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Oh, yes they are. Every Damn Governor, both Democrat and Republican is totally compromised by the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC) and Biden,”THE USURPER”

Every governor is the chief executive of a Sovereign State, which the federal government is not.

But cowardly and compromised governors have allowed the PSRRC to unconstitutionally centralize all power in Washington so they can control and impoverish the people. Most politicians at all levels are subservient to the PSRRC with the possible exception of a few “Authentic America First Republicans”.

Majority of federal laws are unconstitutional unless they relate to Defense, Currency, Post office, Immigration, or Foreign Relations. ( Only purpose of federal administration is to serve the states)

How in the hell can the American people obey unconstitutional laws or orders from criminals with no authority?

State Governors must kick the Federal Government out of the states as they are exercising unconstitutional powers usurped from the states and the people.

Some examples of unconstitutional federal laws are those in Education, Energy, Agriculture, Labor, Health, Housing, Urban development, Transportation, Law Enforcement, Welfare, et al. Of course after the Election Insurrection this is moot because the Federal Government its self now has no Constitutional Authority. none. However, our  Constitution remains as the Supreme Law of the Land and our states remain as powerful as ever. Governors must demand that federal government stay out of the states using powers reserved by the states.

Governors must refuse financial grants from the federal government and demand a return of at least 50% of taxes collected from their state.

Governors don’t have Constitutional power to deprive citizens of their rights and the faux federal government certainly does not. But governors do have the power under these Exigent Circumstances to do whatever is required to protect the people, if they are not compromised or too cowardly to act.

Neither state nor federal government has the authority to lock down business or people, demand people wear useless masks and get dangerous shots, prohibit peaceful demonstrations, restrict travel, meetings, and religious services, order people to be fired, control prescription authority of doctors, et al.

Presidential executive orders are only valid if legal and directed at federal government employees. Everyone else can tell Biden,”THE USURPER” to shove his Executive Orders.

Governors should exercise their Constitutional duties and responsibilities by using military force to close the borders and to apprehend and deport illegal invaders. Governors don’t stop and deport invaders now, because the PSRRC wants them here to destroy America to make way for the Communist One World Order Dictatorship.

The costs incurred by these invaders will cause starvation and death by destroying Social Security, Medicare, Retirement Programs, and all Government Benefits.

Citizens did not spend hundreds of years defending this country, building infrastructure, wiping out diseases, and educating the people, et al., just to have the American dream stolen by uneducated illegals and the PSRRC.

If governors continue to be gutless minions of the PSRRC and refuse to follow the Constitution they can expect the people to take action, and it will not be pretty.

These Compromised and cowardly governors can expect some version of pitchforks, tar and feathers.

Our Florida governor DeSantis is better than most, but that is very faint praise. I have written him numerous times without even a form letter response. I quoted the Florida Constitution in several letters to show him how to prevent our cities from being burned and to protect citizens from crooked prosecutors, no response. I have the impression that everything he does is for publicity and that he doesn’t give a damn for the people. Fox News is a stealthy associate of the PSRRC and they are promoting him, why is that not a surprise?

When our major Democrat cities were being burned to the ground last year the governors could have stopped it, but they did not. They did this for political reasons and to destroy small business competitors to large stores controlled by the PSRRC. Of course the fake media reported the lie of “Mostly Peaceful Demonstrations”.

Governors should but a stop to corporate purchases of single family homes which is pricing families out of the housing market and the American Dream.

California governor followed Obama’s lead and even outlawed zoning for single family homes. Communists want people to live in dangerous government housing projects in the cities using public transportation.

Governors need to use their power to protect the people from prosecutors financed by George Soros and other members of the PSRRC.

As I have written, our Constitution stipulates that the federal government has little or no authority in the states. Patriotic governors with courage would kick the usurping Federal Government interlopers out of the states, and arresting them if they persist. People don’t want a corrupt FBI (with no authority) arresting parents at school board meetings, and framing innocent Americans who object to Communism and Biden,”THE USURPER”. The Communists want a national police force, why else would they defund local police?

Governors  have incredible Power under the Constitution and if they don’t use it to protect and serve the people they are the modern versions of JUDAS ISCARIOT.

Our courts have failed us, even the Supreme Court. Governors have the power to protect the people and their Constitutional Rights, but so far they refuse to do so.

I refer to Biden, “THE USURPER” because it is descriptive, and the harm he inflicts reminds me of crimes done by Vlad,”THE IMPALER”

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