelling during our interment.  Likewise, in every school,  relentless barrages of maxims like “Sharing is the proof of caring,” are instead the  proof that our children will be well primed for the redistribution of their wealth during their adulthood.  Such mottoes walk hand-in-hand with glib rationales like the one  that asserts that Affirmative Action discrimination is justified “to help each individual reach his full potential.”  Such slogans never include mention that every beneficiary of Affirmative Action comes into existence at a cost paid by someone else.   And all of these and similar factors will eventually coalesce to place us under a headstone with an epitaph that by all rights should read “America:  From Invincible to Extinct, in a Single Human Lifespan.”

This brings us to the most unspeakable truths of all, ones that were inconceivable to us just a few decades ago.  First, as mentioned,  is the ominous truth that we have imported our fate already.  Huge swaths of America are already long gone, and the momentum of her disappearance can be slowed, but nothing else.  Secondly, a related truth:   Whatever we may have hoped, we are beyond any feasibly optimistic dreams hoping for assimilation and coexistence.  While we as a people frolic like the Eloi in the sunlight, we nonetheless are staring down an immutable future of dispossession and endless ethnic and political conflict, an America in which multiple adversarial  groups will be vying for resources and political clout.  We will have deliberately directed ourselves into places where only defeats and destruction await us.  And in contemplating such a future — one we did not ask for and did not deserve to inherit as our curse —  we are left hugging what appears to be the most sad and ominous and troubling conclusion of all:   that nothing short of radicalism and militancy can now save us.

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