By Betty Freauf and Arlene Malaspina

Why should I be surprised that the solar eclipse will first be seen on Oregon’s coast as it travels over the mountain toward Oregon State Capitol of Salem and then up the canyon towards the deserts of Eastern Oregon . When it comes to the United Nations Regional government land use planning and other New World Order plans of the globalists, Oregon was long ago designated as a test state for all their socialist’s policies so I find it ironic that Oregon is on the map again.


There will be several eclipses that pass over the US in the 21st century but in the midst of the confusion and incivility in our world and especially in Washington, D.C., it seems reasonable to believe that there are those that may be expecting something unusual to happen like maybe all the progressive liberal Democrats will suddenly disappear or born again Christians rescued by divine intervention from this mess.

And then there is the woman in Portland, Oregon who claims to be a transgender male. She has undergone testosterone treatments to deepen her voice and enable her to grow facial hair while presenting herself as a very masculine person, yet, she is pregnant and will soon have a biological child with her homosexual husband. The couple has two adopted children, one of them claims to be very excited about her “daddy’s” pregnancy.  This was reported June 20 2017.  We don’t make this stuff up folks!


At this present time, there are throngs of people walking about in a state of confusion, seemingly uncertain of many things, including something as simple and basic as one’s gender.  Genesis 1:27 says God created man in his own image, in the image of God create he him; male and female create he them. So where’s the beef?


While no other section of the U.S. seems worried, this eclipse is to begin in Lincoln County, Oregon from Pacific City to Walport on Hwy 101 about 65 miles in length and residents are told to treat it as a natural disaster to stockpile food, gasoline, etc.  and to expect ten times the normal visitors. [YouTube Video]

Let’s see now, didn’t we have such dire warnings at the turn of the century regarding the Y2K non event? Let’s face it, folks, no “eclipse” can cause an emergency situation, only people can do that and false teachings. In addition, we’ve been having Pacific Ocean earthquake warnings for years and the coastal folks I’m sure are well prepared.


National Geographic has the ultimate Eclipse Viewing package available. No human action can disrupt the incessant dance of the cosmos, and the Moon’s shadow will not wait on you if you’re not ready. Like a mindless juggernaut, it plows its way through space toward a collision course with Earth. As predicted by the astronomers decades in advance, the shadow arrives with perfect accuracy and touches down in the north Pacific Ocean at about 10:15 on August 21 in the morning and at the State Capitol in Salem, the first of five states capitals the shadow will visit, just after 10:17am. Folks in Portland will need to come south and those in Eugene will have to come north. This lucky piece of Earth experiences a full minute and fifty seconds of totality and time for a coffee break.

The eclipse than leaves our heavily populated Willamette Valley and travels through the forests and deserts of central Oregon, hitting the mountains at Madras where I understand people have made arrangements to open up their homes for the event.  The shadow then leaves Oregon just north of Ontario at 11:25am and on to the great right-to-work state of Idaho. All good things come to an end, and at 2:36:02pm, the shadow of the great 2017 total eclipse first touches the final state in its path. South Carolina also brings us the fifth state capital to be immersed in shadow, and several large cities will be able to play host to eclipse-chasers but it is in South Carolina where it says goodbye to America.


In Salem, Oregon area emergency managers in the counties along the total path are really concerned they will not be able to respond to emergencies due to all the traffic. In fact, my neighbor who does search and rescue work will be deployed to one of the three staging spots in the eastern part of our Marion County starting about Wednesday before the eclipse and a number of roads around where I live will be alternate bypass options from Interstate 5.  All one has to do is punch “choose alternate route or detour” on in- car navigation and they will end up in my front yard.


Many non-emergency care providers across Salem will close or limit services on eclipse day, August 21, anticipating gridlock that could hamper emergency response, strand staff and patients or limit the effectiveness of some services. The facilities are treating the total solar eclipse like severe weather or a holiday, trying to keep staff and clients off the roads by rescheduling appointments or eliminating some care options.

Considering the home-visit nature of their work, Willamette Valley Hospice has had to make considerable preparations. These include cutting as many appointments as possible and having staff work from home. They are even investing in a short-wave radio system allowing for staff members to communicate even if cell service crashes.


Some child care facilities in the city will close on Aug. 21 affecting about 600 children because of similar health and safety concerns as Hospice. This could be a problem for working mothers who may be given the day off from work.   And many other health clinics will be closed but expected ailments include more of the normal sickness and injury, but with additional eye injuries, alcohol poisonings, dehydration, heat exhaustion and more caused by the incoming mass of humanity.


The 2013 population for Marion County was 322,880 but this eclipse could see this population swell to  900,000 including Portland and Eugene gravitating to Highway 22 east up the canyon.  In addition, would an anticipated 1,000,000 out of state visitors be an unreasonable guess? In this bedlam, we can count on cell service being non-functional as everyone tries to stream Facebook live.  911 in Marion County can take text messages but the call center will likely be swamped and Internet based phone service likely will be balky due to high usage. Just because your home has 10megabit service doesn’t mean the down stream servers can keep up with the demand.


A large number of non-local visitors also present concerns about sufficient water, ice, fuel, food, shelter, potties, parking, traffic capacity navigation issues relying totally on their GPS suggestions, glorified guide books and web blogs sites of viewing sites.  We’ve already had people depending on  GPS or some similar recommended advice in years past to find themselves lost and dead in Oregon’s forests.  As recently as November 2014 four men from Southern Washington state decided to visit in Oregon and using GPS ended up 40 miles from the site in snow and were stranded for 16 hours without phone service until one of them crawled up a hill looking for “service” to the phone. They finally got help.

We once tested this type of equipment out on our 300 mile trip to Eastern Washington.  Had we taken the roads that silly gadget gave us, we’d still be lost!!!


And now Oregon will see people coming to America because for the first time in 26 years a total solar eclipse will occur in our great country and we will play host to the world’s eclipse-chasers.  For those of us who already live here, but have never seen an eclipse, this is the opportunity of a lifetime – to see the most beautiful thing on the planet, and maybe not even have to get on an airplane to get it and thousands of homeowners are opening up their homes to visitors.

And once again, we see the government involved in something that really should not be of concern to anyone except the home owners and the short-term renters but governmental agencies have made inspections of these rental homes a prerequisite at a cost, of course, to the homeowners.


We’ve been taught in our schools that the moon has a full rotation around the earth (globe) every 24 hours, right?  (Luke 8:17) Check out this you tube.

It’s tricky to try to explain a situation which is false. It’s impossible to try to explain what happens with a solar eclipse when one thinks of earth as a “globe” which is rotating 1000 mph west to east.  The moon doesn’t match up to the speed and the spins but maybe this 16 minute You Tube will help. Schools adjourned. Shakespeare had it right: The whole world is just a stage and we’re just players.


Because gasoline stations can only hold so much fuel in their tanks, they may run out but grocery stores with the exception of perishables could order extra food in advance.  Our local newspaper has advised local folks to get their shopping done a week early.  I called my husband’s favorite bowling alley and they’ll be open but may be charging for parking in their huge lot and he’ll be on the lanes at 1 p.m. and I heard on the TV news that one hotel was under investigation for price gouging. Because man is depraved and in need of a Savior, I suspect we’ll see the worst of the worst.  (Ephes. 5:8)


The reality of “light” is that God created LIGHT before HE created the sun. In Genesis 1:3 God said, “Let there be LIGHT, and there was light.  This indicates we can READ the Bible but we don’t comprehend (HEAR) what it is telling us. It’s the same with SEEING. We can SEE the written words, but we can’t SEE (visualize; understand) what they mean. Our BIG problem is that we don’t ask questions. We just accept what is taught to us by other MEN. If we used the SENSES which God gave to us, then He would help us understand. Unfortunately, our PRIDE makes us ashamed of the TRUTH, so we avoid it just to please other people. Following are truths about the LIGHT…and why the sky is blue. [YouTube Video]


We believe what we are taught by MEN and ignore what God has taught us. If the sun is “93,000,000 miles” above us, then how is it possible to fly a plane higher than the sun? Or even THROUGH the sun?

A person who loves God deeply would want to know everything there was to learn about the world God created for them to live upon. Just reading Job Chapters 37 and 38 would make people THINK that “Science” has lied. But they don’t’ want to pursue this learning because of what other “people” will say about them resulting in them being “ashamed” of the Gospel of Christ – II Timothy 1:8

And last but not least, as I’m drafting this article, we’ve been having triple digit temperatures in Salem, Oregon plus smoke from Canada and Oregon forest fires causing public pools to be closed and some idiot is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and our weather can sometimes change rapidly. Read here what could put a damper on viewing the eclipse.

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